Leica X Vario Type 107 detailed specifications

Leica-X-zoom-lens Leica-Mini-M
Leica-Mini-M-camera-box-teaser Leica-Mini-M-camera-with-large-sensor

The actual name of the Mini M will be Leica X Vario Type 107 - you can see the label on the top plate of the camera in the picture above. All of the initial rumors were true, here are the detailed specifications:

  • 16.5MP APS-C sensor
  • Leica Vario Elmar 1:3.5-6.4/18-46mm ASPH lens (28-70mm equivalent): 9 elements in 8 groups, 2 ASPH elements
  • Minimal focusing distance: 30cm
  • ISO range: 100-12,500
  • Max shutter speed: 1/2000s
  • 3" TFT LCD with 921k dots
  • Full HD video
  • Built-in flash
  • Additional accessories will include grip, lens hood, external EVF, several different cases
  • Adobe Lightroom will be included
  • Battery capacity: 360 exposures
  • Dimensions: 133 x 73 x 95mm
  • Weight: 679g - around 24oz (with batteries)
  • Price: around 2,500 EUR
  • Made in Germany
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  • bob

    Why Jebus…

  • Your Sad Grandma

    So much for the “you’ve heard the rumors” tag line. You’ve heard the rumors….annnd they were basically true..exactly true actually.

  • AB

    So what is the price? 3,000euros or 2,500euros?

    • Karen G.

      Actually 3,500 (+ Leica X2 EVF2 ).

    • I think 2500 EUR

  • lololalallll

    I love my x100s

  • Anthony Flores

    How do you “know” it’s true and speak so factually now?

    • And how do you know that it’s not true? All images match to the original leaked image.

      • MJr

        Glad you agree with that again. 😛

        • I did agree all alone – I got confused when Leica made the statement about the larger sensor. I also don’t understand how this camera can be classified as Mini M and stand between the M and X product lines.

          • MJr

            Well that’s true, they could/should have called the X2 a Mini, and this the Mini-Vario. Then the DLUX a Micro. (i mean come on Leica, Nano? That’s not how you want to describe a camera.) That would make more sense, but calling everything M already shows how much value we should hold to it making sense. Clearly, we can’t trust logic, so we have to put ourselves in Leica Marketing shoes (two lefties) and then this is all too believable sadly.

      • John

        Admin, so yes the body is the same as the original leaked image. However, the lens on the original leak and the lens on the sightly opened box do not match. Therefore, interchangeable lenses.

  • Mardock

    What a joke.


  • wok64

    I’m really wondering why you still stick to this BS. The original “leaked” image was obviously a fake so why should the specifications be real? Which source are you referring to?

    • El Aura

      I don’t get it either. In particular since the second rumor matches the official Leica teaser image very well: https://leicarumors.com/2013/06/03/more-leica-mini-m-rumors.aspx/ I’d belief the specs of that rumor much more.

      • I agree, this would make more sense but unfortunately is fake.

    • Obviously many people wanted to believe that the original leaked images was fake – I’ve seen all kinds of analysis from “experts”. The image and specs were real. I only got confused when Leica said that the camera will have a large sensor. I cannot understand how can they call that a large sensor after they have been producing the X models with the same sensor for years.

  • Non.S

    After a few years when they be close to bankruptcy again, they will be wondering why…
    It’s crazy to think that a relatively small company like Leica, put effort and resources on such products.

  • Meewok

    Hahaha, there’s still Leica believers that want to deny this sooo badly, at least they know this is a bad move though lol.

    Ahh, they could have at least made the lens 24mm wide and not 28mm, or add an EVF, or just make the lens slightly faster with a constant aperture and so the list goes… looks like it fails on every account. The zoom ratio isn’t even good compared to a compact P&S… as example the RX100 looks like it beats this, maybe the Leica will have better image quality with it’s APS-C but man would it struggle in low light.

    • If Fuji could produce a decent 18-55mm f/2.8-4.0, I cannot understand why Leica didn’t do something similar or better.

      • EnPassant

        Because of size. They already make the X2 and wanted to put a zoom on it as developing a completely new body would be too expensive for Leica. The Fujinon 18-55 because of its speed, 2.8-4 has a diameter of 65mm, just a few mm shy from the 69mm full heigth of X2 and propably the same for X Vario.

        Such a big lens would not look good on the X Vario. And Leica is all about style nowdays. Arguably I think the new X Vario is the most stylished digital compact to this date.

        As I am a mere mortal who doesn’t dress in a suit and wear an expensive watch on my wrist I need to match with a compact camera having refined looks I will not buy this camera now. But maybe in a few years when I can find a used one for less than €1000.
        People who don’t care so much about how stylish a camera look hanging around the neck and just are looking for a large sensor compact should just start look at the X-E1 with the 18-55 lens or NEX6 with the 16-50 lens and just forget about Leica if they don’t understand why they should pay 2-3 times more for a camera having the same or lower specs “only” because of a red dot.

  • M-dude

    It weighs 679g with a dirt slow lens and no integrated viewfinder?
    If true, then the real name must be “Leica X vario-LOL”.

    Maybe they’ve made it spectacularly distortion free at wide end, or something like that… But would people care?

    • vinck

      Yes, the 679g are just incredible. That’s a tad heavier than the X-E1 + 18-55 which nets you a viewfinder, slightly more reach and a considerably brighter lens ! (Plus the option to change lens, if you feel like it… Plus the better price obviously. And nobody complains about the IQ of the Fuji lens).
      I’m currently looking around for the smallest very capable (APS/M43) camera with good zoom, I’m not too sensitive to price, the OMD +12-35 doesn’t satisfy. Let’s say I was definitely interested on paper, but I’ll pass. Fuji here I come…

  • dannybuoy

    If this is the final product then they have dropped the ball. It doesn’t surprise me though. I’m sure it’ll be a quality product and find a market. Lets not forget Leica make niche products that are usually behind the pack when it comes to specs. I’m not interested now and am happy with my M9. This camera was never aimed at me, I’m in the M9>M upgrade pattern and they know that. Making this new camera an almost-M they’d definitely have a canibalisation situation on their hand. No matter what people say, it would definitely cannibalise M sales if it was of higher specs.

  • Maverick

    If these are true then Leica better pull something incredible out there ass. It better make my bed and cook me stuff while their at it.

  • assbank

    what a winner

  • Elena Ragusin

    What a frustration! At that point I prefer even M8..

  • Dissapointed Leica Fan

    I love Leica but if this is true then you can all quote me when I say “I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY BUILT THIS PIECE OF CRAP”. There is no market at all for this kind of camera. You expect Canon and Nikon to build this kind of camera… and charge maybe $800 for it. For Leica to build it and charge thousands is a joke.

    • Igor Ustinov

      Well, you can buy Canon’s G1x with a slightly faster and longer lens and a sensor which is not that much smaller for even less.

  • Stanojev

    It’s ok, Fujifilm, you can stop holding your breath now, this won’t even make a dent in your sales…

    Leica, if you’re listening (like Fujifilm does), I think I was in the target demographic for this release – I’m in the market for a new secondary camera to my DSLR and was looking at spending a couple grand. Last week I played with the X100s for the first time after reading all these reviews, and seeing how it felt and performed and how fanatical everyone seems to be about it, and I was pretty much sold. Then I heard about this “rumor” so I delayed my purchase for a week to see what you have coming. Yes, you delayed my purchase, but didn’t quite change it. I already have a kit lens on my DSLR that I don’t use, so don’t really see the value in having one permanently attached.

    Fujifilm, put another X100s in your forecast for June, I’m picking one up tomorrow…

    • Anthony Flores

      This is my exact feeling about the RX1, given that Leica probably won’t be offering another FF option anytime soon. Sad.

  • Andy

    Price around 2500 EUR
    Price around 3000 EUR

    • Sorry, I just saw the mistake: around 2500 EUR or 3000 USD

  • Dave

    Why are they hiding the lens? It’s not as if people are going to order one by accident and then realise it has a big lens sticking out. A collapsible lens with these specs would be acceptable IMO but not this.

    • lololalallll

      Acceptable at THAT price???

  • JME

    Being on about five different lists . . how about simply getting me the M body which I have been waiting for since last autumn ?
    Leica makes it so difficult for the consumer to be loyal to any one retail merchant .
    JM E

  • xc1427

    Leica finally fool us – This will be the title on June 11.

  • Pat Mann

    Aha! Scooped the Coolpix B at less than the price of a D800 body only! Nikon must be sweating bullets now.

  • xc1427

    I insist on my initial guess: FF, fixed lens, 28mm f2 summicron 24mp

    • At that point I believe this is impossible.

    • Tato

      My one: FF, fixed lens, 28/70 equivalent and F 2.8/4.0 !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Tato

      I insist on my initial guess: FF, fixed lens, 24/70 F2.8-4.0, 24mp.

      Hope one of us will winn instead of the crappy camera ; )

  • Benjamin Moritz Schaefer

    Mini = description of number of customers who will buy this joke

  • Another Thought

    As a commenter pointed out on another site, if you buy this over a Sony RX1, you have in essence given away over half of your sensor and a faster lens for a red dot.

  • Pierre Claquin

    If the rumor is correct then it is a real disappointment.Such a slow fixed lens. How come? Even the LC1 did better. What is the market then for such a product ?

    • The target market is people who are after luxury goods and do not care much about the technical specs of the lens. That’s my only explanation for the existence of a camera with such a lens.

      • happy989

        Yeah, but this would be akin to paying BMW money for a Kia!

      • lololalallll

        Agreed, like the Hassleblad NEX5

      • longzoom

        Dentists, how many are you on the Earth? You do have new toy to show prosperity!

  • ProtoWhalePig

    Dozens of people are going to want this!

    • lololalallll

      Can’t tell if sarcasm.

      • Torbjorn

        Well, think he is right. Could be dozens, i.e. 12 to 24 people.

    • geodesigner


  • ….

    looks like the hasselblad lunar as competition for the biggest “joke” camera of the year

  • tom_focus

    No lens in this zoom range (just a little over 2x) looses 1 2/3 f-Stops.
    Only the Super-Zoom lenses like a 28-300 or 18-250 loose so much light through their range!

  • Arnulf

    Come on, the camera in the box is obviously not the same as the one in the “leaked” image. The biggest problem with that one would be that it’s too damn big for anyone to want it, while the last official leaked one shows something that appears to be of quite acceptable size.

    How do you “know” that all the initial rumors were true? I would have a very hard time believing that Leica would make a camera like this.

    • Like I said already – all the images match the original leaked picture.

      • Arnulf

        NONE of the official images match the leaked picture! Well, it’s going to be a long day trying to explain why picture 1 and 4 can’t be of the same camera, so maybe we’ll just leave it there. That said, the specs could be right, more or less. Although, if they are, I’d agree with those saying it’s a letdown, considering the slow lens. The rest of the specs seem fine.

        And: regardless of what the specs are and how big the camera is, I bet it’s gonna take pretty good pictures! 🙂

          • Arnulf

            Those two could match. Maybe I shouldn’t have said “none” of them do. Sorry. But I still insist that that huge lens cannot fit in the little box they use in the teaser series. Look at the last pic of the four in this post. It just cannot be the same lens! It wouldn’t fit. The box is waaay to small. Listen, I’m not saying that the leaked image necessarily is fake, although I hope it is. But if that is the camera, then the teaser shots are increadibly misleading as they are suggesting a much smaller camera. I think the last teaser looks rather promising, and looks like something I would have guessed from the start, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

          • finn

            Why does everyone (most) seem to think the ‘box’ is THE box? It can just as easily be p-shopped.

          • Arnulf

            Of course it can. I’m just saying that the camera inside that photoshopped box must have a smaller lens than the french image.

            I don’t know what your sources are on this and how you can know that the leaked image is genuine, but I’m still hoping you’re wrong and will be very surprised if Leica has chosen to go with this kind of lens. The D-Lux 6 has such an amazing one and it’s difficult to understand why they would chose something so big and slow for a genuine “made in Germany” product. Why would’nt they try to top the D-Lux 6 lens instead? I just don’t get it..

          • finn

            After MANY years of this type of thing coming from Leica – I’m no longer surprised. Disappointed, yes, but not surprised. The reasons are in the details of the ownership, Made in Germany has nothing to do with Leica’s lack of capability – it’s the decisions that make it, not the country.

          • Arnulf

            When did Leica come with “this type of thing”? Practically everything new thing from Leica is inovative in one way or another. This is not.

          • It is the world’s first APS-C zoom compact camera.

          • Arnulf

            Ok, well I guess that could count. But the lens…. No, I just don’t think they would do that. If the lens was faster, it would certainly count as a revolutonary product. But not this one.

          • Agree 100%, the idea behind such a camera is not bad, it’s just this slow lens. I am even ok with f/3.5 on the wide end, but f/6.4 on the tele end will require a lot of sun 🙂

          • No, the idea is bad.

          • finn

            Leica has made unique lenses, that’s it. There is very little that they have done away from lenses that is anything unique. The M 240 has caught up with everyone tech-wise, but that’s it. Oh the S? That’s a pumped up DSLR w/AF. This X type camera is not unique. People should really sit back and see Leica for this, and not for what they want to see.

          • Arnulf

            Yeah yeah, sure, whatever buddy…….

          • finn

            Sorry, I misunderstood then – perhaps you could describe the “….Leica is innovative in one way or another…” products. How about throw in truly unique as well….

          • Arnulf

            Oh, Jesus… Well, maybe “inovative” wasn’t the word I should have used. But it’s just so exhausting to keep explaining that the cameras Leica make are actually any good. Saying that they only make good lenses and the cameras are not anything special is just so dumb. The whole rangefinder concept IS Leica, and every camera (with very few exeptions) are excellent pieces of work that take excellent photos. But since you ask:

            1.M9, a freaking full frame digital rangefinder. Something many concidered next to impossible to make without compromising the size of the camera. At the time it was released, most people thought it would take much longer to pull off such a thing.

            2.X1, a flawed camera for sure, but still a great idea for a _simple_ camera that just takes great pictures. I had one but traded it for a X100. I don’t regret it and love the Fuji, but the image quality of the x1 was clearly better in my opinion.

            3. M. Come on. Don’t say that this is just Leica keeping up with the tech! It’s a powerhouse in the size of a rangefinder. Screw the tech, the photos are amazing.

            And not to mention:

            3. MM. If you can’t see that this is a tour de force of a motherf*#ker, I just can’t help you. A black and white sensor that is just so excellent it doesn’t even have competition, even from color sensors.

            Sorry, I’m quite aware that you’ll just dismiss me as a snobby, ignorant Leica fanboy, so I guess this little rant doesn’t really accomplish anything, but I felt it would be impolite not to anwer.. 🙂

          • finn

            Well, I’ve been using Leica SLR’s and screw-mount and M bodies since around 1970. The rangefinder is a design that is over 80 years old and Leica has not been the only company to produce a RF. There are MANY awesome cameras on the market or available today that record awesome images. Leica is not the first to release a B&W camera – it was Nikon/Kodak years ago. Never said it wasn’t a good camera. All because Leica is the only one on the market doesn’t make it a ‘tech’ leader – it makes it the only camera on the market that records B&W. One can paint the M ‘240’ as the greatest RF out there – it is – it’s the ONLY DRF. For the record, I believe the SL2 was the best non AFSLR ever produced, though I worked in a few ‘upgrades’ to an SLmot that made it a great camera. The M5 is by far my favorite RF and Leica made a big mistake in not carrying the control cluster into later bodies – too, the metering field(s) were view-able in the finder with the frames lines – a big advantage in metering.
            Having used M bodies through the years the best thing about it is that it’s a relatively small package, BUT in the field it is not as versatile camera type as an SLR. Leica kool-aid is best consumed in small quantities. The glass IS the best thing about Leica’s oh they make the best (generally) sport-optics – though there are some fine Zeiss products too.

          • EnPassant

            The D-LUX 6 use a 1/1.7″ sensor and a 1.4-2.3/4.7-17.7 lens Full frame equivalent would be something like 7.1-11.7/24-90. Not so impressive, is it?
            Compare that to this X-Vario with a much bigger APS-C sensor and full frame equivalent 5.2-9.4/28-70 lens. So actually this lens does top the D-LUX lens (in speed, not in range) if one consider the difference in size of the sensor.

          • Yes, you are correct – the teaser shots are misleading and so was the statement about the large sensor.

  • Leitz rules

    I didn’t laugh. I cried. –– Bye bye Leica, if you have the stupidity to flog such crap.

  • I just don’t understand how Leica is being “out-Leica’ed” by Fujifilm…

    • lololalallll

      the x100s is the new Leica. And hopefully the new Xpro model out in winter will be another giant leap from its progenitor. If so, i’m 100% sold and will dump my DSLR gear.

      • Couldn’t agree more.

        • Classic

          No XPro til next summer.

          • I’m keeping my hopes high that it will be launched this year, as I’m delaying the purchase..

  • finn

    Rumors, eh? I feel like I’m seeing the birth of a whole new generation of Leica ‘Realists’ being created.
    Leica shows AF at Photokina in 1976; a ‘working’ AF. It took them until the S – 30 years later to have AF – yes, 30 years. Even then Leica disappointed ALL 40 years worth of SL/SL2/R series users by kicking them (me too) out of the Leica family for the Kaufmann ego camera; the S, a VERY limited market camera.

    The digital M ‘saved’ them – for now.

    Now this, yes, I think that this IS Leica. Sure, they may come out with something REALLY innovative – MAY – some day???
    In the meantime, it seems the ‘rumors’ were accurate – and just as disappointing for the ‘new to Leica’ crowd. Welcome to the new Leica, owned by a billionaire and a bunch of ‘venture-boys’ who seemingly have little idea what it takes to creatively design something really new.
    So, as this all seems true – the last thing is the price. I said once before that there are MUCH better cameras out there for the same $$$ – like a Nikon D800 – no, it’s not the same thing – but you get the point. Nice job, Leica.

  • Hawkeye


  • finn

    Assuming this is all sadly true. Does anyone think Kaufmann will be on a stage somewhere gloating – as he tells everyone how special this ‘new’ Leica is???

  • Bryan Campbell

    I have a feeling this lens like other Leica lenses will be far sharper than most others on the market, but it’s just too slow. A variable aperture of f/2.8 to f/4 or even a constant f/4 would have be more acceptable.

    Having said that I might be able to justify one if the image quality is outstanding and the price is right. It COULD make a nice camera for landscape and architecture photography.

    I’m still scratching my head wondering why Leica doesn’t do something a bit more risky like a small 50mm equiv X2 with an auto focus 50 summarit asph equiv lens. This would sell like CRAZY.

    • finn

      Justify a slow fixed, zoom lens, X camera, for around $3K US dollars? I’m not sure justify applies to this camera. I mean, hey, whatever you want is up to you. But sharper in the digital age is not all that hard to achieve.

  • djhonda

    You had one job Leica…

    • yup

      …and you tossed it!

      (Ocean’s 11) 😉

      Amazing piece of crap from Leica. And if it’s not true in the end, than a very bad marketing campaign. Even if the final product will be ok, we will still have that feeling of bitternes about the brand…

      PS. And for those who comment too much: I own an M9, so I’m entitled to talk, mkay?

  • Bjorn

    What if that Vario-Elmar is just the kit-lens? That’d be an awesome camera. Modified M-Mount so it works with this AF-lens, but easy to adapt old lenses…

    • Stuart E. McConaghy

      Not for that price. This is Leica, after all.

  • Anthony

    16.5MP APS-C sensor???? “larger than usual sensor”??????? Lol

    • It’s that .5MP they’re talking about 😉

      • Anthony

        that’s tremendous shit haha I hope it’s the same sensor of the M8 or M9 lol

  • finn

    Can’t wait to see this at the Leica boutique’ shops !!!! Woo-hoo!!!!

  • Torbjorn

    What a complete piece of crap! Who on earth would want this?

  • Artichoke

    I’m with After Thought. IF this is correct…, for $800 bucks less you can have an RX-1 and crop to the equiv of 70mm and still be using a bit more of the sensor than the APS-C…, and have the increasing size benefit of the FF sensor for all images larger than the 70mm equiv.

  • They could have brought in a totally new generation of Leica users, if only they had designed an M-like camera reflecting the classic Leica combo (full frame sensor plus 35mm lens, even at f/2), maybe with an EVF. They’d have sold a truckload of those, especially if they priced it around the $3k mark (wishful thinking, I know). True to the Steve Jobs maxim of “If you don’t cannibalize yourself, someone else will”. Now it looks like Fuji will continue to eat Leica’s lunch, and take my money.

    • finn

      All true. Remember, the LARGEST part of Leica’s R&D went into the S system. Now THAT’S some fine prioritizing !!! Steven Lee, hired on early to get Leica up and running, butt-heads with Kaufmann and he was fired – he wanted to get the company delivering more relevant products – but Kaufmann knew better. Sure he does.

      • Let’s be realistic – I think Leica will sell tons of those, especially in Asia. We may not like the camera, but this doesn’t mean that Leica will not make money form it.

        • finn

          I agree, but it doesn’t change what he did early on when he, with no experience in matters that Lee was familiar with, changed the course of Leica to what it is now. Yep, they’ll sell a bunch of over-priced average performing Leica type 107 – whatever the heck that designation means.

          • alpha

            Nah no on in Asia will buy those, people are not stupid there.

  • Hawkeye

    Seriously, How much more would it have cost them(Leica) to include a faster lens? Considering they are known for their optics and lenses. Is that difference in cost really worth the lost sales? Why gimp the product in this way?
    I wonder if they have people who know about markets and competition.

  • Dixon

    Again, I believe this is a hoax. No business model for professionals or wealthy amateurs can support this expensive camera with these terrible specs. Leica is in a niche market but at the end of the day they do deliver, albeit, for a premium price. As a 25 year Leica pro user, I wouldn’t hold this toy if it were given away. I expect the body to look similar but with a fast 35mm fixed prime. Then it might give Sony a slight scare. By the time my M9s are broken and beyond replacement, 4-5 years from now, Fuji will have a ff camera that will take my glass and earn my money. Leica sales team, stop taking us for granted. I am a shooter, not a poser.

  • Richygm

    Here’s another spec:

    24.1MP APS-C CMOS sensor
    Leica Vario Elmar 1:2.8-4.0/18-50mm ASPH lens (27-75mm equivalent)
    9 elements in 8 groups, 2 ASPH elements
    Minimum focusing distance: 30cm
    ISO range: 100-12,500
    Shutter speeds: 30s – 1/4000s
    3″ TFT LCD with 1M pixels
    Full 1080p HD video
    Built-in flash
    Storage media: SD/SDHC/SDXC
    Battery capacity: 360 exposures
    Dimensions: 130x70x82mm
    Weight: 679g (24oz) with batteries
    Price: 2,500€ ($3,200)
    Made in Germany
    Additional accessories to include grip, lens hood, external EVF and several different cases
    Adobe Lightroom will also be included
    from Dpreview.

  • JZ

    That has got to be the dumbest, slowest lens ever for that price. I’ll pass.

  • lifesespresso

    More details on Leica FB.

  • Liam Stock

    YEEAAH, really want one to go with my hasselblad lunar and ill wear a photo vest and my gucci hat and shoot super over done HDR photos of my fake rolex, yeaaaaaah it says Leica on it.

  • Obskura

    Why do camera companies insist on making cameras the market clearly doesn’t want? Some of these guys need to just re-do their market research teams completely… Heir some young bloods let’s get out of 2002.

  • Rhroyer77

    Hmmm.. It’s probably a reskinned GX Model from Panasonic. I want to own a Leica, I really do. I just don’t know why.

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