Leica M 240 already listed on eBay


Two Leica M type 240 cameras are already listed on eBay. The first one is priced at $9,950.00 with zero bids, the second is currently at $8,100.00 with two bids (original price is $6,950.00).

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  • Daniel Mora

    A fool and his money…

    • Parabolic

      Yeah, but they don’t know it yet…sadly.

  • dannybuoy

    Might just buy both at that price…

  • EvilTed

    One of them I talked to is a Leica dealer.

    Don’t they have wait lists or even people who have fully paid for the camera waiting?

    Such blatant price gougching should be reported to Leica and these dealers should be stripped of their status.

    The same thing happened in Singapore last month.
    Absolutely disgusting behavior – they should be ashamed

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