Another picture of the Leica T type 701 camera

The above picture was originally posted in the comments section of my last Leica T post and is already circulating the Web. It seems that there is a Zeiss M lens attached to the Leica T cameras coupled with an adapter.

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  • Big Al

    Ugly. This is not a LEICA. Back to the drawing board I’m afraid.

    • NADA

      If it’s not a Leica, what is it? Doesn’t it being made by Leica mean thats its a Leica?

      • Frank Larsen

        Looks like a nex…

        • NADA

          And Fuji’s look like Leica’s. What’s your point.

          • Frank Larsen

            that it looks lik a nex?!?
            Fujis history is pretty long, maybe not as long as leicas but fuji’s dont look like the old leica’s either, so I guess you’re wrong.

          • hexx

            Fuji looks like Fuji, not like Leica, look up their RF MF cameras.

          • Sky

            Just did, it looks nothing alike X-pro 1 or any other X-mount mirrorless.

          • hexx

            oh Sky, just put to google images Fuji x-pan -> it’s that easy, ok? (i guess you don’t need to search for pics of Leica)

          • hexx
          • hexx

            and from the same website (look at the lens hood for example)

    • hexx

      Agree, very ugly indeed.

  • T-NDA ;)

    Construction is new, think Macbook Air Unibody – Industry first for Cameras…. Like one piece machined Top plate of Leica M’s but more extensive, top & front / bottom one piece…. back plate machined then fixed on. 😉

  • caasols

    it’s a Zeiss Lens.. not a leica Lens… and has an adapter..
    What’s the point of doing this if it’s not native m mount?

    • Zeiss lens, correct.

    • Stevieg

      Maybe just a spacer? The flange to sensor distance may be too small even for an “m-mount” lens.

    • Stevieg

      Also, m lenses have no electronics. T lenses may well be AF with electrical contacts. The spacer simply mounts an m lens at the correct distance from the sensor as an alternative to the native autofocus T lenses?

  • Mike Reif

    Looks like the SAMSUNG NX1000 😉

  • wildspin

    Is there a golden poo award for consumer products besides the one for companies? LOL

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Nothing matters because it is goldie lookin’
    Therefore it will sell very well to those who have many goldses but not many style. Wow. So bling. Much brag. Such swag.How yolo.

    • Uncle Herb

      I hope when you get through menopause you’ll shut the hell up.

      The odd thing is that you have some weird fan-base of equally pathetic losers that seem to love you inane comments.

      Keep hiding behind that camera you ugly old bat.

  • see4eye

    Looks like my nex6 just shed a few grams, wore a Johny Ive dress and a trinavi crown.

  • Bryan Campbell

    Umm guys… This camera is NOT GOLD. An Instagram like effect was applied to the entire image. Unless you believe that the lens and the girls jeans are ALSO gold.

  • stefano

    IF this is not just a rumour, they are still not quite there yet; WHY NO VIEWFINDER??? i know it seems to be a going trend, but the its absense is a serious problem – well, for me, at least; i gave up on the Leica X1, X2, all the Digilux models i briefly owned, the Sony RX100 and RX1, simply because i just cannot accept shooting like an idiot with a cellphone….and no, expensive add on EVFs do not do it either, they are like an afterthought.

    • just saying

      But I bet the cellphone guy takes better photos than you do. Can you prove us wrong?

      • stefano

        i really do not see why i should; i have absolutely nothing to prove to you, buddy! go ahead and keep taking crappy shots with your phone, i will stick to proper cameras, thank you very much

        • just saying

          Just as I thought.. big money, big talk, big photos but small dog

          • stefano

            just like i thought, you are one of those trolls who spend their life trying to pick up useless arguments online. relax, i do not have time to waste on you or your silly insults, you are either a child of have the mental age of one. go play with your iphone, i am done talking to you.

          • just saying

            Why so worked up? Can’t find your dog or cat to take a photo and show everyone how you’re better than people who use cellphones?

        • hmm

          Why do you hate ppl who take photos with cellphones? Did your husband leave you for one?

          • stefano

            oh, we have a comedian here too. i am out, go ahead and entertain each other, i am sure you will be happy

    • Blake

      three reasons:

      – size
      – cost
      – focus groups

  • parallels

    Hasselblad wants to be like Leica, uses Sony…
    Leica wants to be like Sony, uses Panasonic…

    • NADA

      This isn’t a panasonic body. It’s Audi designed, made in Germany.

      • guest

        Audi. A Volkswagen for people with more money and less sense.

  • henri j. w.

    I like the champagne finish. Well done, Leica.

    • NADA

      It’s actually just silver. They’ll come out with a black anodized finish later.

      • Can’t wait

        Yep.. it is silver plastic. Buttons are rubber. Well done Leica (red Leica dot is made in Germany.. other parts in China)

        • Simon

          How do you know this? Others are saying it’s machined metal (aluminium presumably).

          Still, the design doesn’t appeal to me. I’m really confused about this model and its target audience.

          It seems to me a better way to make a cheaper interchangeable lens camera is with an X Vario style body (no viewfinder or rangefinder) and M-mount.

  • Dah…

    Skip…. I rather go with FUJI… if this is the real thing… The only thing I like about a Leica body is range finder where no shutter lag… any camera which require the sensor to do focus will introduce lag….

  • Dr. K

    Apple driven design inspiration. Wouldn’t be surprised if there were no physical buttons on the rear, so i am expecting a larger screen. Would not expect it running iOS though..

  • Hakan

    Very clever but also a brave move from Leica. Looking at two latest lens designs: the lens on the X Vario and especially the Nocticron Leica shows it can deliver close to M class lens quality with auto-focus. Performance from Nocticron despite the MFT sensor size is outstanding. An APS-C camera having top class lenses will offer a system with IQ close to M quality with auto-focus at much less the cost. Also having a shorter flange focal distance, it will allow use of other lenses via different adapters like what you can do on the Sony Alpha 6000 and A7R. What’s critical here is the sensor and lens quality. For example a sensor that can deliver close to at A7R IQ and well corrected lenses with higher micro contrast that are better than Zeiss E mounts will make it a successful compact system.

  • T-NDA ;)

    Apple didn’t just make that 1 off Leica M-RED Camera for no reason.
    Collaboration has occurred.

  • padam

    For this kind of application, the Sony NEX5N or the Ricoh GXR M-mount is just as good for way less. (Unless there will be a bloody good EVF option but even there is, it would still cost a fortune, the good old Olympus one that is available for the M240 is more likely)

  • darius

    If this is no fake, how does this optical system cope with the required longer lens flange of M-mount lenses? The photo does not reveal the real thickness of the body but it looks rather flat and the lens on the pic is attached directly to the body without further extension ring

    • Dr. K

      Are you implying that its an M-mount camera?

      • JCM


        • Kynikos

          The only thing Leica will be mounting here is the hipster customer base.

          • Simon

            I had to log in to like your comment! LOL!

            Funniest on here in a while!

          • Uncle Herb

            You’re a fucking retard. This is as far off from “hipster” as any camera I’ve ever seen.

            Do you even know what a hipster is? Or did you just learn this derisive comment from some other morons with their heads up their asses on a camera forum?

          • Kymono

            Doubt it. HIpsters are first adopters. What is the ‘first’ here? APCS, solid body construction (yawn) or fumbling to interchange lenses?

          • Herbie

            Do you even know what a “hipster” is? This is the farthest thing from a hipster camera that was ever designed.

            You wanna see a “hipster” camera? Look at the Fuji X line. A Leica rip-off for people who are too lazy to actually TAKE a photograph.

          • Kynikos

            Herbie: “This is the farthest thing from a hipster camera that was ever designed.”

            Really, Son? It won’t be gear for serious photographers. It’s “Oh look at me. I’ve got a Leica, even if I’m too cool to admit I care. I mean, look, it’s the colour of Jacques Cartier’s urine–that’s quality right there. Oops I meant Henri Cartier-Bon-Bon… oh, you know who I mean. That guy, you know, who took those pictures. I think it was, like, at Woodstock. If Woodstock was today, he’d totally use this. I think he even said so on MTV.”

          • hexx

            “Look at the Fuji X line. A Leica rip-off for people who are too lazy to actually TAKE a photograph.” dude, seriously, have you actually seen fuji and if yes how can you call it leica rip-off? they have absolutely nothing in common with leica but have a lot in common with their own RF cameras of past years. you are one of those who believe that leica is the only manufacturer of RF cameras – that just shows your ignorance.

          • tim

            Well … the X-Pro1 dimensions are near identical and Fuji was quick to release an M adapter 😉

            Anyway, Leica M is far from retro styled, so I agree. If only Fuji had as much class …

          • hexx

            Well, to be honest, how much class has been lost since lovely M6? M9 doesn’t even remotely feel like M6 or other film bodies.

        • Dr. K

          (t)win mount then?

    • EnPassant

      You better have your eyes checked.
      I clearly see a black ring with a M release button. That is the Leica M adaptor!
      The lens release button on the camera is closer to the bottom, as can be seen on the earlier leaked photos in he previous post. In this photo it is hidden by the lens.

  • JCM

    The other photos indicate it has two flush-mounted dials (like the NEX-7) for adjusting shutter speed and aperture and the two Leica branded lenses shown have no aperture rings on them. When other manufacturers are moving towards more manual control Leica is moving back toward the automated point and shoot mentaility.

    • JCM

      Two lenses, one prime and one zoom, both made by Panasonic for Leica. No aperture rings.

      VARIO-ELMAR-T ASPH f3.5-5.6
      8-56mm zoom (x1.5 crop = 12-84mm)

      23mm prime (x1.5 crop = 46mm)

      • EnPassant

        18-56mm (x1.5 crop = 27-84mm!)
        23mm (x1.5 crop = 35mm!)

      • Thanks, keep us informed if you get more info.

  • EnPassant

    This camera has a lot in common with the Sony NEX-7.

    The top plate has exactly similar dials, buttons built-in flash and hot-shoe in same place as NEX-7. Only difference are the microphone holes on the top plate instead of on the front.

    On the front the LED lamp moved to the other side so the Leica dot could be in its usual place. Missing is the receiver for the infrared remote control on the grip of NEX-7. But maybe it also moved to the other side. Lens release button is however in same place as on Sony E-Mount cameras.

    Conclusion: Inside this camera could actually use the main build from NEX-7. Albeit most likely hevy modified, propably different sensor and other things and surely using Leica’s own firmware.

    The interesting part is NEX-7 has a built in EVF!

  • Dr. K

    It is not reasonable for Leica to use a Sony sensor and Panasonic lenses….

  • I’m not that stupid

    Little bit cheap looking Leica pocket camera for 3000$ VS Canon Eos M with pancake lens & AF adapter & flash 295$

    • Kynikos

      But the Canon M is a piece of crap that can’t autofocus well. So bad, Canon appears to have abandoned it outside Japan completely.

      • the truth

        Eos M autofocus is quite good after firmware update. It is well made and produces good pictures. That Leica looks like cheap crap compared to it.

      • Only the second part of your comment is remotely correct

  • DouglasGottlieb

    No viewfinder. No native M mount. No stealth — thanks to the shiny silver skin and big red dot that screams “steal me.” No thanks.

  • peterd

    looks like a machined block of aluminum -as in apples unibody laptop chassis… sturdy yes but no vulcanite grip nor hump for fingers or thumb. so maybe Colma and Wetzlar want the X/Vario t be retro/M looks and the T eeeeeh forward looking…

  • Cov

    Already saw it live. Kaufmann had it hanging around his neck last tiem he visited vienna. I was told that machineing one single camera body takes roughly 50 hours, so its a very sophisticated construction.

    • Thanks for the info.

    • vulkanitwit

      50 hours…yada, yada. This is not what Leica needs to build to attract new users. The Summarit lenses are great but people still ‘upgrade’ to ‘crons and ‘luxes. There needs to be a ‘marit body.

    • M

      Roughly 50 hours to machine a single camera body? Did this chap then proceed to sell you a bridge and some magic beans?

  • M

    “Designed by Audi”. Really? What could Volkswagen’s rep mobile division teach Leica about camera design?

    • EnPassant

      You obviously never heard of the Limited Edition Leica M9 Titanium designed by Walter de’Silva of Audi Design:
      Giugiaro is mostly known for designing cars but also worked with Nikon since the creation of F3.
      And Porsche designed Contax cameras for Kyocera.
      It is not strange at all as good industrial designers can design almost everything just as photographers can do a lot of different kind of photography.
      Design by the way is about the outside, look and ergonomics. Engineers are still working on the inside.

      • M

        Giugiaro’s design for the F4 was fresh thought imposed upon a traditional technology. He rewrote the design language of professional camera bodies. The design was hugely controversial at the time.

        The M9 Titanium was primarily a ’boutique tweak’ designed to become an aspirational icon for a luxury brand, make people forget that the M9 was becoming long in the tooth, and to part Dentists from their investment wrappers.

        The Audi input into these latest cameras appears to be simple brand engineering. Compare the dlux6 to the Panasonic lx7 and explain the genius of the Audi design to me?

        You are entitled to your opinions on design, but that does not mean you are correct.

        • RMD

          It does not mean he is wrong, either.

  • Origamy

    Looks solid. If this has X2 quality images AND can handle wide angle M lenses, I’m almost sold. The design seems similar to the C series. Or Type C, whatever. How do they name the Type numbers, anyway? The latest S camera is Type 006, but this one is Type 700+?

  • sunnyinindia

    the new T-bayonet diameter seems to be larger than the Leica M attached. This could
    lead to the hope that Leica will start with an APSC system first with the option
    to go FF later, like Sony did with NEX E-Mount and Alpha 7 and EF lenses.

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