New Leica M 240 firmware update rumored for May 24th

Leica M Type 240 digital rangefinder front
A new firmware update for the Leica M type 240 camera is rumored to be released on May 24th (as M24x...) and will include a number of "feature requests".

Update: more details on the upcoming firmware update can be found here.

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  • Suwat P.

    No longer up date again.

  • Big Al

    One of the most requested features was a 75% reduction in price. Let’s hope this firmware update updates the price.

    • Mardock

      Too late for those who already bought one.

    • Say What?


  • Say What?

    Hopefully with one or two brand new lens profiles!

  • i was able to handle one at a Leica workshop last saturday. Main addition is the ability to set minimum and maximum ISO for auto setting as well as minimum shutter speed.

    • Thanks for the update.

    • But do you still have to set the shutter speed to Auto for Auto ISO to work? It’s really frustrating and stupid the way it currently “works.”

  • Quicker start up Please….. that’s the camera not me….but on second thoughts….

    • NoMeJodas

      Your comment made me curious because I never felt that the M240 is particularly slow in this regard compared to my other cameras so I just made a small test with a stopwatch to measure the time needed from cold start to shooting the first picture with an empty, freshly in-camera formatted 32GB SanDisk Extreme HD video (rated at 30MB/s) and repeated the same test with the same card on my RX100 and X-E1.

      To my surprise, the X-E1 (with the latest firmware) was the fastest in taking a picture after cold start (~2 seconds). The RX100 took ~3 seconds and the M240 ~3.5 seconds. After experimenting a little bit more it looks like both the Leica and the Sony do some sanity checks before using the SD card but the Fuji doesn’t.

      Anyway it is definitely the camera, not you 😉

      • guest

        Are you telling me people think +1.5 seconds is a fail for the M? Or is the “delay” commonly longer?

        • NoMeJodas

          The “delay” will depend on many factors like SD card type, size, speed and the personal habits when it comes to using the camera (do you leave it on and let it go to sleep when you are carrying it around or do you switch it off and on everytime?) and re-using the SD card after copying the files to the PC (do one always freshly format the SD card or just delete the old images which might make it prone to filesystem corruption).

          Some people reported start times of ~1 second with the M240 and a current 64Gb SanDisk Xtreme pro model.

          From the official Leica M240 FAQ (pdf) :

          “1. Which SD memory cards are recommended? Which are the fastest?

          Fundamentally, we recommend San Disk cards as we prefer to use these for compatibility tests
          at Leica. To ensure optimum exploitation of the camera’s performance potentials, we
          recommend the use of Class 10 cards with speeds of ≥30 MB/s – e.g. from the SanDisk Ultra or
          SanDisk Extreme lines. SDXC cards with higher speeds are compatible, but offer no additional
          benefit in terms of speed compared with SDHC cards.”

          • John

            I never had an issue with start up. But, when saving both jpg and raw images to the card for each shot, the Leica M is much much much slower than my Nikon D800E or Df. Disturbingly so.

      • I have a Monochrom which IMO starts up much faster than the M~240, that’s the only way I can judge. But most important for me is this mention of yours of ” Sanity Check”….. No that, I know, I do need myself,,,,,,

  • Rayden

    Please inform as to if this fixes the orange colour shift issue especially apparent in skin tones.

  • rumor has it

    Rumor is rumor

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