Another Leica price increase coming on May 1st


Another major price increase is coming on several Leica M, S lenses and accessories. The new prices will be effective on May 1st. The good news is that almost all lenses are currently in stock and can be purchased at the old the prices for the next 4 weeks. Here is the complete list:

Leica M lenses:

Leica S lenses and accessories:

Compact cameras:

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  • Matan Imotski

    Oh yes, just what the doctor prescribed – good on you Leica.

    In the times Western economies are going down the gurgler, the worst recession the World has ever experienced and unemployment rates at their record levels, Leica decides to do this.


    • Kangoon

      Well said. It appears the particular German company is totally ignorant of that fact. Or they are counting a nouveau riche Leica owners from China and India to provide a ‘lift’ ?

  • Bobby

    It apears there’s still enough suckers in this world who are willing to pay even more for an already overpriced camera gear.
    Oh and by the way – totally unjustified price increase this time.

    • caliber z

      “Oh and by the way – totally unjustified price increase this time”

      But they have to scrap more money from somewhere to pay for that new factory in Portugal. 😉

      • JakeB

        So by that token we should expect Nikon to raise their prices to be able to fund the building of a new factory in Laos?!

        • babola

          Nah, don’t worry…Nikon is smarter than that.

          • But, hadn’t Nikon recently increased their lens prices in the past six months? They do tend to raise prices on lenses almost on a nine month cycle.

  • A3Jan

    I’m out.Have a great life, Leica. Bye Bye

    • Can I buy your lenses? New ones are sooooooo expensive!

  • leicaisgay

    here comes the apple of photography

    • Well we know one thing is that Apple is well designed and reliable..I have used it for 12 years and rarely have a problem..

  • LT

    Is that a hint: all these lenses with price increase will be manufactured in Germany. All others will be made in Portugal!! Hmmmmm,,,,,,,,,

  • One More Thought

    Leica can raise their prices because their very affluent niche market is price inelastic. They are seeing demand high for both their new M and even their MM.

    Leica can get away with this because their customers don’t care about price; if they did they would not be purchasing Leica to begin with.

    Steve Huff said it best when he observed that “With Leica we buy with our heart, not our brains.”

  • george

    where is the apo 50 mm f2 asph in stock at? (they are not all in stock)

    • Yes, I said “almost” all lenses are in stock. If you order one today, you will still get the current price when it is delivered after May 1st.

  • Dalibor Babich

    “With Leica we buy with our heart, not our brains.”

    I bought a D800 with my heart, it still cost me less than 1/2 the price of a Leica. That plus my brain is also in a much happier place now.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Haha, can’t argue with that – good point.

    • I have a D800e.. great cam but getting glass to match the sensor is not that easy.. also a lot bigger than an M..

  • papundek

    In the times of financial adversity, recession and depression, a demand for luxury goods actually increases, driven by the well heeled and financially secure. The sales of luxury cars, Swiss watches, gold as well as expensive camera gear are on the upswing during the period most of th epopulus suffers and struggles to keep it altogether trying to make ends meet.
    It’s an oxymoron, I know. But that’s the way it is. And Leica knows this far too well and it’s betting on it.

    • Panda Joe

      I couldn’t agree more.

  • whereismyM

    Buy Cosina Voigtlander…
    For many thousands of dollars less you get great quality. I shoot weddings and none of my clients can tell the difference between a 1500 CV lens and a 7500$ Leica lens.
    Or buy Zeiss.
    Problem solved

    • Adam Harness

      Does your wedding clients even know what a Leica or Voigtlander is ?? What did you do ask them HEY what lens do you think this was taken with?

      • Kenny Logoras

        Read his comment again, this time slooowly and with a little more comprehension.

        Also, an ADD check with your doctor wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  • Leica is again raising prices as the Euro to USD exchange rate is now not going their favor. I was at the factory in Solms when Lecia switched over to Euro based pricing and raised US prices through the roof at the time. Again it is only about the money. Greed is now the only aspect of modern photography that drives the company.

    • Bendoon

      Greed is now the only aspect of modern society that drives our world.

  • Photographer

    Seems Leica wants to squeeze out all those people who make their living as photographers…

    • NRA Advocate

      Not really. Cause none of them make it using this overpriced shit.

    • Adam Harness

      There is no way any professional photographer can justify these purchases. I mean what kind of photographer are you? A street photographer? Lol

      • Tanks

        Actually, the pricing is in line with most professional gear. For example there is almost no price difference between Leica M and Nikon D3x. The Leica S line is price comparable to Hasselblad etc.

  • Lie Ka

    Bend over, Hipsters.

    • CHD

      Hipsters don’t buy Leicas…they use instagram.

  • Nobody Special

    Oh. Gee, Leica raised it’s prices to cover ????? Could be the ‘investors’ want their coin back sooner or faster, could be to cover factory upgrades, could be to cover higher glass costs, could be almost anything we don’t know about and/or it could be greed. After all, these big sh-ts behind the company now can pretty much do whatever they want and we have to live with it.

    As to some of the D800 comments – it’s interesting to note that sharpness is less of a factor than it’s ever been, colors/tinting/etc., and image manipulation can be done so well now that if someone wants to change nearly anything in an image it’s probably do-able with post-processing. Leica may just end up doing itself in over time – I’ll guess they will if the increases are purely profit driven. D800 is fine by me, and new Leica glass isn’t necessary – used is just fine. And the S? Who cares?

  • CHD

    I laugh at all the comments about Leica being too expensive. Seriously, do none of you people know anything about economics?? Simple supply and demand people….Leica charges these prices because they can. Even in these times of financial hardship there are enough potential buyers to purchase whatever Leica puts out there.

    The job of a company is to maximize profits for shareholders. Leica is not a charity.

    Oh yeah…I should add that I agree…Leica products are too expensive:)

    • Rosco Tanner

      “I laugh at all the comments about Leica being too expensive. Seriously…”

      And people are laughing at you and your logic. Seriously…

      • CHD

        Rosco…..tell me where my logic is wrong. Leica sells everything they make….in many cases there are waiting lists. So, if this is the case they have obviously not priced themselves out of the market.

        Go back to school chump.

        • gazun

          lookup veblen goods before sending random people to school

  • Rami G.

    What many of you don’t understand is that for those of us who are not very rich and did manage to get themselves into the Leica world this is not a very bad thing at all. After all, it is not that you need to buy those lenses for those prices to get into Leica, but that makes Leica a promising investment. All the Leica lenses I bough, both new and used, I could resell for much more than I paid for them. I paid 1600$ both for my Leica 28 summicron asph and for my 75lux. I paid 800$ for my 50 cron, I paid 1650$ for the 21 Elmarit asph, I paid 1500$ for the 135 apo. I paid 1800$ for my 35 lux asph. I did not buy them at once but along quit a few long years. I believe my Leica collection have kept its price, to say the least, more than anything I would have bought with the money in the camera world.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      The photog doesn’t buy camera equipment as an invetment. He or she buys them to use as a photographic tools.
      This simple fact is something people like you forget about, or never felt or learnt in the past.

      • JakeB

        ‘Nuff said!

      • Adam Harness

        This x100. Cameras and lenses are a freakin TOOL not a puppy. Like seriously these are supposed to be street cameras but I don’t see any Leica person even wanting to take the thing out of the house.

        • Milo Gandini

          Me neither. And I know a photog with a Canon gear whose Leica M9 still hasn’t left an original box it came in months ago, let alone house.

          It appears Leica gear is a perfect ‘tool’ for those gear-masturbators and camera-huggers.

    • I agree, I have also made profit on the Lenses lenses and film cameras I have owned in the past. That’s not the case with digital cameras.

  • george

    Please do not put the entire blame on Leica. Remember, free health care still has a cost, and while the VAT tax is not applied to the exports directly, it is passed on by worker pay compensation (which has to be much higher because of a 50+ % tax rate and massive EU sales tax). Social benefits
    are carried by the consumer, which is in this case, Leica customers.

    I am not an expert on German tax rates, but I do know that they are rather high (my disclaimer). If unemployment rises in the EU, expect that German made product to rise in price also. (possibly half the cost of a Leica lens is paying some kind of tax)

  • Haha

    Well, people still buy them so why not, right? I actually find it quite amusing. Let’s face it, if you have $7000 to spend on a lens than spending $7900 probably wouldn’t bother you either.
    Another point would be that these are cameras and lesnes for people in financial hardship or unemployed.

  • dick ranez

    OK, so Leica raised it’s prices, but not enough to stop a true Leicaphile from
    shelling out the cash. My only concern now is that Zeiss will see this as an

    excellent opportunity to raise the prices on their equally capable lenses.

  • A3Jan

    YES! Successfully cancelled my pre-order of the M and MM.
    So if there were any people on the waiting list even lower than I already was they moved up a little bit.

  • Adam Harness

    I don’t see how Leica gets away with these prices…

  • Nobody Special

    The M bodies are without doubt, over-priced. They are extremely limiting as to what they can do – when compared to nearly any camera with any sized sensor on the market. True, with the EVF attached, new possibilities are possible, but $7K for what should be an easy to produce (given it’s age) or perfected rangefinder, on top of an electronics package.
    The new ‘M’ realistically – how about $4K, and even that is arguable. When it was a mechanical film camera – okay, the body price was justifiable. But not now. Big shock here – hey Leica! It’s the lenses stupid! Hard to beleive they can’t make a profit on the bodies for less money – it’s just not what multi-miilionaires and billionaires expect from their ‘investment’.

  • CHD

    There seems to be a lot of comments about Leica being too expensive. Just because you can’t afford something does not necessarily mean it is too expensive. I would like a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Can I afford it??? No. Is it too expensive?? No…not when there are waiting lists to buy one.

    If the Ferrari were too expensive…and if the Leica products were too expensive…they would not sell. Pretty simple really.

  • LeicaDude5%

    95% of Leica photographers is a sadness in photography, and buy because they say the Leica take good pictures and they think more photographers than any other. The Leica gives them a status ignorant and blatant, 95% of cases.

  • dae

    Yes Leica is a wonderful camera, Yes Leica is very expensive and Yes Leica uses the market to create a supply and demand. So everybody is correct. 🙂 If you can’t buy a mansion on Hamptons, be happy with your suburb home. 🙂

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