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New Leica M10 accessories: body protective film and contrast lens

Walter Leica’s contrast lens accessory is now also available for the Leica M10 camera (more information available here). All body protective film for Leica M10 camera – it covers the entire camera and protects it from scratches:

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Leica digest

→ Think Tank’s new Signature shoulder bags are now shipping. → New Artisan & Artists LMB-M10 leather case for Leica M10 announced.

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New: Walter Strap Stedi D Luxe

Walter Leica has a new product: Walter Strap Stedi D Luxe – this is a new WALTER design where the Stedi is incorporated in a leather strap with a unique solid brass clasp. More details:

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New accessory from Walter Leica: “Strap Stedi”

Walter Leica just introduced a new accessory called “Strap Stedi” that will improve you handgrip when carrying a Leica camera. Watch this video for additional information on how the Strap Stedi works: Additional information:

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Walter Leica’s new contrast lens accessory for easier focusing

Walter Leica has a new contrast lens accessory with a special golden color coating which intensifies the light, resulting in better contrast for easier focusing. Here are the details:

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New accessory: Walterleica Rollbar

New accessory from walterleica.com: Each Walterleica Rollbar is individually hand manufactured out of solid brass and aluminium – for Leica M digital cameras. This ingenious device provides two functions: 1. Provides better grip and add stable platform for the camera. 2. The allround rollbar serves as camera protection. Easy fitting. Bottom plate of camera can be […]

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It does exist: Leica camera nut cracker

This is the new Walter Leica camera nut cracker, yours for  $160 (red dot and shipping included):

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M-Stedi grip for Leica M cameras

M-Stedi is a new type of gripping device made for Leica M cameras that installs on the strap ring: Fits every Leica M Camera from M1 to M9. It is easy to fit, no tools are required. Modular concept specially for Leica cameras. It enables relaxed shooting by resting comfortably in the shooting hand which in turn […]

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