New accessory: Walterleica Rollbar

New accessory from

Each Walterleica Rollbar is individually hand manufactured out of solid brass and aluminium - for Leica M digital cameras. This ingenious device provides two functions:

1. Provides better grip and add stable platform for the camera.

2. The allround rollbar serves as camera protection. Easy fitting. Bottom plate of camera can be removed with rollbar attached. Each rollbar is coated with Gunkote paint and the bottom plate is protected with Neoprene, which gives protection to the camera as well.

Manufacturing time: Approximately 2 weeks from date of order.

Price: US$ 145 (Postage by registered airmail included).

Product video:

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  • Big Al


  • Big Al

    I also thing this guy is in breach of copyright incorporating the LEICA name in his product. Wonder how LEICA feel about this?

    • David

      Maybe not. Leicagoodies have been around for years and they haven’t changed their name so far.

  • TopDownDriver

    Wasn’t April Fool’s a couple of days ago?

  • frank

    Looks like one of those sponge holders for your sink. I’d just assume go to the dollar store and get one of those instead. I think they come in various stylish colors too.

  • CC

    You can learn a lot about a man from his watch 😉

    • Hermann

      Regarding the watch, looks like a IWC classic

  • Mike

    This has to be about the most stupid accessory I have ever seen for a leica. Take an item of near perfect design, stick a massive bunch of wire around it that destroys all mater of ergonomics, and STILL does not protect the bottom corners, then stick a stupid price tag on it cos its leica! Pass

    • David

      I agree. It doesn’t solve any problem at all, and seems to cause some instead. Better grip?? It looks horrendously uncomfortable in the shooting position.

      • Big Al

        It looks like it might actually cause wear to the camera body.

  • A Professional Photographer

    $145 Rollbar for your Leica rangefinder? Great! These are the products I hope to release soon:
    1. A pair of thick Leica gloves for those times when you want to use or just pick up your Leica, for $225
    2. A custom bubble mailer to send your Leica through the mail, for $95
    3. Special formula eye mist for Leica shooters only, $1200 for a bottle with 50 metered sprays
    4. 3-pack of hand-woven Men’s briefs for Leica shooters only, for $415. Please note: Compatible with M and S models only.

    • fjfjjj

      More! More!

    • wanna know

      Can I use the briefs to clean my lenses, or should I still use a filter?


    I’ve got a special LEICA hammer. For just $3999.99, you can have a special LEICA hammer which you can use to smash your LEICA. It comes in a special ‘break-glass’ red wooden cabinet so you can have quick, secure access to your LEICA hammer. If interested, just PM me. But wait, there’s more. For just $799.99 you can have a vulcanite grip on your hammer. Part of the al-la-carte range of LEICA custom-built hammers.

  • Say What

    I actually laughed out loud for a long time looking at that piece of crap. If I see someone using this I am most likely going to want to punch them in the face for it.

  • And another thing!

    What the hell is it suppose to do exactly? I mean, look at it. It looks like the only thing it might protect is the strap lugs. If you drop the camera it’s still likely to hit the top and smash the camera or the front and smash the lens, so what the hell is the use of that hideous contraption? All that extra weight, bulk, expense and annoyance for what? all on top you will look like a total douche that people want to laugh at.

    This has got to be the funniest, dumbest and most bizarre thing I have ever seen.

  • Stupid is more like it.

    Ingenious or UNgenious? I choose the latter.

    Takes two weeks from date of order. Here is how it happens:
    1.) Manufacturer is dumbfounded for 1 1/2weeks that someone actually ordered.
    2.) Proceeds to bend and shape the item in one day.
    3.) Then ships it in 2-3days.

  • Mardock

    A roll bar for your Leica?! ROFLMAO!

    What’s next, a pair of brass bull testicles covered in Hermes leather that you can swing from the bottom of the tripod socket?


  • CKDexterHaven

    I’m speechless. I have no speech.

  • stefano

    This MUST be a joke, for sure; I know there is no limit to people’s stupidity, but this cannot possibly be serious.

  • Richard

    Ridicule !

  • fjfjjj

    Just no.

  • ATP

    I think this is for the April fool, but he forgot to post it

  • Crowdedhousenl

    Well if you’re not able to compete with technology it has to be the things around it. It does have attraction to a certain number of people, but so does Mickey Mouse

  • Fart

    I sure wish they’d make one for the hassleblads

  • Bruce_K

    Pointless accessory of the year 2014: #1 prize.

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