More Leica Mini M rumors


Another, most likely photoshopped, picture of the Leica Mini M surfaced on Facebook. The body and the specs are different from the info that leaked last week. The lens is now listed as f/2.8-4.0 which is much better than the previous f/3.5-6.4.

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  • dannybuoy

    Just smacks of fake to me. Look at the dodgy clipping path around the dials and the thin white pixel edge. Seems to be some really nasty cloning on the top plate top right too. I can’t imagine Leica ever producing something this poor. Whoever faked it has had plenty of time to make something look real. Move along now

  • scott

    Still an X2 with zoom to me. Don’t know why Leica would release such a dork and call it a Mini M. To be an M, it must take M-mount lenses, and that means it must be interchangeable. I think the most likely scenario now is an M-mount, interchangeable lens, rangefinderless camera with APS-C sensor (may be a smaller version of the one used in the M Type 240). Anything less is simply an upgrade X2. Anything more and it would bump into the Leica M-E.

    • They call the rebadged Panasonic P&S a “Nano M” too

    • MJr

      Of course it’s simply an upgrade X. The teaser literally shows a question mark where the name would be. Leica has never suggested anything more, only the internets did. In fact they’re quite clearly saying ‘hey look at these compacts inspired by the M…’, ‘guess what … !’

  • Andy

    Looks fake to me. There’s no way that a zoom that fast could be made that small for an APS-C sensor. Also unlikely that they would give this a better screen than the M 240.

  • Dave

    If that front dial in the picture was real, there would be a small but noticeable gap between it and the body and it wouldn’t be directly under the shutter either. This just looks stuck on.

  • MJr

    ‘Most likely Photoshopped’ he says. No shit Sherlock. 😉

  • This latest Mini M would certainly look more attractive than the X Vario…

  • JoeCM

    This is clearly a photoshop based on an X2 image.

  • Daryl

    If the new specs are correct it now has my attention. 24mp in an APS-C could be state of the art, and if the lens is Leica-like, i.e. sharp then this Mini M has great potential. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Leica move to the front of the pack with new products, more choices and competition benefits the photographer.

  • Axel Reinhold

    The old specs seem not only calculated “full-frame equivalent” for the focal length but also for the speed. This is done by “Bokeh-Fans” to miscredit smaller sensors. 4.0*1.65 = 6.7.

    • LOL

      FF sensor has better low light capability and f/4.0 on APS-C close to f/6 on FF in its low light capabilities, not only in DOF. Although it’s quite hard to achieve the same sharpness with APS-C.

      • The low light capability is a feature of the sensor and has nothing to do with the lens. To underrate the lens by slowering the speed due to the sensors abilities is confusing at least – imho it makes no sense.

  • Specs at least look more interesting.
    Viewfinder would be cool.

  • dannybuoy

    Latest Leica Facebook image confirms this is fake. There is a pop up flash top right like the X2.

  • Seven Spades

    Without a viewfinder I won’t put my hand in my pocket even though many will. If I was going to spend that sort of money I would want the lens to start at 24mm as a minimum. I don’t know why we always get offered a good choice of telephone lenses 75/90/120 or 400+ etc but try to go wider then 28mm and it is a struggle 🙁

  • dutch3dmaster

    If it would be a 30x20mm sensor (and it has been indicated that the sensor will be “larger then ususal”) then a camera like this might be a winner. The lens would be in the 22-60mm to 24-67mm equivalent range. And of course since it is a Leica lens it would be of excellent quality. But so far we have only seen photoshopped stuff. The new view of the box does however show a fixed lens.

  • lifesespresso
    • Yes, I already posted that online – see the latest posts on the blog.

      • lifesespresso

        Cool. Will be trying out next week 🙂

  • tp

    FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! How could anyone even coment on such a sloppy photoshop job?

    • come back in 30 min to see the official release

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