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New Leica T type 701 camera coming soon

The Taiwanese NCC government agency has a filing for a new Leica T Type 701 camera. My guess is that this will be a super-zoom compact camera (T for tele?) based on a Panasonic model (maybe a direct replacement of the V-Lux 4 camera). Via Digicame-info

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Leica X2 Lamborghini 50 Anniversary Asia Drive

Leica Camera Asia Pacific released one of a kind Leica X2 camera with titanium body and ostrich chestnut leather in celebration of the Lamborghini 50 Anniversary Asia Drive:

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The new Leica ball heads and tripod are now shipping

The new Leica ball heads and tripod are now shipping – check the current availability at the Leica Store Miami, B&H and Amazon. Additional information on the new products:

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Leica cameras at the upcoming L&H Photographica Auction in Hong Kong

Some information on the upcoming L&H Photographica Auction that will be held on November 17th, 2013 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Hong Kong:

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Leica D-LUX 6 Silver Edition camera announced

This is the rumored new compact camera from Leica: a silver edition D-Lux 6 with a price of $799 (same price as the regular D-Lux 6). Press release:

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Leica Camera presents the photographic exhibition “The Venezuelan wonder – El Sistema and the power of music”

El Sistema is the program behind the free musical education of Venezuelan children. Leica Camera presented the photographic exhibition “The Venezuelan wonder – El Sistema and the power of music” at the Salzburg Festival, where the youth orchestra also performed, from July 24 – September 1, 2013. This video recaps the experience at the Salzburg […]

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One of a kind custom white Leica M camera spotted in Japan

During the Robert Capa exhibition opening / 100th birthday party at the Leica Ginza Salon, Tokyocamerastyle spotted one of a kind custom white Leica M camera (with leather embossed with the Leica logo) and 50mm f1.4 Summilux lens. The photo was taken by Dr. Andreas Kaufmann from Leica.

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Leica news from around the Web

→Check out the new Leica Store Miami online store – they are now the exclusive distributor of Arte di Mano products in the United States. See also their used gear section. →Gold-plated Leica camera set to fetch £1/2 million. →See the full list of Leica cameras and lenses for the 24th Westlicht camera auction that will take place […]

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