The first Leica store in Denmark is coming soon

A reader sent me this picture of the first Leica store in Denmark that will open soon in Copenhagen and will be operated by Photografica.

Update: here is another picture taken few days ago:


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  • binotto


  • James Donahue

    I would imagine that Thorsten Overgaard is going to be thrilled about this.

  • Simon

    Australia please…

    • Mr Dundee

      To cater to all those 14 people that can afford it and are into Leica’s downunder?

      • Simon

        As much as it pains me to feed the troll:

        Perhaps it doesn’t occur to you that Australia is in the top 10 of countries by GDP per capita (well above Denmark) in the top 20 largest economies, 2nd highest Human Development Index (behind Norway), is much larger than Denmark and much richer than many other countries that have a Leica shop.

        My brother has $40,000 worth of Leica gear.

        So either educate yourself or go home.

        What an idiotic comment.

        • James Donahue


  • marsupial

    With the current state of World-wide camera sales overall, ze German boys who have been keen on opening a new store-a-month recently, are in for some rude awakening soon…

  • Magnus Jorgensen

    Stop the madness Leica…we don’t need more of your fancy stores. Stick to cameras please.

    • Simon

      Sorry? What’s the problem with opening shops where they can actually sell the products they make? A shop that gives direct access to the company for service and support?

      This has been instrumental in Apple’s success, but not only Apple it’s a trend in luxury brands worldwide that recognise the value in having dedicated shopfronts. It gives the company greater control and ability to provide good service.

      • Jon

        Apple can afford it.
        Can Leica Camera AG? Or Photografica (since they’re probably just op’ing on a francise)?

        • Simon

          Good question, but they mustn’t be doing it if it didn’t make sense to them right?

          I’m in Melbourne and there’s a dealer here that has a Leica “shop within a shop” but it’s stuck up on the second floor next to their camera museum and there are hardly ever staff around. Most people wouldn’t even see it or realise that the few products they have are for sale.

          So l think Leica could do better than this and dedicated shopfronts staffed with highly knowledgable Leica aficionados are important.

          • Jon

            +1 the part about the staffing

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