First picture and specifications of the Leica “Mini M” leaked online


The first picture and specifications (in French) of the Leica Mini M have leaked from an unknown source. As I already reported, the "Mini M" will be an X type compact camera with a zoom lens (Leica Elmar 3.5-6.4/28-70mm ASPH), 16MP APS-C sensor and a price tag of EUR 2,450 (over $3,000):


Via Mirrorlessrumors

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  • vwking

    Wow!! I am underwhelmed.

  • Pietro

    Second product failure after the X2, which doesn’t sell. In three years Leica belongs to Sony.

  • Hasi

    Wow, this is great! I always wanted to take pictures like Henry Carter-Bresson but could never afford a Leica. Now I can get this camera and make photographs just like he did.

  • you@me.her

    exactly what could be expected – very good price, very competitive

    small, sexy, Leica. The top model stays on top and even the M8 keeps its value up against the mini M. The camera may not fill your gap guys, but it fills a huge marketing gap.

    What I would have liked to see would a a fullframe not RF camera that even supports larger lenses. Probably too expensive to make, too close to the M body and not a series 4/3 competitor.

  • Wolfie

    Think of the great portrait shots with the razor-thin depth of field achievable at ƒ/6.4!!!

    And they’ll find fools to drop bocoup Yuan on this sheiße.

  • Hawkeye

    While there has been almost universal disappointment in this rumor. There is a more positive possibility; It could be an IC system.

    The only thing wrong is that lens, it is just wayyy too slow by today’s standards. It could just be the bundled lens?(Thus getting people to also have to buy a faster lens when buying the ‘body bundle’).

    That would effectively make this a Digilux4 (or a fully made Leica version of it anyway).

  • Tato

    APS-C… 3.5-6.4… : (
    Bad news for me…..

  • AB

    Full Frame and 35mm

  • nik

    The M-mount patent run out a long time ago. Only Leica’s reputation prevented other manufacturers from introducing a M-mount because nobody wanted to be blamed to be the Leica-killer. Now, Leica has overdone it and nobody would regret another manufacturer producing M-mount full frame cameras. Leica still can sell it’s lenses or their M bodies to the ones who want a Leica.

  • ConocoJack3000

    This Camera, if it exists in that form, is to my taste contradicting the brand image/Corporate Identity of Leica. As far as I understand(maybe I’m wrong) they do not want to compete directly with CaNikonFujiSony. They are happy to build truly outstanding lenses for a niche market. This camera is the opposite. Its trespassing on the big players field and that without being competitive enough. Even if this is a new-leica-mount ILC, Fuji and Sony are already there(now with Zeiss Touit Lenses), Nikon pushes into that field, Canon as well. The can’t compete with a 70mm f6.4, even if its a good lens. They should have taken the Rangefinder out of the M240 and put everything in a Polycarbonate housing(with Leica buildquality ofc) and sell that M-mount camera for 3000EUR. That would drive M-mount-lens demand through the roof and thats where they probably benefit from the most.

  • alex

    the Olympus has the same bad light intensity:M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12-50mm 1:3.5-6.3 EZ on the OM-D

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