New Leica M 240 accessories: RRS plate, Thumbs Up and more

RRS plate for Leica M 240

RRS released new base, L-plate and a grip for the Leica M 240 camera:

Remove the base of your Leica M240 and completely replace it with our elegant base that is CNC machined from T6061 aluminum. With integral dovetails, this base allows you to mount your camera directly into a Really Right Stuff quick-release clamp. Far more robust than the stock base, our replacement base delivers a better fit with tighter tolerances. And since you need to remove the base to access the battery and card on this model, we've developed a completely new attachment system that is tool-less. Just turn the built in wingnut closure to secure the base in place (base attaches to camera's integral tripod socket).

Match Technical has developed a new Thumbs Up EP-10S for he Leica M 240:

M240 EP-10S

Thumbs Up EP-10S for Leica M 240 (2)

Thumbs Up EP-10S for Leica M 240

More info on the new HRR Manufaktur soft release buttons:

HRR Manufaktur soft release button

New Luigi cases for Leica M 240:


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  • Sky

    They plan to sell low-quality 3D renders of this “thumbs up” ?

  • Nobobody Special

    The one thing that is a disadvantage with the ‘thumbs-up’ is you can’t use kthe EVF with it in place. That may seem like a ‘nit-pic’, but that’s when it would be even more useable as it would give more control when using the EVF with a heavier R lens. So unless there is a ‘thumbs-up’ with the EVF contacts…oh well.

    • Somebody Special

      want some cheese for that whine?

      • Nobody Special

        Deep comment there, feel ‘special’ now? I’m speaking of design, not approval or disapproval, they make a nice product – actually it’s something Leica users (myself) have/had wanted for years. You do use, or have a Leica?
        How do you like it?

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