More Leica T type 701 mirrorless camera pictures leaked online

The Czech website published few new pictures of the upcoming Leica T type 701 aluminum unibody that will be produced in Germany under a new and unique manufacturing process:

Leica-T-type-701-mirrorless-camera-4 Leica-T-type-701-mirrorless-camera-3 Leica-T-type-701-mirrorless-camera-5 Leica-T-type-701-mirrorless-camera-2

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  • camaman

    I wonder what the innovation in the process is…

  • Dr. K

    The viewfinder presence is beautifully hidden

    • Charles Zhu

      lol the view “FINDER” is hidden, that’s funny

  • Opps

    MacBook pro

    • guest

      Are you saying you’d rather have a five pound P4 boat anchor by Michael Dull?

  • Big Al

    So will this take the LEICA M lenses? I don’t like the absence of an optical viewfinder. It should have a hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder. It should be priced body-only at not more than £1500. If it was priced at much more than £2000, I’d say forget that and save a bit more for an M-E. LEICA, if they want to sell these, need to price them very cleverly.

    • It will take Leica M lenses with an adapter, like many other mirrorless cameras.

      • hakan

        Do you know if there is a coupling in the adapter so that the camera has the lens information?

        • I do not know, but my guess would be yes.

          • hakan

            It better has…because I can see it’s larger and heavier than the Sony ILCE-6000 (which has 24 Mp M Wide Angle lens friendly sensor and firmer grip). But I’ll buy this camera for the native T lenses which are autofocus. These can easily outperform even the best E mount Zeiss lenses from what I can see on the Nocticron.

          • This is the big question – how good will those T lenses be?

          • hakan

            Two latest autofocus small sensor designs (Nocticron and X Vario) are outstanding. Here is a shot at f/1.2 on the Nocticron, and this is from a MFT sensor..

        • Daryl

          The only information would be the six bit code to transfer the lens information itself, the taking aperture would not be transmitted. On current bodies the camera guesses the taking aperture based on an external sensor.

  • Big Al

    I re-read an older post. Seems the lenses will be made by Panasonic. Not interested. Reminds me of the scene from Alan Partridge where he says, ”I’m not driving a mini metro!’ and when his personal assistant tries to convince him, he says, ”Tyey’ve re-badged it, you fool!” The reference will be lost on non-UK folks, but the point remains. I want a LEICA M, and only a LEICA M will do. The only point of this T series is to allow people to get into LEICA M lenses with a cheaper body. I don’t want Panasonic lenses or design.

    • Big Al


    • hakan

      Try the Nocticron first (made by Panasonic). I inadvertently tried the pull the hood a few times thinking it was my Noctilux.

      • Nick

        I like the look of that lens. There are a few lenses coming in M4/3 that are making me consider switching – the nocticron and the new Oly 2.8 pro zooms for example.

  • Carlos

    So Leica is listening to and totally ignoring the Leica fans at the same time. The ask for APS-C is being responded, for a compact system and electronic viewfinder, too. Not though for a classic design and OVF. But stereo_mic+speaker seem to be part of the concept. This is a Leica seeking new customers, only, allowing open-minded existing customers to use their lenses adapted to a compact system.
    Do I like it? No, because its new. Yes, because its new.

    This is definitely a consumer camera for apple lovers, it’ll even more go down the fashion route, Leica the life-style camera, as it was for almost 40 years now, whatever Kaufi says.

    good luck.

    • James Donahue

      Get a Fuji X100S

      • Big Al

        Fuji has horrible UI. I have the X20, and I hate it. I much preferred the Panasonic LX7 ( rebadged by Leica as D-Lux 6)

        • Bigger Al

          Want some cheese for that whine?

      • Carlos

        have a non-S and am fine with it, the Software UI is horrible, but, hey once set I don’t fiddle with it much.
        It’s a great “compact”, only topped by the S and by the Ricoh GR (matter of taste). A Leica T, whatever good it is, won’t substitute the X100 for me.
        It may be a M8 replacement of some contemporanean kind, but still I’d prefer the 8.2 over it.
        I think the T is for people not yet set/stuck in something good. I’ve got enough stuff around to use, not enough time to do so. The A7 series doesn’t bother me much,the NEX less, What better other than style would the Leica T be?
        The only interesting feature to me these days are Colour deapth (S-Gamut from A7S, F65, BMPCC), but theres a long way to go.
        Well if Leica doesn’t come up with just another NEX, but a wildly colour crazy camera, I’d have a look at it.
        Otherwise, give it to the newbees.
        GAS running out. 😉

    • Ironymous

      Yes, we wis Leica good luck. This is Leica trying to innovate. And build a small camera in honour of Barnack, 21st Century style. This is their attempt to break with tradition and create a contemporary camera to attract a new audience, which in turn will enable them to keep making the classic camera for you and I. Viva Leica!

      • fjfjjj

        “Keep making a classic camera for I.”

        Oh the irony.

        • Alejandro Czeisler

          The actual phrase he used was: “which in turn will enable them to keep making the classic camera for YOU AND I” witch is grammatically correct and not ironic in the least. He has a very valid point and you should not make fun of him just because he is not native English speaker.

          • fjfjjj

            Inserting “you and” does not make “I” correct. His mistake is very common among native English speakers who fancy themselves intelligent.

          • Alejandro Czeisler

            I only posted my response because I thought your comment was out of character with what I thought was a very insightful young woman. I believe you are better that this pettiness. All grammar aside, you did misquote him and made him of him. That does not make you seam smarter.

    • Fabulo

      Leica users -> Apple users… out of the box experience
      Canon/Sony users -> Windows/Linux users… ready for taking matters on to own hands
      Nikon users -> Leica wannabes
      M43 users -> Commodore users…
      Pentax users -> They use pen and paper cos they don’t know how to turn a computer on

      • Simon


      • M

        Interesting Pentax comment, their new 645Z announced today makes the S2 look like redundant….

  • Daryl

    Thanks admin for posting, it is not often the outer body casing is shown, and even rarer to see it prior to introduction if ever. Leica is an interesting company, they aren’t cutting edge (any longer) in camera design however the lenses are unsurpassed in imaging quality.
    The T could turn things around if they can couple cutting edge body technology with beautiful lens imaging. For all those that are negative about non-German manufacturing or assembly remember that Leica’s legendary lenses for many years were designed and built in Canada.

    • Simon

      True, but Canada isn’t Japan or Portugal.

      Personally I think Leica’s soul is in Germany and I’ll only buy Leica products made in Germany. I like Italians to make my clothes. Does that make me racist or just a snob? 😛

      Leica sure are interesting to watch right now!

  • Ironymous

    I just think the Nex form factor is nuts and possibly designed by someone who hates cameras, so they made one that is uncomfortable as possible especially when you load a long lens on it. And here is Leica copying the non-ergonomy most uncomfortable camera possible.

    • ironymousse

      Someone who knows cameras won’t use a long lens on a mirrorless. For 99% of others the nex is a perfect design. Look at their sales.

    • JustForReplying

      I shoot primarily with a NEX7, I love the tri-navi, and I mount old glass on it. Canon FD, Leica M, etc. Have you seen the size of a 50mm summicron? It’s TINY. And it is essentially a 75mm equivalent. If Leica released something like the NEX7 where I can mount M lenses without an adaptor I would definitely consider it. I also appreciate the NEX7 having the EVF to the side like a rangefinder and not in the middle, reason why I can’t consider an a7 or a7r as a good replacement even if they do have full frame sensors. The quality is good enough already on APS-C that the size and speed plus the ability to use old manual lenses on it just makes it hard to beat for my needs. There is no way I would ever carry around a big DSLR for street photography. It is comfortable for me at least, aperture and focusing on the lens, ISO, shutter speed, white balance and exposure comp on the right hand which I can do all with my thumb only. It’s really that simple. I agree with other NEX models you have to deal with more menu system and takes more time to change things, reason why I think the tri-navi in that form factor is really just great. /Rant

  • KT

    It’s a Leica that Johny Ives could have designed and that will be the main selling point. Any word about who’s manufacturing the APS-C sensor?

  • T-NDA ;)

    As I mentioned prior… there is a reason (that may not go public) that Apples Sir Ives designed that 1 off Leica M. 😉

  • Dr. K

    Wondering if it’s made out of aluminum.

  • Ms.KrystalMeth
  • Vivek

    Is this recyclable?

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    Again I have waited for Leica to present an “M8.3”, and here we are with a Samsung/Sony styled camera. Without EVF (of course you can buy a rebranded Olympus EVF). Made in alluminium. Cool. Not. The last real Leica remains to me the Monochrom. I know it’s a T and not an M Leica (it’s not a rangefinder), but why not adding a nice EVF with a “split focus” function as on x100s? Just an idea.

    • Leica M8.3 is essentially the M-E.

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        I disagree: M-E is basically an M9. M8 and M8.2 have an APSC size sensor as this new T. M-E, M9, M9P, Monochrom and M240 have a bigger 35mm sensor

        • tim

          M8.2 was a little more than APS-C IIRC.

          In any case, what is the point of a rangefinder with anything less than FF, for which you can get the M240, 220, MM … or a secondhand M9 which will start around 2500 with very good condition.

          So if someone wants a cheap rangefinder, a 3 year old Leica will cost not much more than what Sony or Fuji offers … which are also alternatives.

          • MarcoSartoriPhoto

            Well, fact is that m8 has not a 35mm size sensor, like this type T. We can choose from MP if we love film, and from m240, the last M “full frame”, or again a Monochrom. M9 is still good, but older than M240. This type T is not a new M8 (perhaps nobody but me is waiting for a digital M8.3), and it looks like an aluminium Samsung ICL camera. What I’m saying is that this camera has not the “soul” of Ms

          • tim

            I would have preferred something along the lines of the X-Vario, with an EVF. Leica does this … well have to wait and see. If this is what it is then I will wait for a comparison against the Ricoh GR, both in function and dimensions – apparently there is an increasing market for such cameras and I can understand why.

            But if you want the soul of an M, then just buy one.

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        What I’d like is to see something like Zeiss Ikon Concept 2013.

    • Pantechnicon

      Hypothetical question for you: If someone de-badged an X100s, and put a skin on the user interface to look more German, and charged you twice as much for it, what faults would you find with it?

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        Well, re-badging an already existing camera, perhaps putting a red dot logo on it, it’s called customer milking or smart move, depending on which side of the counter you’re standing, in a shop. 🙂
        Jokes aside, here Leica is showing a new line of products, a T camera with a different mount and an APSC size sensor. My main complain is that this camera looks like a point and shoot. Where’s the EVF? I don’t believe the “you will buy the new EVF model once it’ll come out while keeping the camera” rule: it never happened to me so it does not apply to me (and to many friends of mine).

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        And x100s looks gorgeous as it is. It has a fixed lens so it’s different than this T model. As I wrote somewhere below, a really nice concept is the Zeiss Ikon Concept 2013 (google it), and I wonder why Leica, who had the guts to “offer” something like Monochrom, is so shy in taking a step forward. Perhaps they’re afraid of ruining their own market, but this new model could have been the right one to start with, being a different thing.

        • Pantechnicon

          That Zeiss Ikon concept would turn some heads… Thanks for mentioning it.

  • Charles Zhu

    I think I’ll stick with my contax g2 🙂

  • Charles Zhu

    people who would buy this camera are people who can’t afford leica M. so when you show people this camera you are telling people you are a leica wannabe but don’t have the money for it

    • fjfjjj

      People who would buy the Leica M are people who can’t enjoy photography without simultaneously thinking about the fanciness of their camera. So when you show people that camera you are telling people you are a photographer wannabe but don’t have the humility for it.

      (Disclaimer: I am a Leica M owner)

      • Charles Zhu

        you make good point that many people buy leica as a status symbol, like nice watch as jewelry, which is why i say the cheaper yet still over priced and rangefinder doesn’t make sense as a status symbol

      • Alejandro Czeisler

        I guess that is why I haven’t bought a Leica camera yet, though I learned photography with B&W film and my father’s old M3 during my college years.

        (Disclaimer: I am a Nikon owner)

    • regular

      Nonsense. A second-hand M9 in excellent state is 2500 euros.

    • Pantechnicon

      As I said to my portfolio manager the other day, “Wealth is no guarantee of adequacy”.

  • AndreasAM

    A six bit-coded “metabones” speedbooster, made and tuned by Leica themselves, for the M-lenses would be nice!!

    • asdf


  • Dan
  • Dan


    • Dan

      invite overlay

      • Dr. K

        That’s a tiny invitation

  • Mardock

    Memo to Leica: Worry less about the mechanical manufacturing process (it’s already more than good enough in higher end Japanese cameras with magnesium alloy bodies), and concentrate on sensor performance and electronics. The latter is chiefly where your cameras have fallen behind for the past half-century now.

    We know you can build great mechanicals. And we know you can build great optics. You need to work on your electronics. Nobody cares if the Type T comes in an Oyster case.

    • Regular

      When manufacturers shifted from photog cameras to geek cameras (“better electronics”, more Mpx and insanely useless sensitivity and bells and whistles), you geeks were laughing at traditional photographers.
      Now manufacturers are shifting from geek cameras to hipster cameras (aluminum, automatic upload to instamatic) and now we are laughing at you!!! Because hipsters use cameras just like any other fashion accessory.

      And film photogs will continue to be happy using their good ol’ Leica M7.

      (True story: last month I saw a hipster-girl with a Rolleiflex. She was shooting photos of her friends by focusing her iPhone camera through the WLF of the Rolleiflex :((

      • sperdynamite

        There is very little hipster in the X-T1. It’s a lot more utilitarian than any currently produced Leica. What’s more ostentatious, countless ‘special editions’ and a miraculous ‘P’ upgrade that increases the price and adds next to nothing to a product, or good simple design that makes a true hybrid from past and corrent technologies with very little ‘white glove’ bullshit? I too am a film photographer and my Hasselblad, Nikons and no Super 8 cameras make me money. Hipsters are trust fund wanks. Please stop confusing people who appreciate craft with the children of rich people.

      • enases

        I don’t get it, did she photograph the WLF image with the iPhone or did she take a photo of her iPhone display with the Rollei? Who understands those hipsters anyway. 😉

    • asiafish

      Half century? How was the M5 behind? Semi-spot metering that remains arguably the best metering in any M camera to date.

      D-Lux 2 behind? People still seek them for their image quality and ergonomics 10-years later.

      M Monochrom behind? Its still the only camera of its kind and likely to be a cult item long after it is discontinued.

  • fjfjjj


    • It’s a dude

      Finally a real picture of you

      • fjfjjj

        All along I was Jony Ive.

        • blah blah blah

          No,just the alter ego of a bald old man

          • One More Thought

            He’s not an old man…rather middle aged…and he’s the greatest industrial designer of our era.

          • AJ

            you mean best known

          • more thoughts

            Greatest? Oh please

          • Alejandro Czeisler

            It irks me when people like you put down excellence. Accomplish something before you judge.

  • Big Al

    Any indication/ideas about price for boy, lenses?

  • Waiting4Godot

    When the X Vario, alias Mini-M, was revealed, people failed to appreciate the excellent value proposition of an outstanding Leica lens with AF and small form factor. Attention centered on the slow spec of the lens rather than the high optical quality and excellent form factor of the whole package. The T seems most intriguing to me with its potential for deliver a really nice form factor with the ability to mount M and T lenses on a light, versatile system camera. Leica delivers quality products for purist photographers and the T could easily prove to be its most versatile product yet. Having initially misunderstood the X Vario introduction, I’ll be paying much closer attention to the concept of the Typ T. It could very well be the best APS-C camera yet released.

    • RMD

      One other issue with most digital cameras is what to do when a component fails. Presently the only option is to “recycle” it. This new construction almost looks like a platform for the next 100 years. If executed with the future of imaging in mind, I can imagine repairable/replaceable/up-gradable components being fit onto this frame for many decades to come. You don’t need a new camera ever 5 years, you just need to upgrade a component – eg a failed sensor, or a better sensor that fits into the same space.

      • Pantechnicon

        I’m sure people thought that about the M8.

    • Pantechnicon

      Anyone could be forgiven for having ‘initially misunderstood the X Vario introduction’: it was one of the most inept product launches of recent years.

    • I feel that you flagrantly abused the phrase ‘value proposition’

      Maybe at $1800, not at original MSRP. Not close.

  • Jimrod

    Panasonic’s move into apsc. Not a Leica really.

  • One More Thought

    We already know what the reactions will be from the internet commentariat: it’s too expensive, the specs don’t measure up…

    But the optics and operation and build will be superb…and Leica will still sell it to their market…and so Leica will still keep on making handsome profits while most camera companies are losing money.

  • T-NDA ;)

    Invitation is circling in Singapore for an event on APR 29TH at 1830pm…… “about the essence” “about the touch” – ” we invite you to hold a new masterpiece of german engineering in your hands… Leica innovation that is made to be touched. “.

    29 April 2014, 6.30PM Tuesday | Leica Camera presents a new Focus.

    Do you remember your first kiss? There is nothing more special and inspiring than the first touch. Come and join the haptic experience of a Leica innovation that is made to be touched.

    We invite you to celebrate with us and be the first to hold a new masterpiece of German engineering in your hands.

    We would be delighted to set this milestone together and take this opportunity to invite you to the launch event on 29th April, Tuesday at the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


    This event is strictly by invitation. Please register your attendance along with your guest’s names by 24th April.

  • RAS

    Does this thing have a built-in EVF?

  • Pantechnicon

    Let’s hope that Leica have something refreshing and innovative here.

    Personally, I read this design as a derivation/ impersonation of Sony/ Apple/ Samsung design language, and that in itself does not bode well.

    Still, it won’t be long before we can head to a “boutique”, handle one, and decide for ourselves.

  • Carlos

    This will be the first non M leica getting a native m mount. I bet you.
    That’s the real kicker here. A M with APS-C would cost as much as the M240 or near. Better to create a new line with modern features, but without the rangefinder. EVF is the future, AF, LV, too.
    It’ll cost 3500 body only. Lenses AF for 1000-1500 range, or your m lenses at known prices.

    • Are you sure about that? The info I received is that M lenses can be mounted only with an adapter.

  • That Leica has marginalized the process of bringing a camera up to your eye, and composing a shot… Is a little sad to me.

    These afterthought, bolt-on viewfinders are not at the heart of any non-M cameras from them. Instead, they function like an iPhone

  • Shamael

    1000$ for the camera and 2000$ for the red dot, like usual.

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