Leica Store Vienna grand opening (video)

On October 30, 2012, Leica Store Vienna opened its doors. Located in the heart of Vienna and managed by gallery and photo specialist Peter Coeln, it is a Leica Camera first as it combines a Leica Store and Leica Gallery. "Quiet Moments" by photographer and ski jumping athlete Gregor Schlierenzauer is the first exhibition. Learn more at http://www.leicastore.at.

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  • Morris Steel

    the most being exhibit ever. wouldn’t this guy be famous no-one bothered for his photography. sad Leica picked to support him over real talent.

    • Kangaroo

      Yes, it is really disturbing that Leica seems to be more into famous people (Seal, Brian Adams etc…) than into photographers.

      That they even declare those people to be “talents” whom they want to endorse is ridicolous!

      Here are some of the talents pictures:


  • fjfjjj

    “If you are very interested in photography, then you have to use a Leica.” Stupider words were never spoken. (Leica owner here.)

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