Leica X Vario camera price drop

Leica-X-Vario-compact-APS-C-zoom-camera 2
Leica X Vario price drop
The price of the Leica X Vario camera dropped on Amazon by $170 from several different retailers. I have not seen a Leica price drop in a very long time (the original price was $2,850).

Update: the price is now down by $225 (8%).

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  • joe

    hihi i bed it’s because it sells like crazy

  • scott

    A camera with an unchangable big slow lens that does nothing to stand out from the myriad Japanese brands. What else can better?

    • Leica fan

      Outstanding build quality, perfect image quality at any aperture or focal length, perfect color rendition, very high resolution. Leica Vario Elmar zoom designed by Peter Karbe, who also designed the APO Summicron M. Not the same league as Japanese products.

  • popeye

    Good start. Another price drop of $1,678 and they may have a competetive product.
    Dumbass bling for Svetlana, bedmate of Oleg the Moscow Oligarch or Svetlana, the bedmate of a Shanghai princling. Svetlana does get around.

    • Olive Oyl

      What’s wrong in trying to get some of Svetlana’s money? She has plenty of it obviously

  • Leicaist

    Probably only limited to Amazon. A price drop on Amazon doesn’t mean the price was actually dropped by Leica, and I would be very surprised if they did so.

  • JM

    Christ Almighty. Go buy a Fuji X series and be done with it. Then bank the difference. Better image quality, lighter, more fun, AND AUTO FOCUS for those of you coming out of your caves for the first time.

    • Clint

      Ahh…..the X-Vario DOES have AF. I share your sentiment but at least get your facts straight.

    • shooter13

      Leica X Vario *DOES* have autofocus JM, do not confuse with Leica M.

    • test one

      You might not have read yet the reviews on the Leica X Vario. They all state very clearly that image quality is outstanding, and far better than any Fuji X competitor.

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