Leica to increase price for 6-bit coding of M lenses

Leica announced a price increase for their 6-bit coding service of M lenses from $240 to $300 and is now also offering 18 months certified pre-owned warranty for an additional $50. The price of lens calibration remains $150.

You can contact Dale Photo & Digital for any of the above listed services. The new pricing will take effect on December 1st, 2012. List of lenses that can be updated with 6-bit coding can be found here.

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  • destroy_all_humans

    i fold

  • MJr

    I bet a few stickers will achieve the same if you know exactly where to put them. Finding the code combination on the web shouldn’t be too difficult.

    What exactly is it anyway, some engraving with paint in it, or less fancy?

  • Derek Stanton

    Sure. Because the actual cost of this incredibly complex procedure has gone up. You’d think a company that consistently tells you how smart it is would be able to figure out a way to do this LESS expensively over time. What happened? The lone Master Coding Technician put on his power suit and demanded a raise?

  • fjfjjj

    $50/bit is good price. This means the new Leica 64GB flash memory card will only cost $27 trillion.

  • Regular

    Where is the actual press release from Leica? How much costs the coding for European consumers? Thanks.

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