List of stolen equipment from the Leica store in Mayfair London


The Leica store in Mayfair London was burgled again last Sunday. Above is the list of the stolen equipment with serial numbers. If you have any information or if you come across any of the stolen items, please call Ellie Imison at  07772 676029 (UK phone number).

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  • lmao they took the dlux!!

  • Adam Harness

    No Leica M’s? Or Noctiluxs? boooooo

  • writergenotype

    I’m only borrowing it. I promise to put it all back next Tuesday night, I promise.

    It’s just do damn expensive to buy, ya know?

  • Martin

    Once is bad luck. Twice is just incompetence.

    • Not always – I used to have an office in centrala london for my video production company – and we had a couple of break ins. The first one wiped us out – then we installed massive security including smoke screens, bomb proof shutters and so on.. they still tried to get in a few months later. kit is stolen to order. They knew what to take – cameras and batteries but left the flight cases.. they were knowledgable about what they needed. I’d say this is the same.. it’s probably already in Eastern Europe.

    • 103David

      You left out the last part…
      “…Three times is enemy action.”
      –Ian Fleming

  • Hamburglar

    You mean to say ‘burglarized’?
    Burglered sounds like some kind of pelting of sammiches on their window pane.

    • 103david

      It does…”Splurt!” I say, for sound effect, but proper? As so many worldwide can tell you, welcome to the mysterious nonsensical language, English.
      Good luck, you’re going to need it.

      • Hamburglar

        103david The original post read “Burglered”. Admin must have noticed his mistake and changed it, so it now read “Burgled” which is the correct spelling.

        FYI. “Burglarize” is a perfectly acceptable term in many English speaking countries. I guess YOU need all the luck you can get. Just use Google next time. ;-D

        • I have not changed anything in this post.

          • Hamburglar

            So you say. 🙂

          • 103David

            I’m afraid, Hambungler, Admin is right, the original post was not altered, nor later changed. A native speaker of American English would not normally use the term
            “Burglered” nor “Burgled” nor inappropriately capitalize it as you did. Apparently the problem has more to do with your reading skills than anything else.
            We’ll discuss the word “sammiches” next time
            Hope your luck changes .

          • Hamburglar

            Tell that to Admin. He’s the one who used the word “burgle red” / “burgled”. Refer to my original post where I point out if he meant to use “burglarized” instead. Which is what we here in the US commonly use aside from “burglary” or “broken into”.

            Though “sammiches” is internet slang and can’t be said that everyone who speaks native English use this.

            In another related internet slang, “you mad bro?”

  • 103david

    So here’s a story for you. Some years ago I took it in my head to purchase a camera store. The then owners of this small local chain were happy to get rid of this store largely because they had a chronic burglary problem, like clockwork, several times a year. Alarms didn’t help, new locks, upgraded security…nothing helped…like clockwork, three times a year.
    Now the owners were not the brightest candles on the cake. After observing the (soon to be my) employees for a short time, I requested a pre-purchase meeting with the soon to be ex-owners and informed them that I would not be requiring the services of any of the existing employees.
    Effective immediately. And they were heretofore banned from the store.
    The owners asked me why and I told them for legal reasons, I could not be specific, and while I was much too polite to say myself, my dog would growl pointedly anytime any of the (now former) employees were around. Really.
    Think about it.
    Funny thing…I was there for eleven years, and there was never another burglary.
    It ain’t always Russian gangsters, folks.

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