The wait is over: both black and silver Leica M type 240 cameras now in stock

Almost a year after it started shipping, the black and silver versions of the Leica M type 240 cameras are both currently in stock at B&H and Leica Store Miami.

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  • Anarchyswan .

    To bad it is already a year old and now out of date. Considering the competition I would now expect it to have 30+ megapixels.

    • SiO

      It’s quite an amazing camera. The output is stunning. It also shoot like a dream.

      I still use my M8 now and then which again is wonderful for a 10MB camera.

      • Anarchyswan .

        I still use my M8 as well. I personally would like the M240 but for 7000 will wait for the update. every 2 or 3 there should be an update.

        • SiO

          But then the next update will be outdated by the time it hits the shops 😉 Just best jump on board and enjoy a wonderful ride.

    • Daryl

      At one year digital cameras are dated…if you believe all the hype (never ending) on the latest and greatest. The M will out resolve the P30+ Phase One of yesteryear, not a bad accomplishment for an outdated camera. Also relevant is the M9 and M8, really really old Kodak (an ancient company from the past) CCD sensors sans AA filters.

      • guest

        So true, about the hype of obsolescence. At 30+ MP it’s a wash because you can’t hand-hold still enough to get the full benefit of the pixel size. And what is a Leica but the ultimate hand camera? Pixel counts will continue to go up of course, because it’s a handy marketing ploy, but I think most of the work will be going into color rendition, DR, threshold noise reduction and write speeds for video. Some combination of those. Oh, and automatic in-camera self-healing for dead pixels. How about the M format with replaceable sensors? Buy and M and you’re good for years, then Leica concentrates on the smaller cameras that can sell in greater numbers.

        • Daryl

          re: “And what is a Leica but the ultimate hand camera?”

          The Leica form factor is one of the Leica M’s great attributes and often overlooked. The Leica M5 was a one and done size increase followed by the quick reversion to the M3/M4 form factor in the M4-2. Leica has not changed the size/form factor in any significant way since. I believe this contributed to the latest success of the company, the Leica M9 (that dated camera from way back in 2009) was a full frame digital in a Leica M body, quite an accomplishment and significantly smaller than many cameras with equivalent or smaller sensors.

    • Max Pachernigg

      You have tried using an M?

      • Anarchyswan .

        No I have an M8 and have used the M9. Not had the luxury of playing with a M240 yet.

        • Max Pachernigg

          It is pricey but I bet you willl lov it! It’s fast, reliable and quiet. I see no reason for an increase in megapixles. If you dont like it, you can sell it …

          • Penury Pete

            Don’t not like. Rent an M for a few days and be sure. Then buy (or don’t) with a clear conscience, and be happy with the decision.

    • Neopulse

      If you want a 30+ MP Leica camera then get a Leica S and stop your excuses.

    • One More Thought

      Leica’s are timeless; just like a piece of fine jewelry. This camera is far from outdated and will continue to have enormous value even once its successor is announced in about 2 or 3 years.

      Leica’s are not subject to the same depreciation of other digital products.

      Also, even compared to other FF competitors, what is the problem? There are only 3 FF cameras with 30+ megapixels on the market today: the Nikon D800/D800e and the Sony A7r, all of which use the same sensor. A 24 mp camera is hardly out of date today. Also, the Nikon D800/D800e has been out longer than the Leica M240, and it is not considered out of date. So I really don’t know which standard is used to make such an assertion about this Leica.

      • Penury Pete

        “So I really don’t know which standard is used to make such an assertion about this Leica.”

        Ignorance, perhaps…

    • Johnny Ryall

      If anything, 24MP is above the standard at this price point. Both Canon and Nikon flagship models are less than 24MP (18MP and 16MP), unless you count the D3X which IS out-of-date. The closest camera that you can use M mount lenses that has more than 24MP is the A7/r and that’s not a real substitute for the M240 because you don’t get the best Leica performance from your Leica lenses on at least half of the Leica lens lineup.

      To put it bluntly, The M240 is the ONLY camera that will give the best quality from your Leica lenses at 24MP. So it’s not out-of-date, it’s actually class-leading. Even the 24MP Sony A7 can’t match the quality of the output of the M across the board with all Leica lenses. Heck, even the M9 tops the IQ of the A7 when it comes to M mount lenses.

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    Dear Admin, is there any rumor at all concerning the next “little” Leica?

    • I have no new updates, but there will be several new Leica cameras announced this year – it is a Photokina year and the 100th anniversary of Leica.

  • James

    A year later, no longer interested, ill buy a Sony Alpha instead thats for the wait.

    • Frank Booth

      The Sony Alpha isn’t even in the same league as a Leica. it’s an obnoxious looking, underperforming, oversized, full-frame point-and-shoot. Go have fun with your lame Sony. I’m sure Leica will miss your sale.

      • MusashiX2

        I don’t think James’s comment is useful in any way, but yours is even worse. Your mentality is why people come to this blog only to bash Leica and its users. Everybody is allowed to choose. It shouldn’t affect you one bit, nor does it give you permission to “dismiss” them.

        • Frank Booth

          And who gave YOU permission to tell me what I can and cannot post on a camera forum? If I want to “dismiss” someone’s BS I will.

          Nothing in this whole discussion thread is “useful”. Yes, everyone is allowed to choose, but they don’t need to tell everyone everyone what they are buying or why, especially when it’s obviously not true.

          Look at it logically. This person is claiming that the only reason they aren’t buying the Leica M is because it took too long for it to become available They just NOW decided to buy a Sony to punish Leica when the camera is finally in stock? That’s BS.

          This person never intended to buy a Leica M. If it were a matter of Leica taking too much time to make the camera available he would have bought the Sony long ago because he was tired of waiting and wanted something to shoot.

          When you REALLY want to buy a Leica you will wait. Because you know it’s not a mass produced camera and you WILL wait for it. I wanted an M9-P. I had to wait for a long time to get one, but nothing else would do because THAT is what I wanted.

          And to be quite honest, The M’s weren’t available at the major camera houses, but they weren’t impossible to find either. My local camera store has had one in stock for a really long time. There were plenty of new and used on eBay from reputable sellers.

          When people post dumb things don’t be surprised when other people call them out.

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