Leica M9 in Ruthenium customized by HRR Manufaktur

This customized Leica M9 in Ruthenium was created by HRR Manufaktur in Germany. My understanding is that they will be making a limited number of these M9's. Price and availability is not public yet. The attached lens is the Noktor 50mm f/0.95 Hyperprime (there is currently one listed on eBay).

Two more images of the customized Ruthenium M9 after the break:

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  • Ronan

    Pimp ma M9!…

    • MJr

      The plain shutter-speed dial ruins it.

      • HRR

        But this was the customers choice. 🙂

  • D

    Hot damn, that is mighty fine. The finish that Leica SHOULD have had.

  • The lens is the T0.95 HyperPrime, not the older f/0.95.

  • Randolph

    HRR is a great company. I had them make me an osmium shutter release button for my S2 a couple of years ago. The camera was out of my hands for a couple of months, but it was worth it for the experience of using the camera now. My subjects notice my poise and confidence as I touch osmium. I’ve asked HRR to make me an all-osmium 2012 “S” but they are hesitant because of the brittleness of pure osmium. They may have to alloy it.

    • rapscallion

      … you know that osmium oxides are very poisonous? I would not want to handle this camera without gloves

      • 103david

        Then wait until you want to touch the elemental finish named after Mickey Mouse’s dog. What? You never heard of Plutonium?

    • HRR

      “HRR is great company”

      Thanks. But you must have been in contact with a different company.
      We haven’t done any osmium shutter release in the past.

      • Ronan


    • my secret

      Osmium?!? Was it not one of the heaviest elements in the periodic table? I think the S is already heavy enough not to fly to the moon.

    • Vivek

      Osmium is very toxic. I don’t know how toxic Ruthenium is. In search of unique finishes, please be careful about what you are paying for and what you end up with. The Ruthenium finish does look very pretty though. 🙂

  • 12 tons production and global reserves of 5,000 tons. Rare stuff. They should have used it on a film camera.

  • Larry Burrows

    Sniper bait.

  • HRR

    Nice to see. 🙂
    What you see in the pictures is the rangefinder camera from a client who wanted the surface customized with a special finish.
    It can be done with mots of your cameras, digital or film. Ruthenium or a different material, polished or matt finished, etc..
    At this point we are not offering a limited edition in any way neither it is limited to the camera showed in this pictures or a special brand and we are customizing a lot of different products, not only cameras.

    • Thanks for the additional info.

  • 103david

    Who the hell Ruth?

  • D

    Dear HRR, can you do this to an existing M9? If one is sent to you?


    • HRR

      Of course.

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