Bruce Gilden – Postcards from America, Magnum Miami (video)

Bruce Gilden traveled to Florida as part of Magnum Photo's Postcards from America Project. Gilden's goal for the project was to use the Leica S2 to capture portraits of the people of Florida, including the underdogs.

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  • waterengineer

    Bruce, let me clue you in. Finding “bad guys” (your words, not mine) in Miami is not difficult. Since I live in south FL, I would have loved Leica getting a hold of me and letting me shoot around Miami with an S2 for a few days.

  • Technician

    Meyerowitz got it right: Gilden is a bully.

  • A. Lincoln

    I bet Gilden’s contact sheets are more interesting than most of Meyerowitz’s catalog.

  • Why don’t we all shoot the good guys and let the bad guys rot in their funk.

  • daniel gautreau

    i really don’t care much for this & find him actually annoying. Don’t understand what Magnum see in him. He’s pushy & arrogant!

  • Nabaz Anwar

    HAHAHA… life is sad!
    Cmon old champ! Can’t be all that bad?

  • kenny vena

    Posed head shots donot seem to be street photography…but if you snap them on the street I guess they are…these are more like MUG shots… what do I know after more than 50 years as an Amateur photographer.

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