You can now add Leica M-mount to Sigma DP cameras for $300

Modified Sigma DP camera with Leica M mount 10
Modified Sigma DP camera with Leica M mount 8
Modified Sigma DP camera with Leica M mount 7
Modified Sigma DP camera with Leica M mount 11

A member of the Chinese website Taobao is offering a service that modifies a Sigma DP compact camera and fits it with a Leica M-mount by removing the fixed lens and attaching an additional plate with the lens mount to the front of the camera. The service costs 1880 Yuan (around $300). You have to purchase the Sigma DP camera separately and send it in. Depending on the model, Sigma DP cameras cost less than $1000.

Additional images:

X3-club via Mirrorlessrumors

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  • Dumb. The Sigma lens on the DP2M and DP3M are perfect;y fine.

    • Sky

      true. But it’s only one lens, while they offer interchangeable lenses. Something Sigma is too lazy to do themselves – to release a mirrorless camera. I’m sure native M-mount Sigma would be more than welcome on a market.

      I’m actually quite amazed that you can simply cut-off part of the compact camera, put custom bayonet in front of it and it still works. o_O

  • why would anyone pay to make this camera better, when they can just buy a better camera???

    • It’s not that straightforward. These particular Foveon sensors resolve a massive amount of detail. For example, the red, green and blue channels of a D800 image are 9MP, 18MP and 9MP respectively. For the same, these Foveons capture 14.8MP, 14.8MP and 14.8MP. That’s without even considering size difference between a DP-M camera and a D800.

      Sure… there are other limitations… but there’s no one camera out there that can handle every situation better than the rest.

    • mnp

      It’s a pretty amazing sensor. It’s easily worth it.

  • Daryl

    At first glance I thought Hasselblad Lunar, with a sigh of relief it’s not but the look is rather odd and somewhat unfinished. I would love to couple to best lenses with a remarkable sensor but questions of quality, seal, and menu system make me hesitate to take the leap.

    • God forbid, if one takes a nice photo if the build quality, seal and menu system is iffy.

  • Nick

    Do the DP’s have focus peaking? Pretty pointless otherwise, great sensor, great lenses, loads of out of focus shots because it’s got a rubbish screen…

    • Sky

      As far as I’m aware – it does.

  • Johny

    Would like to see some sample images before I would do lobotomy on my DP.

    • kickars

      Have a look on the X3-Club link below the main article. There are couple of pages of the whole development of the modification posted by the maker with some beautiful sample images. And if you read Chinese (or use google translate), the maker even wrote a long article on why and how he developed the whole thing, from initial idea to the production model. This guy is simply great at what he is passionate about.

      • kickars

        Oh, mind you that those pictures of the camera were in fact shot by using one of the modified DPs. And the hard wood grip is only optional.

  • Ray angle problem’s with m lenses on a sigma make this a waste of time…

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