New Leica store coming to Los Angeles


According to this LinkedIn job listing Leica is planning a new store and gallery in Los Angeles and is currently looking for a general manager. Since the job opening is directly from Leica Camera Inc, this most likely will be a corporate owned stored (similar to the one in Washington D.C.). The official opening is scheduled for next month (May, 2013).

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  • Jaqué B

    Better be on Rodeo Drive, cuz I hate shopping with commoners.

    • A. Lurker

      I shop with commoners; it makes it easy to cut in line.

  • Ken T.

    Why open all these stores without inventory to sell?

  • paneristi

    LOL, this all reminds me a little of Panerai, and their late 2000s boutique opening madness, just about every country had to have one. Very much like Leica they were an interesting brand in the past, got nowhere in mid to late 90-es then spiked in late 2000s due to demand and popularity propped by the emerging Asian economies.

    Let’s see what the future will hold…fingers crossed it all works out well.

    • Pam-boy

      Oh you summed it up quite well, good (and interesting) parallels…cheers

    • MAr.

      That’s why i’m selling my PAM 112.

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