New images of the Leica X Vario Type 107 camera


Source: Facebook

Few more images of the upcoming Leica X Vario type 107 camera:


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  • dannybuoy

    Hang on, that top photo looks like the left strap lug is missing… you think they would have fixed that after the M recall!

    • finn

      It IS a ‘mini-M. after all !!!
      I still want to see Kaufmann on a stage somewhere touting, “za next big small camera from leica – za min-M type (hey vats za number again???) type 107.”

    • jquinhones

      … maybe an indication that the lens is removable too? 🙂

  • AM

    And it’s not even pocketable….yay!

  • Andy

    Looks pretty real now. That sucks. Hopefully the X3 will be along soon.

    • finn

      X3? Don’t start – and EVEN then – if it’s a fixed lens body – forget it.

  • Matt Maber

    I like how one of the strap rings has fallen off in the opt pic lol.

    • Nick

      But it’s there int he picture ont he front page of the site, just not when you click through… fishy!

      • The first image was a joke by a member of the l-camera-forum. The original picture was leaked on Facebook by an European Leica dealer. If you refresh your browser, you will see my comment – I recently made the change and you have cached the old page.

        • MJr

          Hmm it looks too tall. Maybe tall enough to be full-frame or APS-H. 😀 But then it seems too thin.

  • Hawkeye

    So it’s not small enough to be pocket-able and not extensible like the M. So essentially, it’s the worst of both categories. It’s not ‘no compromise’, it’s ‘all compromise’ (and that’s not even considering the exhortation price)

    • Hawkeye

      Maybe if it had a better/faster lens, it would have been ‘ok’. But even that is a compromise. (Who knows, maybe the final product will have a better lens?)

  • Benjamin Moritz

    Jeez! So they REALLY labeled that 18-46 lens “28-70” and still tout themselves as a company for serious photographers??? I think I’ll cancel my preorder for the M just to punish them…. Total sellout camera IMO

    • Ke

      “So they REALLY labeled that 18-46 lens “28-70″”

      They’ve done that before, other companies have also given the 35mm equivalent FOV on the lens barrel too. I don’t think it’s a real issue.

      • Benjamin Moritz

        Ok…. None of the DSLRs do that to my knowledge….doesn’t change the optics of course but I think it dumbs it down unnecessarily. They did not label the 21 mm summilux “28 mm” for the M8 🙂

    • MJr

      Why would you not want to see the focal lengths that we all recognize best. Now if they had used inches, THAT would be weird. Have fun with your 1.1-2.76″ zoom !

      Obviously they’re not going to change anything for the M8, because there are no lenses FOR the M8. If one decides to accept crop for M mount that’s the choice you make.

      • Benjamin Moritz

        I think it is silly when you want to promote Leica as the purist brand, and you have two different focal lengths on a $3500 piece of camera. It’s not s P&S. They don’t use “equivalent” aperture, however you may define it, but if you go by DOF, this would be, what, a 28-70mm f4-f8 lens? Then, also, we no longer live in the 35 mm era. I am very familiar with m4/3 and they use “real” focal length on their lenses.

        • MJr

          It says what it is on the front, they’re not lying to anyone. m4/3 has nothing to do with it because it’s interchangeable as is the M8. If you have to compare with anything then take the X10, and hey would you look at that … what are those numbers on the barrel !? Yeah, that’s right. SAME.

  • santxo

    Here’s what confuses me… The release price of the X2 was in the €1600-range. Let’s say that the sensor in that was the best Leica could pull off at that point, and the sensor in this would be just as good. Now, if we consider that, and that this has a slow zoom instead of the superb Elmarit, then why would this be valued at an extra €1000? Where is the extra value in technology/materials/manufacturing?

    • leorol

      It has Zoooom!! 🙂

  • Bo

    If this had been a interchangeable lens M camera. I would have been doomed.. Thanks to Leica, I can tell my girlfriend, “no seriously, i don’t buy everything form Leica. how did you get that idea.?”

    • Benjamin Moritz

      Haven’t even thought of that one…. Thanks!

  • Bryan Campbell

    Have you guys considered the possibility that it’s an elaborate joke since the strap ring is off on one side of it?

  • Arnulf

    Looks better than the first leaked image, but I’m still not buying it. The missing strap ring looks like a joke to me. As does the lens specs. My guess is that someone has been sitting down asking themselves: “How can we piss off the fan base so much that the expectations will be absolutely zero?” For all I know, these might all be leaked from Leica themselves, but I don’t think this is the camera. I call decoy. They’re pulling our leg. Hard.

    • This is a possibility, a very remote possibility but a possibility nevertheless.

      • KE

        You going the way of Polaroid and Kodak and resting on old greatness…wake up

  • hexx

    LOL!!! Can’t wait to see the army of defenders claiming whatever they claim… aaah, magic – that’s what they usually claim

  • Lee

    The photo looks suspicious. The fixed silver mount ring would not reflect like that on the matt black top plate.

    • see4eye

      Totally agree, it does not do that on my black X2.

      Even this is fake IMHO

  • bskbo

    Maybe it’s a vario elmar f3.5 18-46mm? *sigh*

  • Chris

    So it has dials for shutter and aperture?

    • JoeCM

      Yep, just like on the X2. They had an opportunity to put an aperture ring on the lens where it belongs but this just reinforces the point that this is nothing more than an X2 with a zoom.

  • chris

    But isn’t the inscription the wrong way around? Aren’t Leica lenses labled with the baseline on the inner-side? When did this change?

    • Tian

      I believe that the APO Summicron 50 uses this inscription style as well?

  • george

    is there a viewfinder ?

  • Andrew B

    Even the announcement date is a mistake, whatever happens on June 11/12 is just going to get buried in WWDC & E3 news, or maybe that’s what they’re hoping for…

  • Dr. Kamorjjian

    lens is obviously collapsible.

    • see4eye

      In that case the slow lens my be accompanied with an APS-H sensor to better manage higher ISO and better noise reduction. That way aesthetics would be good as well. No EVF IMHO though

    • MJr

      only into the time space continuum.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    I think the wrong assumption most of you make is that Leica designed this for you. I must admit I was baffled by the specs. I too, was hoping for a X100s type camera I could treat myself to. I’m waiting for the official announcement though… Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking a lot about why and for whom they designed this camera.

    I have a close friend, serious amateur photographer. He’s well into his late 60’s and his eyesight doesnt let him use a DSLR or rangefinder anymore. He has lots of disposable income. He likes luxury items. He mainly shoots landscapes and cityscapes in the range of 24-70mm, generally around f/5,6-f/11. He is not obsessed with bokeh. High ISO leaves him cold. He just wants a small camera with a big screen in a small bag with a small tripod. And he likes the idea of having the ‘best camera money can buy’ so he has no one else to blame but himself for bad pictures. If the slow lens speed and conservative zoom range yield stellar optical performance, he’ll buy one in a heartbeat. And so would the other 50-60 members of his same-demographic landscape photo club. I think there could very well be a big market for this, it’s just not your market.

    • xc1427

      Tell him buy a lunar, a truly luxury cam. And he has the option to change lenses, such as some extraordinary fast leica lenses in case of occasional low light shooting.

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        Buy a Lunar? He’s old, not senile… He appreciates quality, not tacky ‘design’

    • madmax

      If his eyesight is not good, I don´t see the point of buying a fixed screen camera like this. Way better an articulated or tiltable screen. Maybe Samsung´s NX screens are the best.

  • Boyracer

    This just piss me off… I´m on the M (240) list and my dealer tells me that I can expect delivery around october 2014!!! And now Leica put effort in producing this shit!!!

  • fufu

    With the real leather strap it does look rather charming in an olde worlde way.

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