The Leica Monochrom “Ralph Gibson” camera priced at €21K is sold out

Leica-Monochrom-Ralph-Gibson-limited-edition-camera Leica-Monochrom-Ralph-Gibson-limited-edition-camera-2
The limited edition Leica Monochrom "Ralph Gibson" camera is (was) priced at 21,000 Euros (around $28,000). A total of 35 units were produced and my understanding is that they all sold out very quickly, just like any other Leica special edition model.

Additional images:

Leica-Monochrom-Ralph-Gibson-limited-edition-camera-front Leica-Monochrom-Ralph-Gibson-limited-edition-camera

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  • Crowdedhousenl

    Haha Leica is indeed a Funny company!

    Look like the ‘Tulips stocks’ form the 17th Century… absolutely insane

    • Penury Pete

      Except that the tulip stocks collapsed, and the demand for special edition Leicas seems to have not. I too think it’s crazy to spend that much on a camera. (At least, one that has somebody else’s name than mine on it), but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about your fallacious analogy.

      • Crowdedhousenl

        Agree…collapse…not yet…

        I like the observation of a fallacious analogy.
        But my Guess is that it’s all based on the new ‘M’ with it’s inferior Belgian CMOS, once everybody find out that … it’s done

        Special Leica’s with kangaroo leather or crocodile based on M6 or M7 will last…because that was mechanical

        But than again Humans are not logical, one of Leica’s assets

        • NoMeJodas

          The MP is fully mechanical but the M7 is not. Without battery the MP will still remain fully functional (except the metering), but the shutter on the M7 will only operate @ 1/60 and 1/125.

          Despite the fact that it’s Belgian and not Dutch ;-), that CMOS is awesome! You should give it a try before judging.

          • Crowdedhousenl

            Yeah maybe you are right about the M7, its Hybride….

            But about the Belgian CMOS, it’s not even a small company but also a startup, their first product at that level

            I come out of the IT industry where 10-15 years ago every manufacturer he’d their own, sometimes superior like Alpha of Digital, however most of the CPU now come together in Intel, which is not an average supplier. It’s simply a very investment heavy process.

            Same with CMOS/CDD for digital photography.
            Canon, Sony and some other are the leaders, making great products and have the profit to develop the next generation.

            Look at the M240 CMOS vs the A7FF Sony, or Nikon 36Mp CMOS, clearly Sony and Nikon leading there.

            Leica is not in the business of producing CMOS but make a choice for that Belgian company, maybe with great ideas, will never lead to cost efficient manufacturing.

            Several independent test, also DXO, show where Leica stands vs the leaders

            That no judgement, that’s reality

  • Dave

    Some people have too much money

    • Frank Booth

      Some people don’t have enough money and cry about the people that do.

  • Mikko Moilanen

    Great! Just too bad I could not buy one 😀

  • I fail to see a story here. I mean, Leica releases a camera that they know will never get used and that the vast majority of photographers don’t even care about…but they give it an iconic ‘name’, drop it into a fancy box for a price that can only be described as obscene…and it (SURPRISE!) sells out immediately to a select group who undoubtedly believe it will become an annuity in their investment portfolio. Call me in twenty years when these untouched (and useless) cameras start popping up on the auction market for 200,000 Euro…now THAT will be news!

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