Leica D-LUX 6 Silver Edition camera announced

This is the rumored new compact camera from Leica: a silver edition D-Lux 6 with a price of $799 (same price as the regular D-Lux 6).

Press release:

The classic compact Leica Camera reimagined with a high-gloss and silver finish

Solms, Germany  (October 24, 2013) - Leica Camera AG, presents a new design twist on the Leica D-Lux 6 digital compact camera. With an existing version in elegant, matte-black, the camera is now available in a high-gloss, two-color finish. The new high-gloss black camera body paired with the silver-colored lens creates a tasteful contrast that results in a sophisticated, stylish appearance.

The silver lens of the Leica D-Lux 6 is a Leica DC-Vario-Summilux lens. The varied range of focal lengths makes the camera particularly versatile, ideal for everything from wide-angle architectural and landscape photography to photojournalism and portraits. Combined with a powerful 1/1.7” CMOS image sensor, this camera guarantees a high dynamic range and brilliant images that capture life’s greatest moments.

The Leica D-Lux 6 offers a comprehensive range of features, including automatic mode, manual setting options and optional accessories, like an electronic viewfinder with 1.4 million pixels, which provide even greater creative freedom in all areas of photography. Full HD video recording capability is also included in this newest version of the D-Lux 6. The camera records a perfect rendition of fast-moving subjects in outstanding detail. Video data can be saved in Internet-compatible MP4 format and can be uploaded directly to social media or mobile devices without any need for conversion. Crystal-clear sound recording is guaranteed by special wind-noise filter that reduces undesirable noise.

Both versions of the Leica D-Lux 6 are available from Leica dealers. A new addition to the range of accessories for the Leica D-Lux 6 is the Leica Soft Pouch in lambskin nappa leather: black, stylish and with a fascinating wrap-around design, this leather case is a perfect complement to any outfit.

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  • Chris

    Bravo Leica, another impressive new product! We are still waiting for M stuff which is announced since months, but it is clear that with such important products we have to be patient…

  • Lou

    Disappointing to say the least…

  • fjfjjj

    Who else loves the appearance of “silver” plastic? It has the beautiful tone and luster of brushed aluminum except that it looks like crap.

    • L_girl

      I thought they were made from metal. That’s what I read some where at least.


      Opposed to black plastic which 99% of all other cameras are made of; it does look good.

  • 3foot1

    Emphasizing style over substance may devalue the brand in the long run.

  • JMcNisAnASS

    F^@K this junk and anyone who buys into this inferior system. FOOLS! F^@K Leica and anyone who shills out that kinda wanderlust.

  • george

    LOL ‘rumoured new camera’ is just an old model with different paint!

  • sperdynamite

    Another camera for asshats.

  • Finn

    But it’s ‘stylish and sophisticated’. I’ve used Leica’s for years and that is the last reason I ever bought one. But it’s the first reason not to.

  • Nancy

    “stylish and with a fascinating wrap-around design, this leather case is a perfect complement to any outfit.”

    Yes, I will spend $800 for a camera and case to match my outfit…sexist if you ask me! Blatantly addressed to females. I can just imagine the strategy session for this one!

  • R!

    Leicas compact philosophy is pathetic!
    Just get a Lumix and go to the restaurant ,I would say!

  • george

    In theory, the profits from these jewelry cameras help sustain the real camera line (that promotes the bling line). Professionals use the M, and the admirers use the point and shoot line. One line won’t survive without the other. Profits have to come from somewhere, and really, do you think there is much profit in any M product (besides the grips, straps and batteries). Leica is profitable and that is good (do you work for free?).

    I hope they sell millions of these toys ! (and dliver my r-m adapter soon)

  • Palau Blue

    It’s quite clear that Leica is leaving the world of great photography products for the world of marketing. Over the next few months, I will have to decide whether to stick with Leica in the hope that they will produce and extend their range of great photography equipment. I have been a strong and consistent admirer of the M range – dating back to my first M3 purchased second hand 25 years ago. I believe there is room in the Leica range either to do a great M4/3 camera or a full frame equivalent of GX7. If their direction is to repaint a D-Lux 6, then I’m out and will be looking to sell my Leica gear before the company becomes more of an after dinner joke


      Why didn’t the first 5 iterations of the D Lux bring this level of disappointment? They’ve been painting and repainting the D & C Lux since 2007. I can see getting upset over the X Vario as the hype very much made it seem like it would be an interchangeable lens camera. Leica is about the M, it always has been and always will be. These P&S cameras take nothing aways from Leicas ability to produce their flagship products as they are made in Japan and always have been. I think the question you should ask yourself is why are you so obsessed with a smaller version of the M? Why not just shoot the M and enjoy the one of a kind experience?

      • Palau Blue

        That’s an easy one. The world of photography has progressed and Leica has stood still. I still shoot my M but don’t you want to be able to shoot a better or smaller or lighter Leica that has distanced itself from the competition the way the M did for so long. Standing still is good when no one else is running but we know that is not the case.

        • JLMILES

          How has Leica stood still? They just came out with another digital M that stays true to their heritage. It’s the only digital rangefinder on the market (I owned the Epson. Not viable). If we’ve gotten to a place where the M is too big then I don’t know what to say. Even if leica did come out with a smaller camera I would stick to the M. I owned a Nex 7 briefly and it felt like a toy on top of having terrible IQ. M’s are for photographers, shooters who aren’t concerned if the camera can fit in their jacket pocket.

  • Andrew Hollywood

    This is just a rebranded LX-7, right ??

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