Leica Mini M: “larger than usual sensor for its relatively small body”


Leica camera published another teaser on their Facebook page with the text:

"Only one week left: Get a hands-on experience at our Leica Authorized Dealers on June 11 when all will be revealed about the newest Leica family member, including its larger than usual sensor for its relatively small body."

The larger sensor is a new twist, since previous reports indicated an APS-C based camera. Keep in mind that this doesn't necessarily mean a full frame sensor - they may use a 18 x 27mm sensor with 1.33x crop factor similar to the Leica M8.

The front of the lens also seems to be different from the previously leaked picture:


What we are most likely witnessing here is a brilliantly executed marketing campaign from Leica Camera.

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  • Mistral75

    It seems to be a collapsible lens.

    The pop-up flash and the integrated flash socket are similar to those of the previously leaked picture.

    The Leica marking on the lens is at the same place too (on the border versus closer to the centre on X2).

    As for the alleged aperture which seems slow on the telephoto end (18-46mm f/3.5-6.4), remember that the Leica Mini Zoom from 1994 was equipped with a Vario-Elmar 35-70mm f/4-7.6.

    • Yes, it looks like a collapsible lens. I think now we can be sure that the first image was fake. Maybe the Mini M will have a fixed focal lens zoom after all.

      • Mistral75

        They are too many similarities between the previously leaked picture (the one you posted above) and that camera emerging from its box:

        – pop-up flash
        – flash socket
        – positioning of the Leica name on the front of the lens
        – general look of the front part of the lens (“concentric circles”)

        for them to be only coincidences.

        • Which could probably mean one thing: the fake picture was created by someone who knew how the real camera looks.

          • Mistral75

            I am not as sure as you that the previously leaked picture is a fake.

          • Well the lens is different for sure, maybe the body itself is real.

          • Mistral75

            It’s not that different (the front part looks pretty much the same), it looks “compressed” (much shorter) in the Facebook picture compared to the other one.

          • mapet

            I bet that on the picture from Leica page the lens is just retracted…

          • JoeCM

            It’s the same lens. Take another look at the latest unboxing photo. The lens is facing directly forward yet the camera is at an angle. Leica has taken a front photo of the lens and pasted it onto the angle photo of the camera. This is really shameful.

          • Yes, that’s a possibility. I guess the only news today was a bigger sensor, whatever that means.

          • JoeCM

            That and Leica did a bad photoshop on their own teaser image which is not representative of the actual product (which is sleazy) and based on the front shot of the lens, it appears to be the same as the leaked image.

          • stic

            This is incorrect, the camera being revealed in the box is not at an angle it’s a front view along with the newly revealed lens. if it was at an angle you would be able to see the hotshoe and pop up flash at the same angle. (you would see the hotshoe’s side a bit more. Also since the sides are typical leica cylindrical the wrapping of the light source is correct but because there’s no ground plane to reference it’s throwing off your perception of the form. The camera and lens is indeed front view.

            The thing that’s wonky with the image is the box. The box is at a different viewing angle all together because you can see its bottom plane.

          • Andreas

            Agree, I think the camera and lens in front view as well. All the revealed edges of the camera makes sense for a front view, but the angled box throws our perception off a bit.

          • hexx

            pretty shit photoshop job 🙂

          • xc1427

            Yes, it was created by Leica marketing crew, who know the real camera looks. By doing this ,they create buzz and draw world’s attention. They must have confidence on the sucess of this new series.

  • This is all hilarious. Perhaps Leica will send LR and mirrorlessrumors a cheque as thanks (or better yet a free Mini M)

    • I will take that 🙂 The interesting part is that “someone” sent wrong information to multiple places, including stores, websites and maybe even the press. Like I said – a brilliant marketing campaign.

      • BB

        brilliant, not really.

        All things considered leading people on only to disappoint them is bad form!

        • We don’t know that yet. If the camera turns out to be APS-C with a slow zoom lens, then yes.

      • MJr

        I don’t get how you got to all these twisted conclusions.

        1. APSC is larger than usual in Leica marketing terms. Because it IS larger than usual in compacts indeed.

        2. The camera is not at an angle, the box is. And the lens is from the very front as well.

        3. How you get to agree that it looks retractable is beyond me. Maybe it’s the lack of shadow on the side, or that it wouldn’t “fit” in the box ? All these things are official product ‘photo’ treats. As always it’s not really a photo, everything is photoshopped together because
        that just makes it easier to keep everything this neat and consistent for the designer. There is NO box. The camera is already perfectly lined inbetween, the box is a simple overlay that will disappear and the camera will literally not move a pixel.

        4. No wrong information was sent anywhere only wrong interpretations of the “M” marketing.

        5. Everything about the leaked image is the same as in the latest teaser. !!!

        6. Brilliant … ? Seriously ?

        • MJr, making any conclusions now, including yours, is speculations. Come back on June 11 and then we will talk.

          • MJr

            I was hoping you could get some more convincing leaks this week though. 😛

  • AMJ

    plz be prime ” 35 f1.8″

  • finn

    I’m betting the probable over-price of this ‘new’ Leica that it’s going to be close to what the rumors have stated; basically an ‘upgraded’ X with a fixed zoom. Leica is is getting a bunch of free marketing from the rumors; whether they are setting them up or not.
    The ‘private equity partners’ most assuredly want to start seeing increasing sales numbers, and Leica is showing some of that by throwing around the ‘M’ moniker to lesser products to tempt new buyers. It is all they have to ‘bank’ on or with – it appears just another new form of the ‘new’ Leica. Kind of cheesy though.

  • mapet

    The lens is colapsible…. first image is with lens extended and second
    with retracted…

    • camerageek

      They are two different cameras. Just look at the top plates peasant boy

      • Yes, they are two different cameras, but will Leica announce both or one of them is just fake.

        • camerageek

          The one behind the camera with the zoom is a Leica X2, a camera that already exists. The one with the zoom has a top plate similar to the M Type 240.

          • mapet

            The second one I mean that in the box…

      • mapet

        to me the one in the box and that from “fake” picture seem to have the same top plate

  • Eric

    What is not getting much attention is the ABSENCE of the M-E in that lineup? What does this mean? A replacement? That the M will be the only full-frame camera in the series? I’m bracing myself for a disappointment, while praying for something of consequence.

  • Carlo

    Strange my comment was cancelled or does not exist anymore.

    The mini M is a X2 (APS-C) with zoom lens (colapsible). There will be certainly a other camera in September with fix lens (could be a FF with fix lens à la RX-1). That’s all. In any case I do not understand the marketing of Leica. For me a M is with a M bayonnet. Any camera that do not meet this requirement is not an M even if the marketing of leica things arrogantly that they can tell so because the sales figures are stratospheric.

    • I have not deleted any comments.

    • Tato

      “”The mini M is…””
      You work in Leica and you have concrete info or this is your opinion ?

  • xc1427

    I insist on my initial guess: FF, fixed lens, 28mm f2 summicron. A built-in EVF seems to exist.

  • Hawkeye

    I knew it, a sensor bigger than APS-C and smaller than full frame to distinguish it from the other categories. I hope they improve some of the other aspects, such as including a faster lens than the X2, and maybe faster auto focusing. If it is a fixed lens it better be priced appropriately and not $3k as some as speculating.

  • JoeCM

    Folks, it’s the same camera as in the leaked photo including the lens:

    Take a look at the large version of the box opening teaser photo LR posted. The camera is at an angle but the lens is front. The lens has been photoshopped in. They are at different angles. Shame on Leica.

    • If that’s the case, then it’s the same camera. I am still puzzled by their last statement about the larger sensor.

      • Hawkeye

        Hey! official statements do not belong in rumors :).

      • JoeCM

        Someone pointed out that they said something similar about a “larger than usual” sensor when they introduced the D-Lux 6 so I wouldn’t read much into it. I’m sure that just means it’s APS-C sized.

        The lens is facing forward on a camera that is at an angle.

        I was curious about the “LECIA” text being the same on both and how the front of the lenses looked identical. Then I noticed something didn’t look quite right. They had photoshopped a front view of the lens onto the angle view of the camera.

    • Andy

      That sounds entirely possible but I think the camera itself is not photoshopped. If you compare the top line of the camera body with the top of your screen, you can see that the entire camera is straight on and it’s the box which is at an angle and photoshopped on top. It’s misleading as the camera couldn’t possibly fit into that box at that angle.

      I hope not though.

  • Andy

    Well I hope it doesn’t use an M8 sensor.

  • blah

    what new camera? please start shipping the M 240 first

  • brilliant marketing for a useless camera, you should say..

  • lieca

    The official picture seems more fake to me.
    The body is toward us with a small angle, and the lens is facing us — straight. Too straight, the lens is not aligned with the body, it is clearly a photoshop work that leica don’t want to show the lens barrel to us.

    So, the original leak is authenticated I’d say

  • garygraphy

    It is poor form for the lens to be a different perspective as the body on the front page of their website UNLESS it is removed from the body.

    Interchangeable? 🙂

    • jquinhones

      Yes, I think so. The full picture will show the new camera
      and a lens removed from the body. This is just to confuse people and then show the new amazing camera!

  • Anthony Flores

    I’m now betting on an APSH with interchangeable M lenses, no RF and possibly no built in EVF. I’m also betting the lens we’ve “seen” could be a kit lens and not fixed.

  • Andreas

    If you look at the teaser pic closely, it actually appears that the camera is not angled at all but that the box is. So it very well might be the exact same camera as previousoly leaked.

    • xc1427

      I am betting that if you remove the zooming part of lens in the leaked photo, you’ll get what you’ll see on 11th June.

  • Shawn Cyran

    I will be keeping my M8 for a while longer. 🙂

  • finn

    Okay, what are the chances of this camera (I think it will be a fixed zoom lens X) will have a ‘larger than usual sensor’ ??? I’m guessing not likely. It’s fairly apparent that the camera top is the same as the X2 – based on what is visible – so IF we can count on the camera being based on the X, then the sensor is most likely the same size.
    What is possible of course, is to use an M8 sized sensor, but, it’s a stretch to think it would be outwardly similar to the X2, and what are the chances of that? I’ll be impreesed IF it’s an IC lens camera – whatever the sensor size – but then they have to be able to PRODUCE a new lens line.

  • guest

    Larger than usual might be a mediumformat sensor, that would be eh expencive. 🙂

  • Tato

    Any possibility in your opinion this camera wll be a ff ?

  • Vinck

    Looking closely at the details in the texture of the body “leatherette” between the leaked image camera and the new official teaser, i’m pretty sure it’s the exact same camera, even though the lighting’s a bit different. I’d think those are individual to each camera like fingerprints, they are not molded directly on the body, are they?
    Which would mean there are no reasons to doubt the information accompanying the leaked image either…

    • The question is why they labeled the camera as “larger than usual sensor for its relatively small body” – the body is larger then the X2, if it has an APS-C sensor, this statement is completely wrong and misleading

  • Dougie

    I think it will be the same camera as the soon to be launched panasonic DMC LF1 it will just have a leica badge and a slight cosmetic change.

  • Bryan Campbell

    Reading over the responses it sounds like Leica has done a nice job getting everyone excited. No one really knows what it’s going to be at this point. I personally hope it’s full frame or 1.33x crop but I kind of doubt it. Another possibility is that it’s a 50mm equiv version of the X2 with an f/2 or f/2.5 aperture. The 24mm f/2.8 lens on the X and X2 is wonderful but could use improvements especially wide open.

  • Full frame would likely exceed Sony RX1 pricing, though it would be interesting if they were able to get the camera to be smaller than an RX1. If it turns out to be an APS-C camera, then probably few will complain about the “high” price of the Nikon Coolpix A. Of course, with the price drops on the Fuji X-E1, now with 18mm f2.0 for around Coolpix A pricing, then a Leica entering this market may sell more on that red dot than on value or capabilities. I’m a fan of Leica cameras, but the price point could easily kill this camera on arrival.

  • alfredo_tomato

    I hope this is an ass-kicking camera. Leica needs a winner in this price range.

  • Chuck

    As someone who has been on an alleged 240 waiting list for almost a year, it is very disappointing that Leica’s apparent production troubles will be further undermined by the release the “X.” If this new camera had an M mount, I might be tempted to walk away from my long wait for an M. I suspect, however, Leica won’t do any better job of supplying the new X camera any quicker than they’ve met M 240 orders while arrogantly keeping loyal Leica customers in the dark. What a shame. The company is, in my opinion, being clearly mismanaged and is badly treating its customers by “teasing” with leaked photos and putting pre-production models in the hands of consistently fawning reviewers in the name of “marketing.” Why? What in the world is going on at Leica?

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