Tamarkin & Bertoldi Vintage Auctions this weekend

The next Tamarkin & Bertoldi Vintage Auctions will be held this weekend - Saturday and Sunday, October 27 & 28, 2012 and will include 549 lots of rare and collectible photographic items from Leica, Nikon, Hasselblad, Rollei and others:

  • Day 1, October 27, 2012: This will be an on-line only auction featuring Hasselblad bodies, lenses and accessories. Also included are Alpa, Minox and large format products.
  • Day 2, October 28, 2012: This will be the live auction featuring rare and collectible cameras and lenses from Leica and Nikon. Bidders will participate in person, on-line and real-time by fax and telephone.

Lot 548: Leica M2 Black Enamel  Lot 540: Leica M6 Platin Anton Bruckner

Lot 545: Camcraft N-5A Motor Drive Outfit Lot 543: Leica M2 Cut-a-Way

Lot 536: Leica 250 GG Reporter with 50 Summitar Lot 544: 15mm Hologon f8 with viewfinder

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  • jukka

    Does the M2 black enamel work, or has it “frozen up” as some of the “collector” bodies do, because lack of use ?

  • Camaman

    They probably didn’t try. Their excuse being as not to disturb it pristine inner enviroment!
    Read: we didnt want for it to break in our hands so that we need fixing it and loosing $10k from its pristine virgin value.

  • Patrick

    Ohhh, I get a freekin chubber, just lookin at all of these virgins. Slurp! Me Bad.

  • Mice

    This auction is a pain… I thought the online auction would it it, but then the live auction happens. Plus there’s a 22.5% buyer’s fee.

    Oh god why am I still hanging on after 12 hours…

  • Mice

    I won an M6 TTL for $1000 ($1225 with buyer’s fee)

    They said it was Leica refurbished, but I hope it was worth it…

  • regular

    I am fed up with those auctions, because every Rockfeller-wanabee thinks he/she can harvest everything which looks close to a Leica camera and resell it for 2 millions $.

    I see them joining the Leica aficionados’ forum, just to ask about the value of a converted Leica IIIc, or of black-repaint version of this or that.
    Or to buy stuff in second-hand threads.

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