More details on the upcoming New Leica M 240 firmware update v2.0.0.14

Leica M Type 240 camera
A quick update on my original post from yesterday - I received few more details on the upcoming Leica M 240 v2.0.0.14 firmware update (FW_M240_2_0_0_14.FW):

  • Add blue lines for focus peaking
  • Exposure compensation will work without pressing and holding down the button on the front
  • Ability to set minimum and maximum ISO for auto setting as well as minimum shutter speed
  • Improved virtual horizon / leveling overlay to live view
  • Other improvements
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  • Enzo

    Please Mr Leica, add the support of the olympus Vf-4 !!!

    • Leon Roy

      From what I understand, the Maestro processor in the M240 does not have sufficient horsepower to drive the extra pixels in the VF-4.

      • Enzo

        The maestro can manage the big sized file of the Leica S!
        Plus the Vf-4 is compatible with a LOT of mirror less olympus via an update. some of these old mirror less olympus have less processor power than the type240.

        Leica just don’t want to make it compatible because the bf-4 is WAY BETTER than the 500$ leica visoflex EVF2!

        • JD

          There are rumors of a new visoflex Typ2. Hopefully this comes out with the new T (and not the new X later in the year)

      • Carlos Danger

        that’s another repeated internet rumor. perhaps first(?) planted by someone who wants to sell the $500 pos.

    • ck_dexter_haven

      Why would they do that?

  • Steven Pinker

    How about being able to see the histogram without gray banners obscuring a quarter of the image?

  • NoMeJodas

    I’m wondering if this update will make Auto-ISO usable again in manual mode. The current behavior of falling back to the last manually set ISO value (which could be days old), is just illogical.

    • lets hope so….its disgusting that this issue (along with a load of others) were not fixed before release, let along a year and a bit down the line….its beyond a joke.

  • camaman

    Setting the lowest shutterspeed sounds interesting.
    Something that every system should have. Duh!

    • guest

      They already do. Your brain says ‘Don’t do 1/15 dummy, it’s too slow.’ Your system doesn’t have that?

      • camaman


    • R. Popeel

      Most cameras do have’s called “S” mode. Set it and forget it. I do not see why all these calamities about a non-issue.

  • ck_dexter_haven

    I’m so completely sick of the constant appeal to the “white glove’ audience. I guess if you can’t justify the prices with engineering or innovation, you’ve got to try to pass your goods off as ‘jewels.’ When i think of the great ‘leica photographers,’ i think of people like Elliott Erwitt, who would keep his lens in one pocket and body in another, and just put ’em together when the shot arose. Or, Garry Winogrand, who just got snot all over his gear and negs…. Even HC-B, who was aloof and snobby wasn’t nearly this level of ‘ponce.’

    Leica is such a parody of itself these days.

    • frank

      You’re spot on. Your view was exactly the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the image associated with the article. It’s not just Leica’s marketing, it’s some of the users too. I once had a guy ask me if I wanted to buy his Leica M3. As I went to take it out of his hands, he pulled back and said that I couldn’t touch it because he didn’t want the oils from MY hands touching it. Apparently the oils from HIS hands must anointed and mystical since he’s a Leica owner (notice I did say shooter). I told him if I couldn’t touch it I wasn’t interested since I needed a camera to shoot with not to put under Plexiglas and admire.
      Now that Sony has release the A7/R/S, I’m wondering just how much longer Leica will survive. Back in the film days Leica owners would tout how superior their lenses were. And many were in the right to do so. But we mere mortals didn’t have a way to literally compare Nikon/Canon/Leica. Now with the internet, we can all easily see side-by-side comparisons (albeit in 8-bit JPEGs). I think that the internet has caused the Leica mystique to evaporate and it’s reputation has begun to come back down to Earth from the stratosphere. Don’t get me wrong, their glass is amazing, but just not cotton glove, God’s gift to the world amazing. Leica, however, would like for us all to ignore the man behind the curtain.

      • Evil Ted


    • James Donahue

      Snot all over his gear. My my, you are very observant of Mr Winogrand.

      • ck_dexter_haven

        That actually comes from a story (often) told to me my my former employer /mentor, who was an AD/Creative Director in NYC advertising through the ‘Mad Men’ era. Winogrand and Erwitt were friends of his. He used to say that Winogrand would come to him for work and he once said, “I can’t give you the job because the negs will come in with snot on them.”

    • guest

      This is really no different than an auto show where last year’s model with new paint and hubcaps is being demoed by some girl you’re never going to lay. Did did realize that didn’t you? I don’t recall Leica ever implying their cameras were “jewels” except as a synonym for a precision assembled product. It’s the users doing that; “jewel”, as some delicate, precious object that can’t ever be scratched or dinged. So blame them. If you just want to rag on Leica at least pick something valid, something that is genuine; there’s lots. Leica would want to know. But they’re German, so if you’re just going to blubber on don’t be surprised if you’re ignored. Thanks!

      • ck_dexter_haven

        Really? You think that’s the same thing?

        Maybe if the model were sealed in a plastic suit so as not to ‘spoil’ the car…..

        And, aren’t you negating your own argument? You don’t recall Leica implying their cameras were jewels, EXCEPT when they do….. And, even that’s implying you’ve read/heard all of their communications. But, never mind that. My use of the word Jewel was not a direct quote of anything, hence the single marks….. Not sure why this is upsets you so much, unless you feel you have something at stake. As a former owner of six Leica cameras over the past 10-ish years, I do say that leica’s current tack bothers me, but it’s not personal.

        Apologies if the topic doesn’t appeal to you. I’m just responding to what’s on the page.

        • Maybe this is stock photography and not an official Leica product picture?

          Even though I don’t believe in babying the camera, I like the idea that they baby it in the factory before sending it to me. Plus, a black camera shows up better against a white background and the gloves make the image race and gender-neutral for the PC crowd while showing the camera’s size (which isn’t a selling point—too big!).

          For any and all these reasons, I don’t mind the picture. But you are talking about a company that comes out with designer collectible versions of their cameras and has done so for a while, so it’s nothing new either way.

      • NoMeJodas


        There will be always people who love to collect items and this is not only limited to Leica or even to photography in general.

    • Super9075

      On the practical side…the current smooth satin silver chrome finish….which is great to look at… collects finger, nose and forehead grease from usage in a most annoying way. Its difficult to get off too and carries the risk of marking/starting to mark the chrome finish when you try and get it off. I’m still at the carefully applied hanky and spit stage. Anybody got a good but non intrusive way to get the grease of the camera or should I think about white gloves and surgical mask approach?? Phil in Mid Wales

      • tim

        I have a problem with sunscreen on my eye lashes smearing the view finder when I blink. Its a PITA to clean so I can understand the white gloves … even if they might not help me.

        I think I’m beyond help with my problem 😉

        • Super9075

          Hi Tim, are you the Tim who works at Halfords?

          • tim

            No, sorry, not me.

    • Tom Watkin

      I don’t think of my M as a jewel even if Leica does. I’ve already dropped it twice, so it’s got a few knicks. And I actually have carried a lens in my pocket. I know there are a lot of precious Leica photographers out there; I hope I don’t catch that bug.

    • John Ricard

      You are right on point. The funny thing is, Leicas look really cool as they age. It would be more appealing to me if they showed a Leica all banged and scratched and made it look like a durable war camera -rather than a collector’s item for the rich.

  • Bruno Mancia

    There are a few things that obviously need to be fixed, like thr broken auto iso setting in manual mode, the impossibility to move the focus point in live view, the impossibility to frame correctly in video mode and the impossibility to set exposure correction without the ergonomically absurd need to push the front button. Not talking about features wishes, but loooooong overdue fixes for surprising mistakes in a product of this category…

    • Tonto


    • Just sayin..

      If you push that button with the funny caption that says “LV” suddenly you’ll be able to frame correctly in Video mode. And there are no focus points to move around BTW. Didn’t your dealer tell you that this camera has to be focused manually? ROTFL

      • Bruno Mancia

        if you push the funny button LV you get the correct frame for still pictures (ask your dealer…) not for video. you may also notice that you can focus ( manually, as your dealer correctly informed you…) in live view mode enlarging the central part of the frame to make it easier, you should definitely ask your dealer to show you this, but you can not move the enlarged point from the center of the frame. Ask your dealer to show you any othr dsrl and, surprise, you will discover that they can do that. i am sure you dealer will be so kind, if you ask him politely, to explain you why this may actually be very useful.

    • NoMeJodas

      “the impossibility to frame correctly in video mode”

      When you start movie recording, the M240 will display black bars at the top and bottom of the screen and anything visible in the resulting 16:9 area is exactly what you get recorded in the file. Or am I missing something?

      In the rare occasions when I record a movie I prefer the RX100 for that and I never use the Leica LV for anything other than for precise framing with a wide angle lens. So I beg your pardon if I’m missing something that is obvious for videographers.

      • Bruno Mancia

        I am very sorry, I thought I was saying pretty obvious things and did not mean to upset anybody. What I meant is that on every DSRL or mirror less or pocket point and shoot with video capability there is usually a simple way to set the rear display to show the 16.9 area BEFORE you actually start recording you footage, therefore letting you accurately frame your video. I do agree that you can live without this and that you can find a workaround like start shooting and than reframe and than cut the first seconds when editing for example. My remark was only that I find wrong to omit a very simple and very useful feature available on every cheaper competitor from a top quality and top price product.

        • NoMeJodas

          No need to apologize. Now I get it. 🙂 But I guess it is unlikely to be added by Leica because as you said one can easily work around it and Leica want to keep the menu as simple as possible.

  • Pantechnicon

    Given the product development time for the M240, lots of owners would have wanted these features available at launch…. But kudos to Leica for adding them.

    Maybe Leica is the new Fuji?

  • Adam

    Umm… What happened to adding the shutter speed info into the viewfinder while in full manual mode? Sometimes when I’m shooting I need to make quick but slight adjustments to the shutter to compensate for the aperture, and I want to make sure that I’m slowing down the shutter to much, and I have to stop, and pull the camera away from my eye and look at the dial… SILLY business I tell you, and something that needs to be fixed!

    • Adam

      After reading all the comments, I can see that I’m clearly the only one on here using the camera in full manual mode… I’m gonna go get myself a cookie 😀 Leica clearly isn’t catering to my style of photography anymore.

  • garygraphy

    It is a wonder that everyone tries to be negative on what I generally consider to be a positive direction. Leica is taking user (our) feedback and improving their products based on that.

    For me, the min shutter speed and exposure compensation dial tweaks will make a big difference in how I like to shoot.

    • total bollocks, they dont listen to users at all…all these issues and plenty more have been prevalent for over a year…..when i look at this and see ‘adding blue lines’ as a firmware fix…what a load of shite.

  • eckri

    and no custom button to replace that stupid video button ?
    no horizontal line in the viewer ?
    no other EVF support ?

    Leica sucks , I have enough of that company and I am not alone …

    • “Improved virtual horizon / leveling overlay to live view”
      yeah, just complain without reading the text…
      Do you even own a Leica M 240? I doubt it.

  • The description here doesn’t actually describe a fix to what’s currently wrong with auto ISO: that it doesn’t automatically choose an ISO for a given manual shutter speed. Maybe they still don’t get it. We’ll have to see.

  • So we’re really going to have to wait a month so the update can launch on “M24?” I hope it’s because the firmware allows for a better EVF but I fear it’s really just because Leica is being cutesy again.

  • rafikiphoto

    Ah well, maybe next May 24th…

  • manufacturer2

    So, where IS this firmware update???

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