Leica M (type 240) firmware version released

Leica M Type 240 camera
Leica Camera released firmware version for the M type 240 rangefinder. This is a list of the improvements:

  • Improved performance of the white balance: The accuracy of the white balance presets and the auto white balance function is higher with version2.0.0.11. This results in better skin tones and better general colour rendering.
  • Improved Video quality: The visibility of compression artifacts is reduced due to lower video compression.
  • Lens calibration: For coded Leica lenses, the image homogeneity (colour shift) has been improved.
  • General fixes:
    • Improved stability using Live View, both with and without EVF-2
    • Issue with display settings in combination with “Sharpness high” - fixed
    • Issue with exposures after switching the camera on - fixed
    • The “Auto Power Off” function showed unexpected behavior - fixed
    • The recording dates for video files have been incorrect occasionally - fixed
    • Issue with Copyright and Artist Information in EXIF Data - fixed
    • Improvement of general system stability
    • Several minor bug fixes
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  • James Donahue

    Is the Camera Available

    • VTL

      Hahaha the new firmware is, but the camera is on a 6 months waiting list….by the time i get mine, they will update the firmware again and again….

      • James Donahue

        In Six months they will come out with a new updated camera and you’ll be on that waiting list for 2 years., Where’s my Brownie Hawkeye..

        • R!

          Your guys are right !!the time you need to get this camera is uncompatible with the technologys progress and market prices evolution to be valuable;
          Using anoriental mirrorless with m lenses is smarter , specially with the new full frame sony anouncement,
          Leica needs a bigger Factory to deliver more and get back on the technology race.
          By the time they will deliver their products a new generation of camera will be out ,and they will be left behind again! only glass still valuable to me today,the rest is snobism.

          • A. Lurker

            It’s never smart to get what you don’t want. If you’re a pro and your work keeps a roof over your head then you do what you have to; but then it’s the client’s wants, and not yours, yes?

            You’re absolutely right about needing a bigger factory(ies) but that would only increase production. I doubt it would move prices down at all. That would be deadly to the branding.

            About the snobism, there is certainly that there, but check in on Nikon’s alleged new 58mm: $$$. It might change your tone a little bit.

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