Leica M type 240 reviews, Canon lens adapter, T-shirts and more


  • Leica M 240 review by Tom Grill (incl. high resolution images):

"In terms of resolution, dynamic range, capability in low light, and expanded features, the M (240) has reached a pinnacle of digital perfection that is exceptional in the tests I have done so far. Keep in mind this is a system camera and gains in strength when coupled with its superb optical support. That support has now been expanded to include R-lenses -- something that adds to the convenience of the M as a full system camera. It will be interesting to see if Leica will now expand and improve upon its R lens series."

"There is so very much to like in the latest digital M. IQ that almost catches up with the best and beats a lot of the competition. Access to amazing lenses from the M range and now, via adaptors, the R range and beyond. Live view and an EVF. A new, larger and longer-lived battery (though it does give the camera a bigger booty). Better high ISO performance and improved dynamic range. A noticeably better rangefinder mechanism. There is a long, long list of improvements here, and most of the niggles I have identified will likely be sorted out in firmware."

"The new Leica M is not a camera for everybody.  For example, if you are the type of person that wants or needs to shoot thousands of images a day with autofocus at 8 frames per second or faster with very long lenses, etc., this is obviously not the camera for you. The Leica M has a number of limitations that I will not bother to restate as they have been discussed and published ad nauseum for many years.  The type 240 has less limitations versus prior M models since it will work with Leica R lenses. This means that zooms and long lenses are now usable with this camera."




  • Leica M 240 T-shirt available in different colors.
  • Leica M9 vs. M resolution comparison by Lensrentals (MTF measured in line pairs / image height):

Camera Aperture Center Average Corners
Leica M9 f/1.4 700 610 500
Leica M (Type 240) f/1.4 740 630 590
Leica M9 f/2.8 1030 850 640
Leica M (Type 240) f/2.8 1070 860 770
Leica M9 f/5.6 1110 970 790
Leica M (Type 240) f/5.6 1140 990 860


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  • Seeing the M on that monster Canon glass and no EVF and with the leather half-case is hilarious. “Yes, they can connect.”

    • Daryl

      The photographer showed sample images from the M/800mm combination, either he had the evf or used the live view on the camera lcd.

      Thanks to Mister Le for the information, I would like to use the Canon 85mm f1.2 L on the M but the lens will only focus electronically, both 1st and 2nd version.

      • MisterLe

        You can not use canon 85mm f1.2 or canon 50mm f1.0
        because it need electronic connection to focus ( focus by wire ).

  • Adam Harness

    Good luck using that big canon prime lens lol

  • Nobody Special

    Comment to Tom Grill – Thanks for the review. Uh, with respect, Leica will not expand upon the R lens line; dead, gone, and buried deep in the cold earth….for good….whether any of us like it or not. More than likely, Leica will come out with a lens or two or three that could use the EVF for close work, etc., or even a real zoom for the EVF. Perhaps something similar to the Tri-Elmar series.
    The R glass that survives finally has a digital Leica home. But it’s a steep price for the that priviledge alone.

  • Really tired of reviews that only show photos of signs, windows, streets and textures. At what point will someone show us how the M handles skin tones? Doesn’t anyone use the Leica M series cameras to take photos of actual living people?

  • Nobody Special

    Reading the entire ‘LL’ review and I have to ask: WHICH 90 Leica lens was used? (maybe I missed it?) Anyhow, The Leica 90 glass, especially if it’s the latest and greatest, would ‘probably/likely’ outperform the Nikkor. Then, I wonder, with just a small amount of post-image tweeking, how much would the images be different? I’m not suggestting that the Leica image would still not be ‘better’ (by the authors view) but…. if the resulution was the ‘same’ then color and contrast tweek would bring them to a likely similar finished image.

    Then, the comment that the rangefinder focusing is better than AF and gives more control, etc., IF you are using AF. Perhaps focusing the Nikon manually would also give better control? Having used Leica RF’s for years and SLR/DSLR’s, I have found that a SLR is quite capable of matching the ‘speed’ and ‘accuracy’ of the Leica M. The point is, is the Leica really worth the extra-thousands? Debatable. Does the Leica glass win it over? Maybe. Do the extra thousands bring you a better, more usable system, the R glass issue included, is a weak one, as the telephotos are fewer and older and even the latest are really, really, hard to find and really pricey, even if the new M is the best in years. A nice camera, sure, but worth the price for splitting hairs?

  • Steven Pinker

    Most reviews of the new Leica M (Type 240) have included hastily snapped street or indoor shots rather than careful landscape photographs. I spent a weekend at the Cape Cod National Seashore with a friend, the new Leica M, and a bagful of lenses (16-18-21 WATE, Zeiss 35 Biogon, 50 Summicron, 90 Macro-Elmar, and 135 APO-Telyt). Except for a few quirks (like the awkwardly placed exposure compensation button) it was a pleasure to handle, and i found the image quality to be outstanding: sharp, vivid, and free of noise. Here is a slideshow:

    And here’s a galllery:

    • Yung-Hsin Chen

      Professor Pinker,

      I browsed the pictures in your gallery taken by Leica M and others, most of them are excellent works.
      May I via e-mail discuss with you the color rendition of M? Mine is not yet delivered.

      • Steven Pinker

        Yes, of course.

  • Barun

    I’m a Leica enthusiast requesting all of your advice. I loved using the R 6.2 (film) body with a 50 mm Summilux f/1.4 lens, and now use the D-Lux 5. But I miss the fabulous 50 mm lens and have been very tempted to buy the new M 240 and use it only with the R adapter and my old lens. Is that a smart thing to do — will I get outstanding results? Has anyone used the M with R lenses? Thoughts anyone? Many thanks.

    • Yung-Hsin Chen

      Mr. Barun,

      Try to aceess the Leica User Forum (need registration) via Leica official site > photography > L- camera forum >
      Leica M/M-E/M9/MM > M240 with R-lenses.

    • FWIW, The M lenses are much better optically than the R lenses.

  • Steven Pinker

    More Leica M 240 pictures here: Boston urban landscapes, with a few people and street shots (no closeups of people, unfortunately): http://www.stevepinker.com/Boston/Boston-Leica/29153949_C7gZWc (slideshow: http://www.stevepinker.com/photos/swfpopup.mg?AlbumID=29153949&AlbumKey=C7gZWc).

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