Leica 90mm f/1.0 lens, Noctilux coffee mug, MS-Optical Sonnetar 50mm f/1.1 review

A reader sent me a link to this rare Leica 90mm f/1.0 lens currently listed on eBay that was developed for x-ray use. The original 90mm f/1 Elcan lens was developed by Leica Canada (Elcan from Ernst Leitz CANada) for the American Army/Navy and comes with a focusing mechanism and interchangeable fix-focus rings, as can be seen on this picture. This is how the lens looks mounted on a Leica M camera:

Also seen on eBay - a Noctilux coffee mug:

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  • Jhello

    I have one of these. It is an optical X-Ray objective. The two pictures are of different items. I use the 90mm f/1 as a extremely wide field telescope eyepiece and had to have a 4 inch adapter made for it to fit the 4 inch focuser of my AP telescope.

  • Camaman

    That MS-Optical Sonnetar is pretty small. 🙂

  • slaven

    Bokeh of Sonnetar is similar to Jupiter-3 50mm f/1,5, which is also sonnar-like… As for me, looks nice ) Thanks for reviewer!

  • Nico

    I had the Leitz 90mm f/1 and intended to modify it to use on mirrorless cameras, but it was not possible… I took a few pictures on the Nex-5 at maximum focus distance handheld :

  • Jeff41

    @ nico i ended up buying the lens yesterday morning after seeing this article with the full intent on modifying it to fit my M Bodys. Is this not possible?

    • Nico

      Hi Jeff, the biggest problem (apart from lack of iris and helical) is that the maximum focusing distance I could achieve with this lens is about 2 meters and no infinity… This lens was made for industrial machines and not for cameras like the Elcan, so the optical formula must be different !..

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