Leica “Mini M” in stores on June 11th


Leica Camera published a new banner on their Facebook page for their Mini M campaign with the text "Meet the new Leica family member on the 11th of June" and "Heard the rumors? Get the truth: Leica Stores - June 11th." This indicates that there will be only one camera announced on June 11th and the first units will be in stock/on display in Leica stores on that date. As I already mentioned, the new camera will be made in Germany.

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  • Andy

    This suggests to me that the rumours are in fact BS.

    • Yes, the text suggests that the rumors are wrong.

      • Lee

        Was the leaked image all a clever marketing campaign? Lower expectations before the launch and throw people off what the mini m actually is.

        • It’s possible, but I doubt Leica would engage in such activity.

          • Anthony

            It’s a good marketing strategy.

  • Poz

    Yeah, does this mean the rumors are BS? I hope so! If so, a clever response from Leica. But it will be depressing if it turns out that the truth is only slightly off, like an X3 zoom with 2.8-4.5!

  • Andy

    Another thought is that the specs are correct but the picture is fake. For example, if the lens was actually collapsable so that the camera became pocketable like the x2. This would make this much more desirable IMO and would better explain the slow aperture at the long end.
    I just hope that the relevant parts are upgraded over the x2. That low res LCD and slow AF is not going to cut it in 2013.

    • Hawkeye

      It wouldn’t be a ‘new category’ though. Just an X2+ or X3? It doesn’t seem like an X camera. I’m still thinking its going to be a Digilux successor maybe with the body having similarities with the X and M.

      • MJr

        What do you mean, everything points to it being a fixed-lens X, or possibly a bit more (fullframe), but certainly not less.

    • MJr

      I prefer it the other way around. This is the real camera, but they photoshopped the writing on the lens, when in reality the specs are actually awesome. 😉

  • waterengineer

    How can they keep this a secret?

    • If the camera will be in stores on June 11th, there will be more leaked images next week.

  • AMJ

    If the rumors are true , it’ll be a very very dumb move from leica.

  • Brian_in_Spain

    I wish they would get on with delivering a few more M 240 cameras. It’s daft they are making a new camera when they don’t have production capability. My Leica premium dealer has well over £100,000 in M 240 orders he can’t fulfil. He is getting one camera next week.

    • ProtoWhalePig

      What’s that….three cameras?

  • Hawkeye

    M-miniM-macroM-nanoM. The pattern leading one to believe that the sensor size is the main aspect which defines a ‘category’. Bigger than ASPC sensor but smaller than FF? Maybe even a custom sensor?

  • MJr

    What’s this ?

  • John-F

    I hope the picture shown in the previous post does turn out to be a fake. Otherwise this will be yet another headache for Leica. As I mentioned before, if you magnify the picture of the camera, the front of the lens reads “Vario-Elmar 3.5-6.4/10-46 ASPH” – not 28-70mm !

    Either someone has been busy with Photoshop, or Leica marketing will have some explaining to do …

  • John-F

    I hope the picture shown in the previous post does turn out to be a fake. Otherwise this will be yet another headache for Leica. As I mentioned before, if you magnify the picture of the camera, the front of the lens reads “Vario-Elmar 3.5-6.4/10-46 ASPH” – not 28-70mm !

    Either someone has been busy with Photoshop, or Leica marketing will have some explaining to do …

    • samuel

      It would say 18-46 for an aps-c sensor to work out as 28-70 (FF eqv)

  • dannybuoy

    They’re worried. You can tell from this little message. I’m sure the rumours are wrong but I’m sure the M Mini won’t be what a lot of potential buyers want it to be. I like being proved wrong however

  • Ric

    Saying “Heard the rumors? Get the truth” doesn’t necessarily mean the rumors are wrong. It could mean, Yes we produced a camera with a slow zoom lens, but the rumors that suggest that this will result in a bad camera are untrue.

    • No matter how sharp the lens could be, f/6.4 @ 70mm is not acceptable for me.

      • Kynikos

        Either way, it’s not great but is that f/6.4 base, or is it FF-equivalent for DOF purposes?
        Many thanks.

      • Mistral75

        Don’t forget that the Leica Mini Zoom was equipped with a Vario-Elmar 35-70mm f/4-7.6 :).

    • Andy

      I guess that could be the case. If the pictures and specs were fake, I’d expect that Leica officials would be requesting that the posts be deleted from these rumour websites (and DPReview in particular). Creating widespread hatred towards their brand is never a good marketing strategy.

      • Actually Leica will start requesting the image to be removed if it was real. They have done this with me at least once in the past (I think it was with the Monochrom).

  • One More Thought

    Alas, the rumors seem to be true. If you read other sites, the name of the camera is Leica X Vario Typ 107.

    This is just Leica trying to recover from some seriously bad buzz. All they are trying to do is in essence say “try out this camera before judging it on specs alone.” Of course they may be right; people pre-judged the Nikon 1 camera and many now like it a lot.

    Of course one problem will be that there are very few Leica stores in the world, and so getting to one will be out of the range of most people even interested.

    But this seems to be the camera, for better or worse.

    • Sky

      “many now like it a lot” – still most find it to be total crap, even after testing (myself included).
      Sometimes when the whole idea of a camera (in Nikon 1 case – point&shot with Nikon sticker and interchangeable lenses) is horribly dumb nothing can fix it.

  • Hawkeye

    I think this can be interpreted as a response to the picture from the other day and maybe it even suggests that it was a fake. (This could all be some viral marketing campaign from Leica)

    • You’re probably right. Nice marketing.

  • There is a comment on the other post at this site which admin highlighted and I think sounds plausible – that the ‘leak’, even if real is not the Mini M but some sort of X upgrade – with the Mini M a completely separate camera.

    Since Leica seems to be taking _all_ of their marketing tips from Apple then this strategy would fit in nicely – release a headline product with a little brother tagging along.

    In fact I am willing to wager that Kaufman walks out on a stage somewhere with this leak X camera, and then pulls a ‘one more thing’ with the real Mini M.

  • xc1427

    I insist on my initial guess: FF, fixed lens, 28mm f2 summicron, built-in OVF which is placed just above the lens.

  • Sky

    “As I already mentioned, the new camera will be made in Germany.” – and why exactly would we care?
    It doesn’t matter where it’s made – it matters what are the specifications, ergonomics, even design, how well and what from it’s made of.

    They can manufacture it in south Uganda, I don’t give a shit.

    • It matters for the simple reason that it will not be a rebranded Panasonic camera, that’s the reason I posted that info.

    • Hawkeye

      Because where it’s made usually indicates the skills of the workforce and the quality of craftsmanship. While you might be satisfied with the information on a spec sheet, I(and I think many others) wouldn’t.

      • Sky

        Good news for you than! Skilled workforce and qualified craftsmanship does exist beyond the Bundesrepublik Deutschland borders.

        • Hawkeye

          Great, so it shouldn’t make a difference to people who share your opinion that workforces and quality of craftsmanship are exactly the same in every territory around the world. Whereas to those who, like me, who know that those things are not equal (and vary greatly), they will have the information to make their buying decisions.

          • Sky

            Yea, I’m sure Fascists started with the same – that the quality of work and craftsmanship skills are the best among Aryan race.

          • Peter

            What do you know about facism ?
            Buy something is not just a question of buying specifications. I pity you if it is the case. Actually, it’s also a question of understanding social and economical issues, and of placing yourself. As a European, I really prefer – of course not for facist reasons, but conscientiously and after thinking of the future of our societies and jobs – buying and support if possible european items. It is a matter of good citizenship. Do not dream : buy cheaper and elsewhere also means making the game a few people or business entities at the expense of the majority. You will pay it yourself.

          • Sky

            And that’s a perfectly valid reason to buy “local” products, unlike Hawkeye who just insults everyone else’s skills and craftsmanship.
            And believe me – I know more about facism than most of the people around the new.

          • Hawkeye

            Your argument style is about as irrational as a fascist; not to mention your ridiculous assumption that the quality of product is not effected by the workforce which builds it. You go ahead and spend your income the way you see fit, and i will spend my income the way I choose. But to deny ALL consumers information (such as where a product is made), which can and does effect buying decisions is what i consider ‘fascist’. Just because you do not care where a product is made, does not mean everyone else should be forced to think like you do.

  • MJr

    At least we know it’s not going to be interchangeable, because something like that would be such big LEICA news, really a huge step for them, there’s no way they’d put any Panasonic in the teaser like there is now, instead they would’ve exploited Leica’s own history and make that the line-up.

  • hexx

    that message doesn’t say the rumours are wrong. the message says ‘do not dismiss, try it yourself’ – that’s pretty much it.

    I don’t believe that Leica would release actually something what masses would want – they don’t have manufacturing capacity for that, they would release crap like this because they can afford to do that 😉

  • wannabe

    Based on some of the more common sense comments on the web, it appears this is the real thing. If so, and with the stated spec’s – including the price; no thanks.

  • Tsenre

    Leica found a warehouse full of old M8’s, so now they re-badge them Mini M. That is it…for sure

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