MCub: a new case for Leica M cameras

MCub case for Leica M cameras


MCube is an innovative and elegant camera case made for Leica M cameras (M8, M9, M). The case will fit a camera body with any attached lens (except the 135mm):

The MCube features a customised, soft, padded interior lined with Alcantara®, and an elegant, premium leather exterior, providing the ultimate in luxury protection for your Leica M : dustproof, waterproof, shock-resistant and safe from the wear and tear of everyday life.

The price is €799 and is available in four different colors:

mcube-camouflage mcube-red

mcube-black mcube-brown

Size : 18 x 17,5 x 12

Weight : 325 gr

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  • Mike

    Looks good!

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Really ?!

      • MJr

        I’d like it too, but only for storage at home or in the car. The price tho is of course ten times too high, even if handmade by a pro with the best and nicest materials.

  • J Shin

    Kinda’ cute, but I often find that these boxy cases end up being awkward and prone to hurting the hip bones. I hope someone did some field testing.

    Not for my sake. I’m still waiting for the real R solution. 🙂

    • Josh A.

      Its not waterproof, I don’t see any gaskets or seals. Does it float?

      I think this is a joke to see how gullible M owners are.

  • Boby

    I am a Leica owner but seriously…800 euros ? xD
    A good billingham bag is much more affordable that this, more practical, discreet, bigger and really well made too.

  • Joe

    I wouldn’t pay €100 for this let alone €799. It’s nothing more than a square box with padding inside it. I’d rather use my billingham or Rmowa to store and carry my Ms.

  • Andy

    A decent plastic hard case, such as those made by Pelican, will provide far better protection, as well as space for additional lenses

    • MJr

      One doesn’t go Leica because it’s the most sensible, and certainly not for plastic no matter how many test say how strong and durable it is.

  • just stupid

    stupid price for a stupid case

  • fiatlux

    Looks more like a lunch box. Do you get a free Leica lens mug with this?

  • Dikaiosune01

    where do you put the memory cards? batteries? film (if you are using the film M’s)? filters? light meter?
    I think I can live with one lens on the camera; but without memory cards or film, this is next to useless.

  • skinnfell

    Domke FX5b. I have two, they are perfect! Light, strong, customisable, discrete. Cost less than a hundred bucks and will last a hundred years.

    Besides, if you carry only one lens, do you need a case at all?

    800E = 1000$…
    I would much rather spend the remaining nine hundred bucks toward my next lens purchase.

  • Sniper

    Who has stolen my dustbin? Oh it’s here!

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