Bloomberg’s interview with Leica’s CEO Alfred Schopf


For some reason the embed code from Bloomberg is not working - here is the direct link to the video.

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  • “Handcrafted” is the best answer he could give as to why Leica is different.

    When Sony, etc. start coming up with FF Nex cameras next year, Leica will have to increase the prices of their lenses to cover of the costs of the Leica bodies that no one will buy but Leica will still continue to manufacturer to keep up with tradition.

    Anything that can capture a photo is a tool in the hands of a photographer but the bodies (and lenses) are way over-priced for the quality they deliver.

    • Ugh

      Seriously? Please shut up. Why are you reading and posting on a Leica Rumours site when you only have negative things to say about Leica? They are the best cameras and when you own one for your self you quickly see it. Go back to your Canikony and flounder in your soft, grey lifeless photos.

      • “They are the best cameras”

        Everything you said anywhere suddenly becomes invalidated just by those 5 words… time to change your alias yet again.

        • MikeHocks

          Ugh has a valid point. Why do you constantly post here? Your comments are not very valid themselves. You’re quite ignorant actually. The internet is a great place for folks like you though, so keep at it buddy.

          • *yawn*… I’ve heard much more interesting come backs. Keep working on it…

          • John

            genobrains, too much free time on your hands these days?

        • docphoto

          switched from a 5DmII and a range of L lenses (I still have them… just using them for work!) to two Leica M6s… never touched the Canon for privat photos since… Canon digital for work, Leica for privat because it’s waaaay more fun to shoot… the best camera is the one you have with you… keep that in mind before you trash talk leica! 😉

          • If you like film then you should shoot some real film… not 35mm 😉

  • Nobody Special

    I still believe that Leica has been taken over by a man who lacks the imagination and/or knowledge on how to ‘shape’ the company and products into a more ‘approachable’ one.
    For years, the Minolta based R series were a cheaper alternative for the SL/SL2 series and no one really complained as they could use the R glass on them. The deliberate ‘up-market’ path they’ve chosen is taking their market away. It may take a while but if they continue this way – I won’t be surprised if they start having a hard time.

    • Mistral75

      Leica’s turnover is steadily increasing, at a rate higher than 15%, so don’t worry for them 🙂

      • Nobody Special

        Oh, believe me, I spend absolutely no time worrying for Billionaire-boys like Kaufmann. Most of these fellows grew up in way different lifestyles than the users (and builders of the marque) have. If they like that life, and believe it keep Leica alive, whatever, but it’s hard to imagine this approach going that far. Time will tell.

  • David

    As someone who owns a substantial inventory of both digital and vintage Leica camera, I find it surprising and quite frankly offensive that the Leica CEO would give Willoughby’s so much credit by sitting in the same interview with their CEO. As an authorized dealer, the marking up of Leica equipment when there is stock shortage is just bad ethics, and the recent false advertising with the availability of the Summicron 50mm ASPH (fooling even Steve Huff) is just another example of their dishonesty.

    • Yes, I remember that. I thought Leica closed their boutique in that store.

  • Dr D

    What I thought was interesting is that he said that “all” Leica products would soon have the shoot and share capability.

  • Joost

    It was just a very stupid and shallow interview. Quite dumb questions, no interest in the subject. Really dumb. Let us forget it as soon as possible.

  • Daryl

    Give credit where credit is due. Leica’s CEO is getting the word out, promoting his product, how many times has Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Pentax etc. had their CEO’s appear. The interviewer was extremely poor, not the CEO.

    • The quality of the images produced by Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Pentax cameras can speak for themselves…

      • iedei

        exactly…..they are mediocre.

        • Jokes aside… other manufacturers make both great and budget lenses and their prices are proportional to their values, compared to Leica gear. With Leica everything is overpriced, which means the buyers have sub-mediocre taste and intelligence.

          • David

            Here we go again . . . the Leica is overpriced theme. I am not an economist but thus far it would seem that the supply and demand curve of the Leica products are not out of sync. Are you proposing that they lower prices on items that are high in demand and rarely in stock? I’d like to see that recommendation at the board meeting . . . Maybe we should also lower prices of Ferrari, private jets, etc. Leica is a luxury brand; they don’t deny that. But their gear happen to provide a very unique combination of form factor and image quality from their lenses. So while you can certainly make a run at Leica with cheaper gear, so could you on the race tracks with a Toyota supra vs. a Ferrari. But if I can afford it, I’d pick the Ferrari. So just get over it.

          • lol… Leica is not like a Ferrari… Ferraris perform and Leica cameras don’t.

            A Leica is more like a Louis Vuitton handbag… overpriced, over-hyped, ugly, is free advertising for the manufacturer and only those who don’t have taste or actually buy the stuff have anything good to say about them.

          • David

            So this means people who want and buy these specific looks and IQ of the Leica must be loonies, right? An obsession with a certain thing will make you see it in
            places where it is not there. So are they loonies? Yes… are they the only
            loonies? No… we humans all are! 🙂
            I have a Ferrari, and it’s a great car for certain purposes. But I’ve been beaten on the tracks by much lesser cars and keeps me humble and makes me better when I learn from the best of them. Those who succeed, in racing or photography, tend to focus on their own faults and learn from others; you don’t hear much from them badmouthing other gear or the people who buy them.

          • “An obsession with a certain thing…”

            ahaha well said 🙂

            “Those who succeed, in racing or photography, tend to focus on their own faults and learn from others; you don’t hear much from them badmouthing other gear or the people who buy them.”

            Of course they do… haven’t you spoken to anyone who understands racing or photography? 😀

        • Donnergan

          Hmmm… You buy an M8 and suddenly every message you post on the LUF raves about the M8; at the same time you criticise film Leicas because you don’t own one.

          You then buy an M5 and start raving about that.

          Anyone see a pattern here?

  • Sergey

    The interview is not about Leica and even not about the photography in any sense. It’s about those interviewers. Whoever they are, they look stupid to me.

  • Thorsten

    Ha ha, that is some quite unprepared interviewers. They have absolutely no time, nor any idea, what to ask about …

    Only positive thing was that the Paul Smith edition was shown and the new Leica Boutique was mentioned.

  • Robert

    I’m not sure it makes sense to beat up on Leica as a company. They have chosen to go the route of Rolex, to cite one example, and build cameras that are objets d’art for their own sake. A Timex will tell time arguable better than a Rolex, but… you know the rest.

    Whether or not you agree with this philosophy is up to personal preference, but an argument might be made for a single camera brand in this world that both shoots art … and is an object of art in and of itself.

    However, when it comes to optics, Leica has no superior. Their entire lens line is superlative—right across the board. While Nikon and Canon and others may well make select optics that are just as good as Leica—Leica ensures that ALL their lenses are top-drawer. When it comes strictly to the photographic process, optics are where the Leica shines.

    Electronics, less so. While I understand foregoing autofocus, the choice to use inferior LCD screens, retain out-of-date chip sensitivities, and so forth (that directly affect the picture-making process), are inexcusable, IMHO.

    As to sales, Leica is having no problems selling every camera they make. At the end of the day, their “boutique” business model seems to be working. And since they have no direct competition… who are we to argue with their strategy?

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