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HRR Manufaktur is now offering customizable handmade camera straps.

Leica Camera AG presents the photo exhibition "The Miracle of Venezuela - El Sistema and the power of music" at the Salzburg Festival.

NOVOFLEX bellows attachment CASTBAL-T:S
Interesting Novoflex setup: bellows attachment CASTBAL-T/S combined with focusing rack CASTEL-Q, Schneider Kreuznach Apo Digitar 4,5/90 and adapter for Leica M camera. MB Mini and BasicBall underneath.


source: obs / Leica Camera AG

Leica Camera AG is again an official partner of the 2013 Montreux Jazz Festival.

Chinese join the wave of Leica collectors

Two vintage Leica cameras are displayed at an exhibition held by L&H Auction in Beijing (Jiang Dong/China Daily)

Chinese join the wave of Leica collectors.

A quick interview with Stefan Daniel.

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  • Weird People Out There

    Salmon leather and Elk camera straps.
    Hmmm. Really? Who does this?
    Much less want this strapped around their shoulders / neck.

    • Drazen B

      I wonder who did the leather work and stitching?

      Owner’s 3 year old?

      Sorry guys, but couldn’t help it, those straps are just hideous.

      • Jojo

        And prices start at 40 euros

  • fjfjjj

    Those straps are poor workmanship. Is this a paid advertisement, admin?

    • No, not paid advertisement. This is the same company that offered the Ruthenium Leica and I keep getting their updates.

      • 103David

        Gee, buddy, you know one of the reasons you become an owner of a business is that you then are then no longer required to accept crap from suppliers or promoters.
        While the Ruthenium thing had its amusing aspects, such as cameras plated in other new substances, like MaryAnneium, or suffering from Tracyitis and Donnarrea, these strap items are clearly just…crap.

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