Voigtlander Bessa A film rangefinder cameras are now discontinued


After Zeiss discontinued their Ikon film rangefinder camera last year, the Voigtlander Bessa A models are the next victims of the digital age: three different A models are listed as discontinued on Cosina's website. The M models rangefinders are not discontinued at that point (the A models have an electronically controlled focal plane shutter, while the M version has mechanical metal focal plane shutter). Voigtlander Bessa are a cheaper alternative to Leica M film cameras with prices ranging from $670 to $800 depending on the model.

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  • Maclaine

    While this is not a surprise, really, it is a sad day. My first rangefinder was a Bessa R3A with a 40mm Nokton. I’ve had many more over the years; nicer cameras, nicer lenses, but the initial thrill of rangefinder photography with that setup has been hard to duplicate.

  • peter

    nevertjheless a miracle that Cosina didn’t explore the digital rangefinder further than the most promising initial series of Epson RF cameras…

    • fjfjjj

      I thought a “miracle” was supposed to be a good thing.

    • Thylmuc

      Probably, Cosina just doesn’t have the knowledge to build a digital camera. The digital sensor module will probably be supplied by Epson. I stll hope that Epson might update the camera to a higher resolution/lattitude sensor.

      • Considering how popular R-d1XG is, would have thought R-D2 be out by now.

  • RIP… 🙁

    Cool that the mechanical shutters still have fans, tho’.

  • joey jo jo

    super disappointing, such a great camera. 35mm film photography takes another hit.

    • Can’t say this is a “hit” in the same sense of the Zeiss Ikon discontinuation. If they had kept the electronic ones and discontinued the mechanical ones then that would be rather… shocking 😛

  • MaGo

    I wonder how long I have to wait before my R3A sky-rockets in price on the used market 🙂

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