Leica S 100 years edition anniversary set now listed at B&H

Leica S edition 100 years anniversary set
Leica S 100 years edition anniversary set
The Leica S 100 years edition anniversary set is now listed at B&H. The kit includes a Leica S type 006 camera, Summarit S 70mm f/2.5 CS, Elmarit 30mm f/2.8 CS lenses and Rimowa Topas Multiwheel Cabin Trolley and costs $34,500.00 (the kit offers approximately $2,000 savings compared to buying everything separately).

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  • M!

    why not the 4K Leica S in this 100th edition? horrible product planning… unless they have a couple hundreds of these S 006 they cannot get rid of and figure this is a way to sell them off.

    • fjfjjj

      Collector’s editions are about remembering, honoring, and appreciating what used to be! And getting rid of old stock by wrapping it in velve… oh, foam? Oh dear me.

      • Kynikos

        Agreed–but the $2,000 off is better than calling it a Hermes Edition and charging an extra $10,000.

        Baby steps.

        • greger_pung

          But is it really 2000 off? Does the 5000 dollar trade-in rebate apply here? If not, you end up paying 3000 bucks for the trolley.

          • Kynikos


    • sperdynamite

      They almost certainly have a bunch of these they can’t get rid of. You’d have to be a dumb ass to buy this over a Phase. While capable of excellent images I’m sure, it’s so much more expensive for no reason.

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