Leica lens mugs coming to a dealer near you



During this holiday season you will be able to purchase two different Leica lens mugs from your local dealer. Production is of course limited. The ceramic mugs will come with removable lids and will be priced at around $35. Two different versions will be available: Noctilux-M 50 and Summarit-S 70. The first mug was already listed on eBay few weeks ago.

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  • Ronan

    Your’s only for $99.95.

  • JL

    These cups would have been much more interesting had they resembled the lens that the cups are named after. From what i can see, they look no different to the cups that Starbucks sell in their stores except of course the colour and branding.

    • Elmarit

      I guess they have to be a standard design so they fit into car cup holders…

    • Toast

      cannot agree more… =.=
      the design are not really stand out as the brand, too common
      if I never use camera I’d never figure out what those numbers and stripes are for

  • Ridic!

    If it looked like a Noctilux I would maybe buy it. Since it looks absolutely ridiculous I won’t.

  • John

    Even their coffee mugs are unaffordable.

  • Camaman

    the most expensive lenses and the cheapest looking coffee mugs.
    Brilliant marketing.

    What they should have done is make brass shooters shaped like 50mm summilux. All in a wooden box with 4 shots inside.
    Now that! would be a gift. They could price that $300-400 easy.

    This… maybe $10. Embarrassment for Leica and buyer is priceless.

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