Leica T type 701 camera: what do we know so far?

The Leica T type 701 camera is rumored to be announced this month, most likely on April 24th. I've said many times in the past that the new T model will not be a MFT camera and it will not be based on an existing Panasonic model. The new mirrorless solution from Leica will be an APS-C based interchangeable lens system camera with AF and without a rangefinder (it will probably have an optional EVF). The body will be made in Germany and it will be very solid built with a special new/unique design/production process. Here are the two leaked images from two months ago:

The new T lenses will be made in Asia (most likely by Panasonic in Japan). You can also expect the latest technology to be implemented in the new Leica T: touchscreen, built-in Wi-Fi, etc. Leica will release several new T lenses by the end of the year - both primes and zooms. I believe Leica will also announce a new adapter that will let you use M lenses on the T body.

Price-wise the Leica T will be placed between the X and the M lines - that means that the US price will probably be slightly above $3,000 for camera+lens kit.

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  • Jeff Curtner
  • tim

    3000 without a built in view finder of some kind, hmmm. NEX look alike hmmm.

    Not much is know about this right? Other than its not 43rd, and the body is made in Germany, and the Zooms in Asia. Everything else was inferred, oder? I hope Leica can keep it a secret until the 24th!

    • I think it all depends on the lenses, if Leica uses some of the M lens designs, this will be a very interesting system.

      • tim

        Yes, a real Leica prime with autofocus would be nice, even if it were only one at a classic focal length and F-Stop . However, if this is distinct from the X system then should we expect a built-in view finder of some sort?

  • Just a speculation: If it is technologically possible, wouldn’t it make business sense to use the MFT mount, since both Leica and Panasonic is involved?

    • I don’t think the MFT mount can cover APS-C sensor.

      • camaman

        I the crop mode in camera naturally…
        But they wont make it. They want people to buy whole new lenses.
        Thats why new mount.

        I just hope they are stupid enough and mage it flange distance longer than M so that you cant even adapt M to it.

  • Anoynmous

    With these looks, it better be technically exceptional. From the front, it looks like a re-branded Samsung NX300 to me. Let’s hope the design is not yet finalized and that the real thing does not look anything like that.

    • waterengineer

      Totally agree.

  • waterengineer

    A very sad looking machine for Leica. it doesn’t seem to “fit” in with the design of the other German-made cameras. It appears to be a visual cousin of the rebadged Panasonic cameras though.

    • MJr

      Look more like a Samsung NX type of thing.

  • Antony C

    Cheaper than lunar yay!

  • hexx

    I just hope they will stick with standard design (i was surprised how well vario is made) not with those images featured on Huff’s website -> that’s f**k ugly

  • Big Al

    This is awful. LEICA need to realise that people like me, who don’t have much money, but dream of owning a LEICA, want a LEICA M body that is affordable and will take the M lenses. No offense, but we don’t want re-badged Panasonic cameras. This camera just looks like a Sony NEX. I’m bored already. Nothing to see here.

    • MJr

      The M-E is already as ‘cheap’ as it’s going to get for a M body. Mostly because the rangefinder system is one of the most expensive parts, with Leica’s high standards in precision and German labor at least – it might even cost more than a full frame sensor. So even if they put a APSC sensor in there, an M is never really going to be cheap, and i doubt they’d start using plastic or cut corners in quality control. Still it’s not that difficult to realize your dream though, if you’re willing to jump into the used market.

      • tim

        The M digital cameras are made in Portugal and final assembly takes place in Germany. They are great cameras but don’t believe for a second that they are worth the cost. Remember Leica doubled their prices a few years ago that’s the kind of margins they work on.

        • tim

          Doubled their prices?

        • alealeale ale

          no they didn’t

        • Derp

          Not for long. In the new Leica Park in Wetzlar they have enough production capacity to produce all their bodies, lenses and whatnot in Germany. The T is made in Wetzlar too btw. 50 hours of machneing for a single camera body. I’ve seen it myself, its high precision and state of the art tech there, so it comes at a price.

    • tim

      Second hand M9 sells for about 3k. The M 240 looses about 1k per year in value. If that is still too much you could do what I did and buy a Minota CLE for 300 and shoot some film 🙂

      • Guest

        Or if you can afford a bit more, try to score a Zeiss Ikon on eBay, since they’ll be increasingly hard to find soon.
        Sure film is expensive but at least it forces you to be disciplined and not lazy.

      • Simon

        Or if you can afford a bit more, try to score a Zeiss Ikon on eBay, since they’ll be increasingly hard to find soon.
        Sure film is expensive but at least it forces you to be disciplined and not lazy.

    • NADA

      Im sorry but you’re not Leica’s market. They will never destroy sales of their main camera line to appease an increasingly smaller group of people who want the same product but for cheaper. This is your entryway into being a Leica owner. Spend the money on the lenses and eventually you’ll be able to afford the body you want.

  • Say what?

    I Like it

  • ed leskin

    In the world of the A7r this is a joke!!!! Leica is going down FAST!

    • I don’t think Leica is going down…but they are late to the game for mirrorless. The a7R is fantastic not only sensor wise, but I can use M lenses on it. Why Leica would want to produce a model with a new set of lenses ( probably not made in Germany) is beyond me. They should have left the mirrorless area a alone and stuck with the M and S…improving on an already good design.

      • NADA

        This is more focused on an entirely new market. 95% of the people who comment on bullshit blogs like this wouldn’t buy the camera no matter whats in it. This is more geared toward the tech and design world. The M is already a solid camera and will get its due upgrades. This is more of something to fill the gap between the X line and the M line. They weren’t going to introduce something with a built in EVF and a FF sensor because it would eat away at M sales.

        • Not sure what this ‘new market’ is. Leica was on the ropes and has battled back with X, M and S. Why run the risk with something new ( and completely new lens system not made in Germany?) I could be wrong, but stick with the niche you own. I think it’s a bad business risk.
          As to this being a bs blog… Why are you commenting then?

  • Denis Mamaev

    Looks like the 1st generation of NEX, doesn’t it?

  • Mark James Luzzi


  • Vivek

    It all depends on how it will make me look when I make selfies off a mirror. The price tag is irrelevent.

  • aria

    So Panasonic has been making cameras with Leica lenses, and now Leica makes a camera with Panasonic lenses! I got it.

    • preston

      Lots of the Leica branded lenses are actually made by Panasonic right now anyway so it doesn’t make much difference anyway.

  • Don McMahan

    can’t wait to see the affordable panasonic equivalent

  • fjfjjj

    I don’t see a shutter speed dial. Thank heavens. For a moment, I feared that Leica had abandoned M collectors all over the world.

  • Shamael

    1000$ for the camera and 2000$ for the red dot, the usual Leica game.

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