Leica 50mm f/0.95 Noctilux-M Asph lens review (video)

Leica F/0.95 Noctilux Review/Thoughts from Cult of the Noctilux on Vimeo:

This is not really a Lens review just some thoughts on it. I am a passionate Leica shooter and use the 50mm .95 As my only M lens. Please note there are minor artifacts in the images from the video sampling/conversion. You can review all of my Noctilux pictures on my Flickr Page: http://www.flickr.com/scott997.

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  • dannybuoy

    “The difference between getting blurry or brilliant photos”. Some blurry photos are just as brilliant as super sharp ones. 😉

  • NYC

    What a yawner

    • Daryl

      Agree, ho hum. Some real great subjects and locations but the photos are amateurish in many ways.
      OTOH – great lens, creative and dynamic, about one day of learning (if that long) not the 6 months mentioned. And every lens will have chromatic aberrations, even apos suffer this with difficult situations.

  • The day ill have my own film leica, ill probably just die of happiness…

  • DrGrant1

    While not necessarily the subjects I would shoot, your choice of camera and lens was like mine back in the early 1990’s. I received a new M6 with the 50mm F/1.0 Noctilux for my 10th Anniversary and never took it off the camera. While not a pro by any means, it took absolutely amazing low light photos over the years. My only regret was it and many other items were stolen about 2 years ago. I have debated on purchasing a new Leica digital M and the 50mm F/0.95 and your experience and photos have now provided the incentive I needed. Thank you and best regards.

  • James Donahue

    Even IF YOU could afford one of these it seems impossible to buy one. So I’ll just stick with my D7100 and my 50mm f1.8 Lens.. And I am happy with them.

  • what a joke

    washed out lighting
    blurry photos
    must think photos of a strangely dressed (or otherwise) woman is good photography
    i’ve seen better photos taken by paparazzis hiding in bushes

    • fjfjjj

      He said “passionate Leica shooter,” not “passionate photographer.” What did you expect?

      • meh

        he described himself as a photographer specialize in fashion editorial and portraiture photography right in the beginning of the video, which is a real joke IMO

  • yup

    2:30 in the movie: HOLY CRAP!!!! WHAT’S THAT?!

  • A. Lurker

    I’ve seen a longer shot of the sewing machines before in another image. Possibly even for Leica, possibly even here. The woman just before 2:31 Scary Girl is really pretty and this wasn’t shot in Venice so I’m grateful for that anyway.

  • someone not important

    Do a little street casting, spend 400 Dollars on some leather accessories for your M and voilĂ , you’re a fashion photographer. so it goes.
    o boy..

  • MS

    Ahaha wow this is hilarious!

  • Baldo

    I never judge a photographer, but this guy need to learn some basics before saying he makes incredible photography. Anyway, dream lens, dream camera, very nice models ^^Love this All Saints Spitalfields appearance.

  • Hey !

    Take a random camera enthusiast with a lot of bucks. Make him buy a Leica and a Nocti. Then record him doing some basic crappy flash portraits at night and here you are : best channel advertising ever.
    It’s the same technic than Eric Kim…make a kind of small buzz and after a while you start to get a name, even though you are not worth it, just because there are noobs following you on your social media.

  • Daniel

    No offend but maybe it is time to consider an auto focus Nikon/Canon/Sony/Pentax alternative

  • wisemanner

    Wouldn’t mind the camera, wouldn’t mind the lens, wouldn’t mind the models.

  • Dan

    Cringe worthy video. So embarassing.

  • You can’t focus and recompose with a Leica?

    Entirely average images, though I really enjoyed the one with the Volkswagen.

  • ralph henderson

    What a heel. Over the top yapping….i wish the makers of slap a phone would make slap a computer…just push a button..and pop this bozo in the mouth…such FILE leance…lol

  • Jesus

    I can smell some envy down here… starved…

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