This Leica M7 Titanium three lens kit is listed for $223,130 on eBay

This brand new Leica M7 Titanium camera kit with 28mm/2, 50mm/1.4 and 90mm/2 lenses is currently listed on eBay for $223,130 (more info on the kit is available here). Seven offers are already declined. Only 50 pieces of this limited edition were produced back in 2004. A similar Leica M7 Titanium with a 50mm/1.4 ASPH lens recently sold for $18,837.

Via Mirrorlessrumors

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  • Very misleading title. The “list price” doesn’t mean anything when the seller accepts offers. Putting a very high list price is something sellers do to make their listing appear on top of everything else when sorted as “highest price first”. Yes… people do sort by “highest price first” for “buy it now” listings just to skip through the hundreds of pages of accessories and miscellaneous items.

    For example, searching for “leica” in ebay right now shows 37901 listing matches and this one is on top when sorted by highest price first.

    • MJr

      Exactly, and somebody will offer $110K and say ooooh my god he sold it to me for half price what a deal !

  • Seven Spades

    Why is this so expensive. Leica brought out an M6 Titanium the the kit price was only about £10,000 and that was only about 10 years ago.

    • How much is expensive? Also… sounds a bit silly when you’re asking about Leica cameras. At least this is not some piece of aquarium ornament junk Leica M whatever from the 1930s that costs a good part of a million.

  • Nobody Special

    I doubt that price will be achieved. I could just say, ‘Keep dreaming’, but you know with Leica, there are plenty out there that think the price is secondary to what they preceive as being really special and different.

    • Leica is not called the “sacred cow” for nothing….lol

  • Ordinary man

    I want the body for use due to strength and lightweight – so if I ever get one it will forever lost its package (toss away) and its body painted with beautiful use marks.

    Thank god the lens are less practical for me personally since I prefer lighter weight of the same focal lengths.

    • It also sounds like you prefer lighter weight over better image quality 🙂

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