More sample images from the new Leica M surface online


The website published few sample images taken with the new Leica M ($6,950). This is the second time images from the new M surface on the Internet. Here is a quote from the article:

These are from version of the firmware.  Dr. Rohde is very excited about the M240.  He tells me that the color rendering, sharpness and clarity of the new Leica surpass those of the M8 and M9.  He also tells me that the exposure meter is more accurate.  So far the prototypes have been jpeg output only.  I’m hoping to get DNGs as the firmware evolves and supports RAW output.


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  • Looks pretty good!

  • TopShelf

    Who is leica giving these cameras to? Those pictures are awful!

  • LeicaMan

    Without the exif files it could be fony

  • Not impressive at all IMHO……

  • John Griffith

    Those pictures lack any detail. The leaves on the trees are mostly blobs and nothing is really sharp. Leica has a bit of work to do to get these images up to the M9 or M8.

  • Jei

    Lol, I remember the first leaked pics of the X1 too. They looked crap.

    I am sure Leica will deliver 😉

  • log

    It’s hard to tell but it seems like an improvement to me. That one shot of the two old ladies in the shade under the canopy with the ocean behind them, on the M9 the old ladies would be too dark or the ocean would be clipping. I would guess they couldve opened up another stop and gotten a decent exposure on their faces and probably still wouldn’t have any serious clipping problems in the background. That would confirm that the new M will have an extra stop of DR. Also the colors seemed more accurate, especially the skin tones, grass tones were more muted than on the M9, which is good, IMO. Also, assuming these are unsharpened, in the photo of the bartender, you can see individual hairs even at such a low resolution, which would suggest improved sharpness and resolution.

    • Martin Dixon

      Unless Leica accepts that they are selling only to a wealthy amateur market, why give an $8,000 camera to a hobbyist. I would never make my decision to buy one based on an amateur. So why annoy working photographers? Ferrari doesn’t do ads in Costco. They go to exotic locations around the world where they can really open the throttle. These photos are droplets from a leaking faucet. I’ll keep M9 and M8 in perfect working order. Shooting in Africa doesn’t allow me to wear such expensive jewelry. Leica, you’re losing your pro base.

  • Charles II

    Leica ought to lend me one, I can take pretty mediocre pictures!

  • Sergey

    I’d say it’d looked canonish to me, but then I saw dirty sensor and recognized Leica! LOL
    Maybe M has more power of some kind, but those pix are killing all the desire of owning one. I definitely going to stick to my M9 for at least all through 2013. Please, Leica, stop posting such… hm… frustrating photos.

    • “Please, Leica, stop posting such… hm… frustrating photos.”


      • Clint

        Yeah Leica….
        Leica should not be putting prototype cameras in the hands of anyone outside their factory unless they are decent photographers….cus this is what happens….junk photos in advance of a major camera release.

        • There’s all kinds of junk out there… blame the guy who decided to make news out of this.

          • It is news because those the first samples from the new M.

          • For the record, I didn’t mean that I blame you for posting these. I always say something is better than nothing.

            It’s just that Leica shouldn’t be blamed for what’s essentially field testing. I think the quality of photos reflect the typical Leica photos that buyers produce… so if anything Leica chose the right person 😀 People are never satisfied.

          • MJr

            They’re not samples until they’re either the fullsize original JPEGs, or RAW.

  • Nobody Special

    Well, it’s nice to see something from the new generation M. But really, it’s not really possible to get much of any meaningful impression. I have to say, that the pictures are rather boring and don’t lend themselves to much critical analysis.
    It would be nice to see images that challenge sensor/cameras ability to render/resolve details of different subject types, colors, etc. With time, all that will happen, until then, we wait, and wait some more.

  • Hideous

    Hideous, banal pictures. Terrible.

  • Q C

    The image samples looks like from canon, not from M9

  • NRA Advocate

    Pictures are rubbish, technically and artistically. I have no doubt that the M will make brilliant images, but all this proves is that photography is about the photographer…not the tool.

    I have seen images from the Fuji X-Pro 1 that look positively breathtaking – as good as or better than from any Leica M camera.

    But that is because in the hands of a truly talented photographer, either of those tools, ‘M’ or ‘X’, are plenty capable of tremendous image quality.

    Thus, one wonders why Leica has not released images from photographers who know how to get the most out of their coveted red dots, as opposed to picture takers who know how to get the least.


    Everyone calm down. Please. Yes, the guy sucks at taking photos. And yes, they are still working on the firmware. It’s not like Leica released these photos to show off or something.

  • Clint

    Just goes to show….it’s who you know…not what you know that seems to matter. Who gave this guy a $7000 prototype….and why can’t I get one…

    • I have the feeling those images will be removed very soon.

      • ProtoWhalePig

        Why? He explicitly notes that he has the photographer’s permission.

  • unimpressed

    If you told me these were compact digicam photos, I would believe you. These shots aren’t even Micro-four-thirds quality.

    I have an M-240 on order, but unless I see something more impressive I will cancel and stick with my M6.

  • MAr.

    once upon a time,
    someone left the prototype of a phone in a bar in cupertino…
    this guy was drunk. hopefully.
    i’m sure those pictures were taken without the influence of any substances…too bad. no excuse.
    o boy, he even mentiones the name of the guy who gave the camera to him…

  • Steven

    I hope Dr. Ulrich is not a “doctor of photography”? These images look like my 7 years old son framed and shot… With a $50 pint and shoot… Let’s call for the elephant in a room. These are mediocre samples of everything and anything, I have no idea how anybody can judge how good is new M by these samples… Did he ever revied these before giving it to anybody? Those dirt marks are huge! Piece of hair as well… We can all have collective orgasm over new samples of new M, but please… This is not doing ANY GOOD to Leica name

  • `/1nc3nt

    M Series are really awful.

    I admire R and S lenses, but NOT the M, especially the M bodies.

    (It’s not Leica’s fault, I really wondering who are willing to spend grands for that 🙂 )

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