Two new Leica M cases


Fastandprime introduced a new Leica M camera bag called Agent 86 (prices starting at £650, around $1,000). The dimensions are: width 8", height 6" and depth 3.5".


After the MCube, Luxnco released a new M-Insert case (159€, around $200) that is customized to the shape of a Leica M and can be inserted into a regular photo bag.

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  • All these cases and straps are nice, but overpriced. What makes a good strap or the case is a good leather, brave color and simple design. Just like Leica M is – good and simple! This one is mine. Made in Croatia by SILKFATBLUES and it is a good price and a great quality. I leave it to you to guess the price. ( I have enclosed 4 images of the strap)

    • I never heard of those cases, I will mention them online in my next accessories post. Thanks!

      • Thanks a lot. He started with the straps and he is doing custom made cases.

  • Leather? No Way. When it gets wet is weighs a ton and is most likely ruined.

    • And what happens to Leica when it gets wet?

    • Roscoe Tanner

      That’s true. Happened to me already.

  • Zoki Zorule

    No offence to my gay friends, but that bag screams it…

    • Josko Barisich

      I’m not sure about gay, but that bag is certainly not manly. I’ll steer clear from that one.

  • $1,000? B*tch please.

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