Platinum palladium printing with Leica M Monochrom

Manuel Gomes Teixeira, photographer and platinum palladium printer, usually uses traditional methods with photographic film in medium and large format cameras. Invited by the exclusive distributor of Leica cameras in Portugal, he tested the Leica Monochrom. The high quality files, showing a rich tonal range, adapted very well to Platinum printing. You can read more about platinum palladium printing on his website and on Wikipedia. Footage, edition and film direction by Luís Oliveira Santos.

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  • Floyd Summerhayes

    Fantastic to see someone still practising this time consuming process

  • bubuli

    it’s funny how they edited out the (very loud) sound of re-cocking of the MM’s shutter in the video.

    • Floyd Summerhayes

      perhaps they had it set to soft

      • Dave

        The “soft” setting only refers to the amount of pressure it takes to click the shutter button. It has nothing to do with the re-cocking sound.

    • MJr

      All i could think was, the M really needs an eye-sensor to prevent the LCD from lighting up with every photo. Then the video got interesting anyway,

      • 1flash

        Or you can just turn the preview off. Most M shooters don’t need to chimp.

    • SiO

      Yeah that was funny. Much quieter then my M9! Maybe I need to oil it. I guess it’s a romantic view of the MM… ;o)

  • c.d.embrey

    Sorry, but the oh-sotrendy and headache inducing paper-thin DOF caused me to stop watching the video. Meh!!

  • saywhatuwill

    Thank you for the movie. It answered the question about the negative that’s used. I have one of those print washers and all I could think of was all the wasted water going down the sink. I know that’s not the point, but it really is a lot of water, especially if hypo clearing agent isn’t used.

  • Mike Pedersen

    WHY do you make me want something even more that I cant afford :(“””””

  • Joe

    He should take away his fingers from the second rangefinder window ;o))

  • James Donahue

    Bet Cartier Bresson didn’t go to all that trouble to print and he was one hellva Leica shooter

  • Paulo

    I was in a workshop of this guy, you should see the pictures it took to the workshop, all well framed with museum glass, the paper used is acid free for long life. The video doesn’t show the effect, this technique has a copperish tone. This fine-art is very expensive and delicate a few drops of platinum could cost you hundreds. No space for mistakes. Also it lasts for ages, there’s no degradation.

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