New Leica S medium format camera coming at Photokina with a 40-50MP CMOS sensor and 4k video

Digipixelpop talked with a Leica rep at the 2014 NAB show and was told that the next Leica S will be announced at Photokina (September) with a new 40-50MP CMOS sensor and 4k video:

"Talking with a Leica rep at NAB in Las Vegas, I was told that Leica will be announcing a new Leica S camera with a 40-50 megapixel CMOS sensor at this year’s Photokina expo in Germany. The CMOS sensor is expected, as is the resolution bump, but what really surprised me was that there they were also adding video… 4K video."

This should not be a surprise since both Haselblad and PhaseOne announced new medium format cameras with CMOS sensors and 4k video seems to be the next big thing in video.

Update: the upcoming Pentax 645z medium format camera is also rumored to have 4k video.

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  • hexx

    The question is if it’s going to be the same CMOS sensor from Sony, and all those pixels being thrown away for 4K video – such a shame 🙂

    • Mistral75

      Not the same (30x45mm instead of 33x44mm) but probably a variation. Pixel count should be around 46-47 million.

  • Say What?

    This old news – people were talking about this on the Leica forum in January

  • big al

    I hope LEICA have some serious offerings in the APS-C sensor category. There are LEICA fanboys like me, dreaming about M cameras who would be pretty content if they could release something like the Fuji X-Pro-1 or X100s. They really could do a lot more to capitalise on the loyalty of potential users like me, who look at the X-Vario and think ‘no, too heavy, too slow lens” or the X2 and think it’s too much like a toy camera.

    • Neopulse

      Still would be too expensive for them to invest in a whole new CMOS system and lenses. The Fuji system isn’t bad since so far other lens makers are jumping in to make lenses for it and you can use M-mount adapter on any Fuji. Why not use that?

      • big al

        I want a LEICA. I love LEICA. I love the M cameras and lenses. I know film LEICAs can be had but I don’t want to get back into film. But there are two problems with LEICA digital Ms: one is money. The other is money. Having enough, and then spending it on a digital camera which will go obsolete. I love the M-E but I think it would be madness to buy one given the issues it has. Do you think LEICA will issue new versions of the M-E to correct the issues? Things like ISO performance and slow buffer.

      • big al

        The Fuji cameras are not rangefinders and I read that there are some issues with focussing and the image in the viewfinder jumping about and such. I don’t really understand it but I think it’s not the best solution. At the end of the day, if a man wants a LEICA, only a LEICA will do.

        • Neo

          Look, the Fujis have very good manual focusing helpers like focus peaking, a zoomed window where it shows the subject in perfect focus and the EVF is bright and clear enough to do visual focusing. Just try one or rent one with a lens like a… Zeiss Touit 32mm to try manual focusing with it. It’s not at all bad especially on an X-E2. Also money will always be an issue for anything, but in this case it is a big show stopper for many. The Leicas for having a CCD sensor aren’t known for high iso use. Meant to be shot at 100 or 200 max. The lenses are one of the best, one of the reasons why I’m striving to get the S. But don’t think about Leicas as disposable cameras that go obsolete every year or so. They are meant for being held onto and for certain looks in image and build quality. There are many Leica users who have M8 or R9s that are considered old, but still love using them. It’s not about the race to show who has the best, because ultimately Leicas DON’T EVOLVE much because it’s still manual with each model and maybe some new look. It’s not for everyone. And it doesn’t hurt having a slightly older Leica and another camera for more serious situations like bad weather or sports.

          • Sky

            Toys that way —>

          • Neopulse

            This has nothing to do with toys. It has to do with spending, and the problems it is causing for Big Al. So please leave the childish comments to yourself.

          • Martin

            You can shoot with an M9 or M-E (same chip) easily at ISO 640. Combined with one of the Summilux lenses, shot wide open, you have some surprisingly good low light level performance, especially as you can handhold this mirrorless camera at relatively slow shutter speeds. Of course, the M9 is not a high ISO champion, but don’t underestimate it. I have shot with one (and a Lux 35 FLE) at a night music festival and had some pretty good results.

        • poweruser

          Yes since there is no cure for stupidity

    • Neopulse

      Maybe the new Type-701 is to your liking.

  • Neopulse

    I’m glad this is coming out, I actually prefer the 37.5MP CCD than the CMOS that it will come with. As long as the prices of the S stay at around $16,950 before the end of the year I’m going to be hoping to own one by then.

    • valid questions guy

      Why? Have you used them both in raw?

  • sperdynamite

    $6 billion dollars body only. Ivory limited edition grip forthcoming.

    • Anto de Chav

      In MF termS the S is competitively priced!!

      • sperdynamite

        Not if you know what you’re missing from a phase camera or a Hasselblad. But really, Pentax just made the working man’s MF digital (for available light work, the studio market is already well served). This and the new model will be, like most Leica gear, for the rich only.

  • Jeff Allen

    Leica do not use Sony sensors it will be a CMOSIS designed sensor likely made by TowerJazz who now have a JV with Panasonic

  • Richard Grainger

    Wait on this? Or pull the trigger on a Type 006 with the $5000 discount? Decisions, decisions.

    • Anto de Chav

      Take the S.. its a good deal right can always take the new one later ,and right now we don’t know how good the IQ is,but we know the S files are very very good!!

  • Vivek

    It is 4K or bust! 🙂

    • sperdynamite

      Yeah, like Skyfall! Wait, that was 2.5k on a super35 sensor! Damn I can no longer enjoy it as it does not satisfy my pixel requirements.

  • Feel like I got a bit suckered with the S deal they just offered….

  • Peter

    Given the sample shots of the new phaseone, I would say sony sensor would outperform the new Leica S sensor, just as A7 outperforms M. Hope I am wrong.

  • Richard Grainger

    Just thinking out loud …… I wonder if a 48MP sensor with pixel binning for a 12MP higher sensitivity selectable option would be a possibility? Might even be able to keep it a CCD.

    • Neopulse

      That’d be great. Although Leica in itself has always given the finger to the latest and greatest stuff on multiple occasions and treaded on in their own path. Wouldn’t be surprised if they stayed with CCD, The S now is great. The only thing that they most likely would work on is the pixel count and ISO range (ISO 50-80 for example)/performance in my opinion.

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