Leica X3 concept camera

Leica X3 concept camera by Vincent Säll:




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  • Orpick Aname

    pathetic. why can’t people who take photos design cameras for once… oh wait… it’s a leica

  • waterengineer

    NO. Sorry.

  • David K. K. Hansen

    Probably just a gimmicky camera design, but wow what a well presented concept! Lots of hard work was made into making the concept, kudos to you!

  • Syed

    beautiful design and wonderfully illustrated. i wish Leica made something like this as a true ‘pocket’ solution. I think this concept should not have been badged “X3” though…perhaps a different name would have detered all the annoying haters in the comments before me.

  • J. Echtermann

    Why not? But it should not called X3, the X3 we need with changeble lenses!

  • Regular

    My next acquisition is a digital Olympus XA.

  • Er. No. Just no. Nicely rendered though.

  • Kev

    please. no. please

  • wok64

    quote from his own website:
    This project is a personal project for self promotion only. Leica AG has not been included in the process in any way. I take no responsibility for any reposts.

    Hijacking the Leica brand is asking for trouble in my opinion. I assume he will get some letters from Leica attorneys soon and I don’t expect his website to last for long.

    • 103david

      Always fun to hear from someone who obviously neither knows nor understands a single thing about copyright law. Aside from the clear disclaimer about representing a fictional product, this is a (very) protected and excellent example of humor.
      And very well done at that.

      • zoetmb

        Actually, humor is not protected. Satire is protected (and only in some countries), but satire usually involves not using the original brand name. He’d have to change it to Likeya or something. Leica could come down on him on the basis that it could cause “confusion” and for the unauthorized use of the trademark. I doubt that they would, but they could.

  • yup

    One more proof of why it’s difficult for artists to understand engineering. And vice versa.

  • i would be dropping this device half the time… but nice render with the right leica elements with the chrome, script, red dot and vulcanite.

    i hardly think the designer expects this to be practical, just a nice exercise in playing with concepts

  • App

    I think it would be more appropriate to have an apple badge

    • Shhh! God forbid. Apple could buy Leica with a few Canons and Nikons left over.
      You’re dead on about the design tho.

      • Charlie

        Jobs used Leica a model for the Apple brand. He was a big fan.

  • Don

    At least he’s included an optical viewfinder.
    But ignored the laws of optics when it comes to lens design.

    The reality is the X series tries to get back to something that looks like the first compact Leica of 1925.

  • Somewhat masturbatory design exercise.
    But yeah, take *some* of those ideals and put in a real camera – they didn’t land rovers on the moon thinking inside the box. Surely there was some old manager saying “idiot thinks we need six wheels.”

  • Paisley

    Despite the designer’s attempt to state otherwise, the only connection this ‘concept camera’ has with Leica is the red dot. Change the logo and it could be a Sony, Nikon etc. In fact, if the shutter speed dial was removed this object could be anything that the designer claimed it to be. If he had a brief for this then I think he’s failed miserably. Although I agree that the design is aesthetically please and professionally presented

  • Soeren Engelbrecht

    Hmmm… So you have a thin and a thick “disk” that make up a camera. On the back of the thick disk is an optical viewfinder. On the front of the thick disk is the lens supposing to take pictures. Now for the 64.000 dollar question: Where does the sensor go ??

  • CJ

    A new 007 toy !

  • jakesm

    Absolutely brilliant-would be a great camera to show of the Leica difference!

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