Leica M type 240 wins TIPA’s Best Professional Camera award


TIPA awarded the Leica M type 240 camera as their "Best Professional Camera". Back in 2009 TIPA gave the Leica M9 their "Best Prestige Camera" award (this category no longer exists).

Here is the translated press release:

Solms (ots) - Leica Camera AG has been awarded for the latest camera model from the Leica rangefinder system. The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA), the Leica M awarded the title of "Best Professional Camera 2013 '.

The award-winning camera is a pioneering milestone in the Leica rangefinder system dar. first time equipped with a newly developed CMOS image sensor and functions like Live View, Full HD video and additional focusing methods it is the most versatile Leica rangefinder camera and setting new standards. It combines the capabilities innovative digital technology with decades of continuously developed rangefinder technology.It succeeds, the values ​​of the M system to remain faithful alike to expand the scope of rangefinder photography.

The first Leica rangefinder camera (Leica M3) was introduced in 1954. The M stands for rangefinder and an unmistakable, individual kind of photography that gives the photographer the freedom to design - for images that turn moments into vivid stories. Discreetly and quietly holds a Leica M the crucial moment without delay fixed. It enables a photograph concentrates on the essentials, with uncompromising quality and full system compatibility with the best lenses in the world - almost all lenses of the Leica M program since 1954 can be used on the current Leica M camera models.

The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) annually honors in 40 categories for the best photo and imaging products of the year. This year, 27 members voted on the magazines and the Japanese Camera Journal Press Club (CJPC) for the best products in each category at the TIPA General Meeting. The members of TIPA are magazines from nine European countries, as well as Australia, Canada, China, USA and South Africa.

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  • dannybuoy

    And all the while thousands upon thousands of ‘professionals’ wait patiently for their order to be fulfilled. Bit of a joke really.

    • dannybuoysmother

      You’re exaggerating. This camera has been out only 3 month. Leica Solms reported over the phone a back order of 2,000 units last April PRIOR to launch. 7 years ago Leica was purely a optical mechanical company, and they are building a new factory by 2014 to increase production. It’s nothing short of a miracle, given how late into the digital market they arrived. Their current production rate at full capacity is 50 units per day. That’s through hands. These are not mass produced plastic cameras.

      Leica customers are patient and are wanting to see the company succeed. The best is yet to come.

      • kb

        No, give me a break! did you not just read the article above? leica as been making cameras since before 1954. They are spreading resources making new cameras like the Varo X while we here in the US wait for god knows how long to but a $7K camera body. They could concentrate resources on the M. Come one its a camera not satellites for NASA. Everyone knows its a controlled supply and demand “Debeers” 50 units a day. Phachaw!

        • Anto de Chav

          ” It’s nothing short of a miracle, given how late into the digital market they arrived”.. they may have been making camera’s since 1954 but dannybuoysmother clearly states that they were late into digital…

    • An anounimous photographer

      Really I don’t know any one, also not one of my colleagues uses Leica. I know one person here who want to have the new Leica, he’s a restaurant owner and a well known camera collector around Kyoto. He’s the type of person Leica is now made for.

      • bruno

        really? I know a lot of professionals who made a living using Leica m cameras and still do. Including myself for the last 30 years and counting…. may be in Kyoto is different but for the rest of the world you are wrong.

        • Clint

          ‘A lot of professionals’….now that is funny. I think a handful of professionals may use Leica….which is fine but let’s call a spade a spade.

          The M240 looks like a great camera, wish I could get my hands on one.

      • Satureyes

        I’m a professional and I ordered the camera in January and I got it a few weeks ago. I shoot Canon too – but the Leica output is outstanding and worth the wait.

      • A. Lurker

        Yes, and all of the people I know use very pricey digitals and all of their images are faaaantastic and are bought by all the neatest magazines. Either camera can do well or poorly depending on the person behind the lens, but you might need a simple calculus so here: Buy and use what you want and move on. ‘k?


      • Les


        Perhaps your colleagues are not in the right photographic fields?
        Lots of Leica users in wedding/event/corporate/travel. Perhaps not so many in sports/fashion/architecture/product.

    • bidou

      Still ?
      In Europe it seems ok now.

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