Precautionary check for all Leica M type 240 cameras delivered before April 5, 2013

Leica M Type 240 camera

Leica just issued this statement regarding loose carrying strap eyelets for some of the Leica M type 240 cameras delivered before April 5, 2013:

Precautionary check for all Leica M type 240 cameras

We are aware that a few of the new Leica M (Typ 240) cameras shipped prior to April 5th 2013 have loose carrying strap eyelets. We have identified that these cases were caused by an assembly fault that occurred in the Leica M (Typ 240) production line. Products potentially affected only concern Leica M (Typ 240) cameras shipped prior to 5 April 2013. After identifying what happened, we fixed the production issue immediately. Rest assured that the issue has been completely resolved and corrected. We are deeply sorry that this occurred.

What to do now?
For not registered owners:
If you have not yet registered your camera at we suggest you do so, as it is the quickest means of contact. Alternatively, you may call our helpline at +49 6442 208 638 (available 24h) or send an email to

For registered owners:
If you have already registered your Leica M (Typ 240) in the "Leica Owners Area", you will be contacted via email in the coming days and informed whether your camera needs to be checked or not.

What's next?
Leica will contact you with detailed information on the next steps within the next few days.

Please do not send your camera in unless you have been in contact with us or with your local Leica distributor first.
If you have any further questions, we have addressed some of them on the next page and we also have an open FAQ on the Leica User Forum where we will be responding to any additional questions.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Leica Camera AG

Precautionary Check for all LEICA M (Typ 240) Cameras Delivered before April 5 2013: Loose Carrying Strap Eyelets

How do I know if my camera was affected?
This issue only affects specific Leica M (Typ 240) cameras shipped prior to 5 April 2013. Those cameras shipped after that date are not affected by this issue. No other Leica Camera models are affected. If you are unsure whether or not your camera has this fault, you can call our helpline at +49 6442 208 638 (available 24h) or send an email to with the camera's serial number. The best and quickest way to find out if your camera was affected is to register it and we will contact you.

When will my camera be checked?
Registered customers will be contacted with a proposed timeframe for the check. If the proposed timeframe does not fit with your personal schedule, individual appointments can be arranged.

Are all Leica M (Typ 240) cameras affected?
No, we have identified individual cases of faulty assembly for those Leica M (Typ 240) cameras shipped prior to 5 April 2013 only.

Do the eyelets fall off suddenly or is it possible that they will become progressively looser?
The eyelets should not budge within the camera body. If you notice any movement, caution is necessary. If you are unsure then it is best to contact us.

The eyelets on my camera seem to be fine right now, but can they loosen over time?
Yes, it is possible that the movement and jolting of daily use may lead to the loosening of unsecured eyelets. Again, it is best to contact us to confirm if your camera was affected.

Can I just fasten the eyelets myself?
No, the eyelets are secured from inside the camera body. You should not attempt to fix them yourself.

What happens if my Leica M (Typ 240) is damaged due to loose eyelets?
If your camera and/or lens were damaged due to this fault we will replace them free of charge.

Does my camera need to be serviced immediately or can it be done at a later date?
You can have your camera serviced at a later date, but we strongly suggest having it done as soon as possible to prevent any further potential damage.

How long will I be without my camera?
We will be working extremely hard to get the affected cameras fixed and returned to their owners as quickly as possible. To ensure this and prevent any delays we will be processing the cameras successively. Once we receive the camera, the necessary repairs will be made within a 24-48 hour period. Please note that depending on the distance from the factory in Germany, the return shipment of cameras may take some time.

I need my camera back by a certain date, can I request to have it fixed before then?
Of course we will do our best to have your camera fixed and returned to you by the date you request. We will keep you informed of the anticipated service date.

Can I bring my camera in to a Leica repair centre closer to my home instead of sending it back to Germany?
Presently, these repairs can only be done by the Customer Care department in Solms, Germany.

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  • Ronan

    “What happens if my Leica M (Typ 240) is damaged due to loose eyelets?If your camera and/or lens were damaged due to this fault we will replace them free of charge.”

    Someone at Leica doesn’t want any legal trouble!

    • This is the right thing to do – imagine if your $11k Noctilux breaks because of a faulty strap ring.

      • Daryl

        Kudos to Leica for posting this, they are a quality company and customer service is an important part of maintaining a well deserved reputation.

        • HappyCamper

          Agreed. I received a call from the Leica Store in DC before I saw this posting. I haven’t noticed anything yet, but am glad that they were so proactive in reaching out to me.

        • I agree, it is better to communicate issues instead of staying put and Leica has been pretty good at that in the past.

        • Chris Sellers

          …shouldn’t have happened in the first place! With the Leica name and price, one would have thought that additional resources could have been allocated to quality control!!

  • Pat

    Another example of leica’s exquisite “craftsmanship”. If I recall correctly, this also occurred with the M9.

    • A. Lurker

      “Craftsmanship” is different than “wetware” issues. I would suggest few people know the reason at this point since it’s inside the camera. Good response from Leica, who seem to realize Marquee brand names are usually burdened with an ‘extended warantee’…

  • dannybuoy

    So the 17 people who own an M better check. (Sorry, I’ll never tire of that joke). As an aside, do we know how many Ms are now out in the wild?

    • crap

      2. The forecast is 16 by year end.

  • DeutscherExPat

    wow…. it takes German engineer to fasten those screws… ?

  • Well let’s see. A lens cap is on backorder from Germany to Leica US for me; ETA 3-4 weeks. I wonder what the time delay to do this job will be? I am betting 1-2 months.

  • Nobody Special

    Through the years, I have had to return, new, out of the box, one M4-2, one M4-p, an M6ttl for focusing recalibration, one R3mot, two R4’s, one 35/2 R, two 21-35 R zooms, one 21/2.8 M, one 19/2.8 R, I think I’m missing one or two… The R zooms were complete replacements, as were the R3mot, the R4’s, the 19 was returned twice, the 21 M was exchanged, one M was adjusted, the other replaced, the 35 was adjusted and cleaned.
    Then there have been the obligatory short turnaround promises turned to longer delays…and the back-ordered lens caps, the mis-aligned lens-hoods…..
    The glass is fine but Leica is far from perfect. Over time, one would think that something as simple as the strap-lugs would be a simple thing….. on a $7K body no less.

  • Joe Zander

    Is it not easier to publish the serial numbers???

    • Nobody Special

      If the numbers are openly published, it can diminish the re-sale value…for the seller. But often on that resale market, it can net a savings for the end buyer, so that’s generally (in the past) been the reason.

    • Chris Au

      If you are registered with the Leica Owners site, they will send you an email notifying you if your camera is affected by serial number.

  • george

    What is the big deal, how many Nikon cameras shipped with shutters that put oil spots on the sensor (more than the entire projected 2013 run of the m240). The camera is a quantum leap forward compared to the M9, and will have some growing pains, like every other new camera.

    The good thing is Leica is standing behind the product and warning of the problem & fixing it !

    thank you (i love mine and the improved files)

  • This problem already occur with the M9, it happen to mine, and luckily I was walking on a grass patch at the time…..

  • Andrew Roos

    Compare this with Nikon’s poor responses to the D800 auto-focus and D600 sensor oil spot problems. It’s like night and day. Leica acknowledges the problem, apologizes without reservation, undertakes to contact registered owners themselves, offers to make individual appointments if the proposed schedule does not fit with your personal schedule, and offers to pay for any damage caused by the fault.

    As a Nikon owner I am insanely jealous of Leica owners right now. I just wish that I could afford to do business with a company that treats its customers like this.

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