Leica Camera interview from the Stockholm Photo Fair


Alltombild published an interview with Marc Lethenet from Leica Camera taken at the Stockholm Photo Fair. The first video is for Leica S, the second covers the new Leica M camera:


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  • Robert

    Video two: “We don’t want to be a fashion or luxury brand.” [??] Is he kidding?

    • tom

      thats gorgeous xD

  • S

    How irritating can the interviewer be. Let the man talk for Christ’s sake.

  • AlexTokyO

    Somebody really needs to provide communication training to this Leica guy. This interview can be used to show what NOT to say in an interview. And agreed, the interviewer wasn’t very nice easier.

  • Stephen Patterson

    “We’ve been stating a lot that CCD is the best. Now we have to say that maybe CMOS is quite good as well”.
    -Marc Lethenet, Leica

    I realize that english is not Mr. Lethernet’s native language, but anyone who can use the word “reportage” should understand the differences between “good”, “better” and “best”.

    The M240 was unveiled four months ago, and it’s safe to surmise that Leica has been capturing images with the camera for several months before that. In fact the entire project has probably stretched over at least two years, if not longer. The fact that we have not seen a single high resolution image tells me that the IQ is not as good as the M9…at least not yet.

    My main concern is that the financial pressure will continue to mount and the camera will be put into the field before it is ready. Since the announcement Leica camera and lens sales have fallen sharply, and it’s no secret that the M-E and X2 are not selling well. Both are being discounted in order to move inventory, something unheard of for Leica only a year ago. Having the M fall behind a Q1 delivery schedule is not like the current delay in the new 50 Summicron APO, or last year’s delay in the 21/3.4 Super Elmar M, as the costs and risk are much, much higher. You could even say that Leica has bet the company on the M240.

    I really wish Leica had gone for an evolutionary M10 with improved CCD and faster processor instead of swinging for the fences with the revolutionary M. Will the gamble pay off? We shall see…

  • shaiwininger

    The biggest mistake Leica made was to rebrand the old M9 as an M-E (while not upgrading anything other than its ugly color).

    The M-E should have got the new larger display, kept the CCD, improved high ISO noise (like modern cameras 10th its price) and loose that ugly gray color (who the hell thought of that…).

    Doing that would have reduced the risk of putting all the eggs in the new M basket for Leica.

    Leica guys, if you read this, please please consider upgrading the M9 next. The recipe is there on the table, just do it. The current M-E is simply a joke with its old technology and ridiculous prices – no wonder its a flop.

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