The latest Apple digital camera RAW compatibility update supports Leica M and Monochrom cameras

Apple Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update

Apple released Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 4.08 with support for Leica M and Monochrom cameras.

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  • Christopher Moss

    Finally, I can stop harassing the poor, tiny Aperture team with my monthly feedback messages. Now I can use Aperture regularly, and have tonight processed all my 2013 MM images. I notice that the Photostream feature uploads the unmodified RAW image. Noooo! Why can’t it upload the carefully adjusted image that I see in Aperture to my iPhone and iPad? Don’t those berks at Apple understand I am not perfect, and require Aperture to make my photos approximate perfection (as defined by the limitations of my eyes, brain, equipment, software, and the overriding fact that I am not Steve Huff?) Idiotic, and I shall continue my regular input at the Aperture feedback page to suggest this.
    Nonetheless, I much prefer the output of Aperture to Lightroom, and given the likely eventual move of Lightroom to the “Creative Cloud” I shall be delighted to delete my fifth and final paid version of LR to the trash (and all those GD backups of its catalogue that consume so much disk space).
    So, thank you to Apple for doing the right thing – after 11 months (!), and thank you to Adobe for making LR somewhat useful until you decided to enslave all users and owners.
    Perhaps if I were smarter I would remember that Graphic Converter already supports the MM, and has decent asset management, and costs a lot less.


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